Colorado Ruling Makes Trump a Frontrunner


by Matt Taibbi

Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 in part because the public hated his opponents more than him. Under the pall of the Russia probe he fell in polls for years. Then the probe fell apart, and Trump rose again. Heading into the week of the 2020 election, Trump’s approval rating was near his personal all-time high, approaching 45%.

But the frenetic months-long period that followed, between Election Night and the disaster of January 6th, dropped him down to 33%. The wounds were self-inflicted. Even faithful supporters abandoned Trump, saying he sounded delusional, like a parody of his hyperbolic campaign persona — “like the act broke,” is how one congressional Republican put it to me. From the bizarre “most important speech I’ve ever made” address of December 2nd, 2020, in which Trump obsessed over his case like a late-state Lenny Bruce (repeatedly pointing at a chart showing an early-morning surge in votes) to the infamous “tremendous number of dead people that voted” call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, to the exchange that gave Mike Pence his short-lived campaign slogan, “You’re too honest,” Trump looked like a man who’d not only lost an election, but his mind. It seemed inconceivable he’d ever be a viable politician again.

Now, after the Colorado Supreme Court jolted the country with a 4-3 decision effectively removing him from the state’s presidential ballot, Donald Trump has — improbably, shockingly — regained nearly all the political capital he lost in January 2021. It’s the most amazing comeback story since the Buffalo Bills won the Frank Reich game, and I’m not talking about Trump. The rally-cappers here are Biden Democrats, who’ve come from laps behind to overtake Trump in the race to find the illiberal bottom of American politics. This would be amazing to watch, if not for the fact that in this particular contest, the audience loses no matter who wins the game.

Poll-wise Trump really is above where he was in November, 2020, at 46% and trending upward. More importantly he’s back in the luxurious position in which he’s so often found himself throughout most of the last seven years, sitting back and waiting for opponents in the political establishment to pee up their legs. The Colorado move was so brazen that even Jonathan Chait, as faithful a devotee to goofball anti-Trump schemes as we’ve had in media, author of the infamous PRUMP TUTIN New York cover story suggesting Trump turned Russian agent in 1987, said the disqualification effort went “too far.”

The New York Times published a poll showing Trump’s 50-point lead over Republican rivals widening, and that narrow 46-44 edge over Joe Biden holding. This is a sign, the paper said, that “the array of charges against Mr. Trump so far do not appear to be helping Mr. Biden politically,” and “reservations about Mr. Biden are undercutting concerns about Mr. Trump’s criminality.” Outlets like NBC and The Daily Beast are running pieces full of quotes from named and unnamed sources in the Biden camp, as well as from Trump’s ostensible Republican rivals, about what a gigantic fuckup the disqualification bid has been. John Morgan, a “key fundraiser” for Biden, told Reuters “Trump is celebrating,” and forecasted a “fundraising bonanza.” David Axelrod tweeted the decision will serve as “battery packs” for Trump in the GOP primary. “It’s a huge advantage,” a “source close to Nikki Haley” told the Beast.

That’s how badly has the Colorado move played: Trump is being portrayed as a winner in media outlets that still think the Steele dossier is real. The news moreover plays to Trump’s strengths on the stump. Not so great when losing, he’s a world-class gloater. “We talk about democracy,” he quipped this week, “but the whole world is watching the persecution of a political opponent. That’s kicking [Biden’s] ass.”

The Colorado ruling returns us to the pattern that’s held during most every period apart from J6 in the last seven years, in which Trump’s political career has served as an uncanny barometer of public attitudes toward the Beltway establishment. When they go up, he goes down, but when they go down — hoo, boy.

We’ve seen this before. Go back to January 17th, 2019, when Buzzfeed published, “President Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project.” The report not only claimed Trump planned a trip to Russia in early 2016 to “personally meet Vladimir Putin” and jump-start a Trump Tower project, but that he “instructed [Cohen] to lie” to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about the plan.

Cable hosts went nuts. Ali Velshi, offering “more on this bombshell story,” showed a screenshot of colleague Chris Hayes tweeting, “Nixon was literally impeached for this.” Don Lemon, looking like a man who just hit a season-saving NFL parlay, opened a discussion with a toss to Ryan Lizza, who preached: suborning perjury was “article one of the Nixon impeachment.” Fox and Friends didn’t cover the Buzzfeed report the next morning, a crime for which the Washington Post had a story up by 1:18 p.m: “BuzzFeed’s Trump-Cohen bombshell dominated the morning news shows — except on ‘Fox & Friends.’”* The Democratic caucus spent the afternoon buzzing about impeachment plans, with California’s Ted Lieu being first to mention “high crimes.”

