Complete Turn Around: ABC, NBC Venerate Bannon for Turning on Trump


In a stunning display of hypocrisy Wednesday, the liberal media performed a 180-degree turn in their opinion of former White House Strategist Steve Bannon. Before the new year, they all treated Bannon as the scum of the Earth and claimed he used his news outlet as a propaganda tool to rally alt-right racists and neo-Nazis. So what made them change their minds so drastically? He dished the dirt on President Trump in a book that’s soon to be released, written by journalist Michael Wolff.

On Wednesday evening, all three of the major news networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) put off reporting the winter storm making its way through the south and up the east coast so they could glorify Bannon’s comments.

Good evening. And it’s great to have you with us here on a very busy Wednesday night. That major storm slamming into the east. The track now shifting, more snow, and we’ll show you in just a moment here,” announced ABC’s sensationalist anchor David Muir on World News Tonight. “But first, the hurricane that blew through the West Wing today. Steve Bannon turning on this White House, turning on the President’s family.

Muir handed the report off to Senior White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega who touted Hurricane Bannon for asserting that the controversial Trump Tower meeting was “treasonous.” “In an explosive new book, Bannon calls the sit-down ‘treasonous,’ ‘unpatriotic,’ and he says team Trump, quote, ‘should have called the FBI immediately,’” she hyped.

Despite reports that nothing was gained from the Trump Tower meeting and that the President didn’t learn about the meeting until much later, Vega excitedly parroted Bannon’s hyperbole:

But Bannon says there’s no way that’s true. Saying the chance that Donald Trump Jr. didn’t walk the attendees right up to his father’s office after the meeting ended was, quote, “zero.” And he warns, they’re going to “crack Don Jr. like an egg on national TV.”

There was similar excitement over on NBC Nightly News, where anchor Lester Holt began the program by declaring:

There is no love lost between President Trump and his former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon tonight after Bannon was quoted in a forthcoming new tell-all book accusing the President’s son of a treasonous act and suggesting the special counsel investigation may be on the right track.

During the NBC News segment, White House Correspondent Peter Alexander highlighted a clip of himself haranguing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders by asking: “Did the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., commit treason?” “I think that’s a ridiculous accusation,” she replied.

Bannon gives credence to the special counsel’s probe,” Alexander praised. “’This is all about money laundering.’ Noting Manafort’s indictment arguing Robert Mueller is going after the President by zeroing in on some of those closest to him.

NBC News legal analyst Danny Cevallos told Alexander that he thinks Bannon was trying to create a legal defense for himself, basically calling out the Trumps to keep himself clean. Although, a more likely scenario is, as Daily Wire founder and Andrew Breitbart protégé Ben Shapiro warned when Bannon was fired: All-out war with Trump.

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Bannon needs to leave America and never ever return him and all those celeberties who said the would leave America if Trump was elected time for them to pack up and leave

Sure Bannon said treason so now Mueller has to investigate further, just another excuse to continue the sham. Just gives them that thrill up the leg.