Clinton Crony and Deep State Operative Mike Morell Predicts an al-Qaeda Attack on the West in 2023


by Sundance

Abraham Lincoln once said, “No man has a good enough memory to make him a successful liar.” Lincoln somewhat underestimated the Mike Morell types of the world, who have become liars as a profession. {Direct Rumble Link}
Mike Morell was the former acting CIA director in the aftermath of Benghazi when General David Petraeus was removed from the position. Morell is a Clinton crony who not only constructed the infamously fabricated talking points used by Susan Rice to blame the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video, Morell was also the guy moved into position to protect Clinton in the aftermath of the terrorist attack, and then years later in July 2016 the same Mike Morell penned the first Trump-Russia thesis in the New York Times.
After successfully doing his job to protect Clinton in the aftermath of Benghazi, Mike Morell was hired by CBS President David Rhodes.  Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes is David’s brother.  Mike Morell now continues to work for CBS and today he declared a likelihood that a “U.S. or western interest” is likely to be attacked by an al-Qaeda affiliate in 2023.

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It goes without saying that there will be another attack. Under idiot Biden, the US telegraphs weakness, stupidity and incompetence. Our open border, allowing unknown terrorists and weapons into the nation, provides an easy, soft, open target. The regime of idiot Biden spends all its energies trying to find something to prosecute Trump on, find some justification for declaring the most loyal and patriotic among us “domestic terrorists” and suppressing free speech instead of worrying about the safety of the nation and its citizens.

Because Biden the Idiot insist on opening our NATIONS border’s and Disarming us all to appease the globalists Bottom Feeders and the Small Arms Control Treaty signed by Democrat/Traitor John Kerry for Democrat/Traitor Obama