Then, as the sun set, bad news hit: Robert Mueller, who never said anything about anything, took the rare step of blowing up the Buzzfeed story, saying the report was “not accurate.” Poor Erin Burnett at CNN, who’d scored a coup by booking Nixon lawyer John Dean to huddle over impeachment possibilities, was forced to announce the record-scratch just after a Sex and the City promo. Give her credit for looking right into the camera, but the awkward factor was nuclear:

January 2019 otherwise represented a real low moment in the Trump presidency. Roger Stone was subject to the proverbial “early morning FBI raid,” and Trump’s decision to end a shutdown by abandoning funding for the wall led to Ann Coulter saying he displaced George H.W. Bush as “the biggest wimp to ever serve as President of the United States.” For the first time since Charlottesville, his approval rating dropped below 40%. He was saved, then as now, by overreaching opponents. Mueller’s much-anticipated report came in without new indictments, the sainted Mueller disintegrated on live TV, a Justice Department IG report exploded the Steele Dossier, and suddenly the Russia investigation that had hung like anvils on Trump’s presidency for years became helium. Trump’s approval rating began a climb back upward.

Nonetheless, three years ago, Trump seemed to throw his career away by appearing to act out every #Resistance prediction about his authoritarian unwillingness to leave office. One thing could wipe out that impression, and we’re there: an open argument from opponents that saving democracy from Trump requires canceling it. One thing could wipe out that impression, and we’re there: an open argument from opponents that saving democracy from Trump requires canceling it. No matter how many lawyers the party drags out to explain the reasoning behind this, it will look like an effort by Democrats trapped in a poll chasm to avoid the risk of a contested election. Even The Guardian, which published the single most craven fake news story of the Trump period — the never-retracted assertion that Paul Manafort snuck into the Ecuadorian embassy to hold “secret talks” with Julian Assange — is saying Trump needs to be “beaten politically.”

A pair of stories about to come out in Racket, about a little-known episode involving a group called the Transition Integrity Project, suggests some Democrats may have tricked themselves into abandonment of “norms” out of conviction that cutting corners is the only way to stop Trump. The problem with that is that while presidential politics in America has always been dirty, openly dirty doesn’t sell, at least not yet. Maybe the groups behind these state suits think that with a properly pruned ballot, they won’t need to sell it. Let’s hope that’s not the case. For or against Trump, everyone should want his fate decided by vote.

*The Post added the requisite embarrassing update about the report being “disputed by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s office” later that same night.


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The Colorado Supreme Court made a flagrant mistake is deciding 4-3 to remove the leading candidate for the Republican Party in their primary. It is the people who get to decide on who wins their respective primaries by using their vote.

It is not for a group of activist judges to decide for the people of Colorado who they can or cannot vote for.

President has not been charged or convicted of insurrection. The Colorado ruling is flawed.

The people can choose one of any number of QUALIFIED CANDIDATES, as defined by the Constitution. To qualify you must be 35 or over, and you must be a natural-born citizen. You MAY NOT be someone who broke a previous oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, as is clearly stated in the 14th Amendment.

Trump publicly stated there are circumstances when you have throw out all laws, rules, and regulations aside—even those in the Constitutionand he actually tried to do so. Try finding that in the Constitution.

A state supreme court is a state’s highest legal authority. They are impowered make final state determinations in all legal matters. Their legal judgements can be overruled only by the US Supreme Court, to which their judgement has now been referred.

That’s the way it works, in accordance with the US Constitution.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

You could not be more wrong.

Really? Explain why.

Like it or not, that’s the way things work under the US Constitution. It’s really not that complicated or ambiguous.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Fuck off loser

I guess you CAN’T explain.

Their own ruling says a much douchbag.

They admit their decision is moot.

comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

And just like that — snap ! — the news about the Colorado Supreme Court’s droll action against candidate DJ Trump vanished from the front page (or top screens) of The New York Times. Do you know why? I’ll tell you: Because the political Left has finally managed to embarrass itself with a “lawfare” gambit so nakedly fatuous that it exposes the faction’s drive to destroy the election process, and with it our country.

This is what you get from a regime that faked its way to power and now must strain to cover up its long train of crimes, abuses, and effronteries to common sense, while running out of tricks to keep fooling even its own deranged followers. Somehow, the act of kicking a leading candidate off the ballot has finally registered as inconsistent with “defending our democracy.”

