Chris Cuomo’s Cocktail Hour: From CNN Anchor to Ivermectin Influencer!


by Jeff Childers

Liberal minds collapsed faster than the Francis Scott Key bridge this week as no less than liberal luminary Chris Cuomo admitted to influencer Patrick Bet David that he is now taking ivermectin. “We didn’t know what we didn’t know,” the former CNN anchor lamely explained.

Don’t answer that. I already know your answer. Not everybody was operating under the same set of assumptions. But Chris meant elites like him.

He’s definitely not sorry though. “If you apologize for something these days, you’re a dead man,” Chris gamely explained. “We say that you should apologize — but there’s no grace.”

Feel free to forward this clip to all your friends who thought you were crazier than a San Fransisco Public Health official to gobble up horse paste. Forward it with the appropriate trigger warning, of course. We’re not animals.

But that news was the least remarkable vaxx-injury development this week. Consider the next fact; that scarfed-wonder Deborah Birx broke omertà this week and admitted that at least thousands of people have been harmed by the safe and effective jabs.

Probably not coincidentally, now scarfless, she did it in an interview with Chris Cuomo. I’m not saying they are working together, or part of the same narrative psyop. I’m just saying. How did Chris get her to agree to do the segment?

Prepare to laugh: “Just like you,” Birx insisted, “I’ve called for a 9/11 commission on covid where all of this is laid out and there’s transparency with the American people.”

Not just covid origins. Now, Birx wants answers about everything. “What mitigation worked?” she asked. “What about the vaccines? What about long covid? What about lab leak?”

Cuomo pressed the point. Referring to the AstraZeneca blood-clot reveal last week, Chris asked “What is your opening statement about whether the covid vaccines were effective and whether they are safe compared to most vaccines?”

I was 100% ready to once again hear Birx regurgitate the always-annoying party line. But what Birx said next blew me out of my cushy office chair. She started off just like I expected, but then things took a wildly different turn:

The immunizations were very effective for what they were supposed to be used for. Which was prevent severe disease and hospitalizations and death. And that’s what the vaccines were studied to do in this country, and that’s what they did.

Now you’re asking a broader question, because a lot of people were immunized that weren’t in those high-risk groups, and that’s why there has to be this transparent panel and discussion.

I just want to take a second and step back. The private sector did amazing things for us in the public sector during covid. They made us tests within weeks of us asking for it. They made us monoclonal antibodies, they made us antivirals, and they made us vaccines. All within the first nine months, and that’s extraordinary.

I do believe — and that’s what you’re getting at — were there issues with the vaccines when you immunize millions close to billions of people? Tracking that will give us critical information because … I love that you had (vaccine-injured) Sean on. And he made the point, a lot of his symptoms are similar to long covid symptoms.

And that makes total sense! That happens often with immunizations. That if the natural disease can cause it, then it also can sometimes be seen in certain profiles of the vaccine. We should be studying that right now!

Tell the people with long covid and vaccine reactions to come forward. Study their genetics! We’re in the 21st century. We know how to solve these issues! But we’re not bringing all the pieces we have to bear.

As if that weren’t enough, Chris then tossed the good doctor a softball, asking whether conspiracy theorists were right that the government is in bed with big pharma and don’t want anyone to find out about vaccine injuries. But Birx didn’t deny it. Instead, she admitted they have no idea how many vaccine injuries — she calls them “reactions” — there are:

Well, that’s why we need call the people to come forward that have had reactions. Because, I’m not sure all of them have been reported. Do I think it’s been millions? No. But could it be thousands? Yes. But there’s millions of people with long covid. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t study it.

Chris next questioned her whether there were some groups of folks who shouldn’t have gotten the vaccine. Once again, Birx waived off the opportunity to broadly endorse the shots. Instead, she almost replied that only old people should’ve gotten it. See what you think:

There are definitive cohorts that should have gotten the vaccine from the very moment, and should have been prioritized. Um, I was saying in November, please, please prioritize the long-term care facilities. We knew that was ground zero where our true elderly were residing. They needed it the most. Um, and they should have gotten it first. Instead we gave it to young nursing personnel.

When you study a vaccine to work for a certain cohort, you have to build trust by immunizing that cohort first. Showing it has the effect you wanted. And I hope we learned those lessons.

I think until we have the 9/11 commission, until we’ve listened to every single one of them, and addressed their concerns, and they believe they were heard, people are gonna continue to spread conspiracy theories. You block conspiracy theories when you let people be heard and you answer them transparently.

Mistakes were made! There is zero chance that Birx went on Cuomo’s show — even on NewsNation — and admitted all these things without having official approval from the Administration. Birx is an all-in deep state swamp creature.

The official Biden jab narrative is swinging like a barn door in a solar-storm provoked tornado.
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Taking ivermectin daily (or, regularly) is an acknowledgement that blue American big cities have become $#!+holes.
In Africa, a @#!+hole from way back, people were taking ivermectin daily because the water is filthy.
Infected people spread diseases to everyone.
When covid hit Africans were protected because they take ivermectin all the time.

Where we live, a red small town, ivermectin is not necessary unless we get sick.
We do take quercetin regularly, because those flavinoids are part of what makes a full defense addition to vitamins, minerals and lots of water.

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They didn’t know what they didn’t know because they were too busy telling those that DID know to shut up.

Tune out and turn off Cuomo to the same for all of CNN