‘Caution’ Letter Proves Judge Merchan’s Ethics Violation


by Catherine Salgado

The judge now infamous for his role in the politically charged New York case against Donald Trump reportedly received an official “caution” for his ethics violation.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton cited the as-yet-unreleased caution letter to Judge Juan Merchan as proof of the latter’s ethical failure. While a sitting judge, Merchan reportedly donated to Democrats, including Donald Trump’s current Democrat presidential opponent Joe Biden. The latest news is that Merchan was officially cautioned over this ethics failure.

Fitton had originally posted back on May 6, 2023, “Judges are prohibited under ethics rules from donating to political campaigns and organizations. Accordingly, there are legitimate concerns about Judge Merchan’s reported political contributions while a sitting judge to Biden and Democratic causes.” Merchan is a dedicated Democrat, it would seem, indicating political bias in the trial of GOP frontrunner Trump.

On May 18, citing Reuters, Fitton further posted on Twitter/X, “UPDATE Judicial Conduct Commission Vindicates Trump: The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct dismissed an ethics complaint with a ‘caution’ to Judge Merchan over his donations to the Biden campaign and other Democratic causes.”

Unsurprisingly, Fitton noted that “Reports are Judge Merchan has not released the ‘caution’ letter, which he evidently received last summer.  This official ethics finding, which can be used against Merchan in any future ethics proceedings, serves to confirm Trump’s concerns about Judge Merchan’s bias and ethics.”

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oved Judge Merchan needs to be totally removed from the Job and removed from the Courthouse Period retire him to a passed Cell of a Prison for Life

More information pointing to a criminal conspiracy to engage in election interference. This judge should be removed from the case and indicted for ethics violations. The case should be immediately dismissed with prejudice. This is not proper use of the law.

Of course Merchan is a compromised piece of shit. While Democrats always demand any non-leftist judge to immediately recuse themselves because they breathed air from the same atmosphere as some Republican defendant, they NEVER recuse FOR ANY REASON, no matter how blatantly conflicted.

Obviously, everyone involved knows this case is severely flawed and any conviction is going to be overturned. So, what is the point? Well, just as obviously, the point is to tie Trump up, try to get a conviction on him and then call him a “convicted felon” from here on out. In other words, it is just as everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, even the leftists, knows this is nothing but fascist political lawfare.

You gotta hand it to Goldman… he did a helluva job getting little Mikey Cohen ready for his Big Moment, didn’t he?

Goes to goldmans uselessness. Q

This whole case against Trump is like Bicycle with no nuts and bolts its falling apart