Of course, the reckless abuse of law — “lawfare” — proceeds from the Left’s disrespect for boundaries and limits, which is exactly what law in principle concerns itself with. And from there it’s a quick leap into totalizing bad faith, the operating system for government under an imposter president, “Joe Biden.” Suddenly, mere days before Christmas, when the people want to be preoccupied with things other than politics, events merge explosively to shape the fate of the nation.

In a sane world, the US Supreme Court would not just summarily strike down the Colorado ruling, but would issue a career-ending rebuke to the brain-damaged state justices who managed to not learn a basic principle of due process: innocent until proven guilty — that to brand someone a criminal, there must be a record of indictment and conviction for a particular crime, and that, in the case of Mr. Trump, a politically-motived fairy tale about an “insurrection” doesn’t cut it.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Sends Jack Smith Packing – DENIES His Request For Ruling on Trump Immunity Argument

I guess they’re too chicken-shit to make a ruling, and thus become part of the dysfunction.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Trump’s plan is to stall all trials until his followers reelect him, then claim presidential immunity from prosecution, pardon all of his accomplices, and take revenge on all of his opponents.

That wouldn’t end well. (The understatement of the century.)

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Shoulda started earlier, if the charges were legit.

No, they just aren’t going to play Smith’s game of blatantly pursuing the lawfare to try and push Trump out of the campaign. He, like everyone else, just needs to follow the rules. If he wanted a conviction before the election, he should have started earlier, but he had to wait to see how strong Trump was going to be.

All political. All lawfare. All childish games.

Jack Smith and his special counsel was improperly (unconstitutionally) appointed!

A yuge defeat for smith.

Why the SCOTUS wishy-washy-ness isn’t the HUGE Trump win that you think it is:

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

certiorari – writ or order by which a higher court reviews a decision of a lower court.

A president who is immune to all legal consequences for crimes committed while in office might as well be an absolute monarch.

It would mean that a president could do ANYTHING to retain office, without fear of consequences if the effort fails.

“This case presents a fundamental question at the heart of our democracy: whether a former President is absolutely immune from federal prosecution for crimes committed while in office.” 

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Like Biden assisting his son avoid a subpoena? Hiding his coke in the WH? Stuff like that, how about assisting criminals cross our border and flying them into the interior? Taking down and fighting border barriers welding border doors open?
Seizing the powers of congress the power of the purse, ignoring SCOTUS decisions?

I’m referring to things that actually happened, not things you only imagine.

But yes. If presidents had immunity from any crime committed while in office, Biden could do whatever he wanted, couldn’t he? That would follow from the full-immunity status that Trump’s lawyers claim to be the case. Biden could do anything he wanted while in office, and the law could never touch him. He could shoot Trump on Fifth Avenue.

Fortunately, Biden does not believe he has such immunity.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Not listing Hunter on official flights? The Press secretary say Joe was aware, Coke was not found in a WH locker?
The Feds fighting barriers in court?
Where is this cash coming from?

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters As part of the conditions of release that were outlined at the start of Wednesday’s plea hearing, Hunter Biden cannot drink alcohol or use illegal drugs

Gee why did we never find out who the blow belonged to?

You are really vaxx brained

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Imagine what would happen if Trump were reelected, after having been told by the SCOTUS that he could never be prosecuted for anything he did.

What are you babbling about?
What would happen if the SCOTUS says innocent until proven guilty To the Democrats?

You’re dodging a reasonable question.

His question makes no sense, and shuddap groomer I am responding to Greggie.

What do you imagine Trump’s behavior would be like if the Supreme Court told him that he couldn’t be prosecuted for anything he does as president? That is the position his lawyers are taking, after all.

Would it be anything like Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, Hunter, James and the rest of the Biden Crime Family have behaved? If so, that would be BAD.

Did you not understand the question? Let’s put it in terms you’ll appreciate from your own political perspective:

Imagine what would happen if Biden were reelected, after having been told by the SCOTUS that a President could never be prosecuted for anything he did while in office.

What applies to one will apply to all, now and on into the future. A President who cannot be prosecuted for any criminal act undertaken while in office becomes an absolute monarch.

He or she could do ANYTHING to retain office, and never be held accountable.

That would be the end of the republic.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Who is doing that? What are you babbling about? Right now the Bidens are in the midst of a crime spree congress sits on their fat asses doing nothing.
This sounds like the mslsd rant about Trump shooting the first lady, insane ranting.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Greg is describing the very position that Trump’s lawyers are arguing in court.

Which court, Trump did what?

Apparently, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden already has that protection and has had since he was a Senator.

