Chris Matthews: Yes, people are screaming and dying in Manchester, but first- Trump!



World class moron:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews ruthlessly cut away from video of people screaming after a terror attack Monday night in order to hone in on “shocking news” from Washington regarding President Trump and old accusations of his campaign colluding with Russia.

“Police say there have been a number of fatalities and a serious incident after a concert at Manchester arena,” Matthews said in the opening of his segment. News had just broken that at least 20 were dead and hundreds wounded. “A senior U.S. intelligence official tells NBC news there has been an explosion.”

As Matthews speaks, a video plays in the background from the arena, and loud screams are heard as people on the scene navigate the aftermath of the attack. Matthews nevertheless quickly moved on to a more pressing matter.

“We’ll get the latest on that in a minute,” he said. “We begin however, with the shocking news in Washington tonight.”

That news, Trump asking the intelligence officials to dismiss media reports of alleged Russian collusion, actually took place months ago. Still, Matthews deemed it more important than a developing terrorist attack.

Video and more at the link

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These liberal whiners who fancy themselves “journalists” are despicable liars. How proud liberals must be to receive their thought instructions from such trash.

Matthews is a cs by no other terms. another trash spinner with unlimited hypocrisy. the leaks in his head or more than the White House

A-Mess-NBC and Chris Matthews just another liberal propegandists like Joseph Gobels or just another Walter Duranty the leftists propegandists for the new York Slimes who covered up for Stalin and Herb Matthews who also worked for the New York Slimes and covered up for Castro more reasons you cant ever trust these miserble sidewinders and cowardly polcats

matthews is a grade A azzhat

@Spurwing Plover:

agree, but Gobels was a master and matthews an F student at best