Not a problem. He hasn’t broken any laws.


Well, not everyone gets the entire DoJ to protect them and their entire corrupt crime family, as Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has.

But you think it’s YOUR place to tell us who is “qualified”? Or 7 liberals? You try and try and try to lie and justify your prejudice, but you are unsuccessful. Trump is disqualified by nothing he has done or said. All you and the Democrats do is expose your petty fears and desperation due to the failure of YOUR choices.

No threats against Colorado’s faux justices.

Last edited 1 month ago by Just Plain Bill

It wont stop the insane lawfare why bother disqualifying a corpse?

Biden didn’t attempt to overturn an election using fraudulent electors and mob violence. How would the 14th Amendment apply? What would be the constitutional basis for disqualification?

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

They are not using the 14th they just “deem” him guilty of what ever, maybe breaking oath of office for not protecting the border from invasion.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Just because they think Trump’s prosecution is a reality TV show doesn’t mean that it is. The laws, courts, evidence, and juries are real.

Q: Which sitting SCOTUS justice wrote this in a 2020 case? “In our system of government, as this Court has often stated, no one is above the law.”  

A: Trump appointee Bret Kavanaugh.

Better start cranking out those anonymous telephone and email threats.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Q:which Supreme Court Justice said this during her confirmation hearing?”‘I’m Not A Biologist’: Supreme Court Nominee Says She Can’t Define The Word ‘Woman’ 
A: Nutjob liberal Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Far-Left Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Hit with Ethics Complaint For Omitting Portions of Husband’s Income on Disclosure Forms

Breaking: House GOP Introduces Bill to Upend States That Block Official Party Nominees for President

If enacted, this would cut off future attempts to keep President Donald J. Trump from being on the general election ballots. He is already appealing a ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court which prevents him from being on the primary ballots due to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment regarding “insurrection,” a charge for which he has never been convicted. He was acquitted of it by the Senate during his second impeachment.

The Colorado GOP has threatened to bypass the primary and go to a caucus nomination system. If they do and if the state nominates Trump, then this bill would prevent Colorado and other states from trying to keep him off the general election ballot. States that do not comply will not have their electors counted by Congress.

Judges, attorneys, and scholars can debate the constitutional mess stirred up by all of the actions taken against Trump in recent months. For now, it’s good knowing there are some people in office who are still protecting the people’s right to vote for the person they want to represent them in the White House.

Pointless attention whores, the senate nor the president will sign it, lets see a f’n budget, lets see them threaten the pentagon unless they balance the books. FFS reprobates, defund some damn thing.

Meanwhile, they haven’t done anything constructive since gaining a (soon to be lost) House majority.

Exposing Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden massive corruption and compromise by our enemies, holding out for security for the border, preventing more out of control spending. LOTS accomplished. More could be accomplished if Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden wasn’t so corrupt.

As usual, all they need is evidence.

Fortunately, they have a huge truckload of it. Full documentation, testimony and whistleblower accounts. The real stuff, not a leftist pile Schiff like you are used to accepting.

Have you forgotten about Trump Foundation charity scam? The Trump University scam, which he settled for $25 million? “Trump Bucks”, which were advertised as legal tender? He pocketed $100 million through deceptive real estate valuations. The guy has been a scammer since day one.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

I heard someone once say, “all they need is evidence”.

We dont think its a reality show we are at the zoo watching the clown kangaroos. Using the committee evidence that was carefully edited to make it fake. Is this the case you are losing your fragile mind over?

Breaking — Supreme Court rejects appeal from Jack Smith to expedite Trump Immunity case.
Huge win for Trump. March trial date now in doubt.

Nah, he just stole one with fraud, undercut our energy production, drained our SPR for his own political reasons, dangerously opened our southern border and attacked the 1st Amendment. If that’s not a disqualification, there is no such thing.

Let’s talk about whether the 14th Amendment can be applied BY a State Supreme Court……

Alan Dershowitz: “There is no power in a state court to enforce the 14th Amendment.”

Section 5 reads: “The Congress shall have the power to enforce…the provisions of this article.”

The Colorado Supreme Court’s disqualification of Trump spits in the face of the rule of law.

Democrats don’t care about rules, laws or the Constitution. They just do what they do… fascist style.

The Colorado Court is like the notorious 9th Cricut Court the Nations most Overturned court in its idiotic ruling and I hope it gets overturned and sthrown right back at them

Stinky Toepads couldn’t run anywhere without pushing a shopping cart to keep him from nosediving into the sidewalk.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg