Can the shift in black vote to Trump overcome the Democratic Party’s vote tampering?


by Robert Zimmerman

Today JJ Sefton in his daily morning report (also available here) included some excellent commentary about the growing polling evidence showing the black vote shifting rightward to Trump, in numbers that are unprecedented in more than a half century.

Whatever one thinks of polling especially this far out (or near, since elections are either light years away or right around the corner depending upon one’s perspective!) is an eye-opener. In normal, non-rigged elections, if Dem support from blacks drops below 93%, that is a major alarm bell for the former. What this aggregate poll [21.9% of blacks for Trump] shows is a potential disaster. Even if as we can all assume the key swing states which have large urban areas that will be rigged for Biden, the amount of cheating will have to be so massive that it would be even more obvious than what we witnessed four years ago. [emphasis mine]

I want to focus on the highlighted sentence, and try to bring some reality to it. Only by doing so will the Republican Party and Donald Trump have any chance of winning.

First, it has become quite evident in recent last two decades that in black districts where Democrats have routinely garnered 90%-plus majorities, it has been very easy for election officials in those districts to tamper with results. Many have no Republican election judges at all, leaving the Democrats free to play games with no one watching them. In some cases they even acted illegally in 2020 to block Republican poll watchers access to these voting districts.

Essentially, the Democrats in many swing states (such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona) have taken advantage of such urban districts to add as many votes as they need to win statewide elections. This tampering was likely the source of most of the voter tampering in both 2020 and 2022, and might have been enough to swing the election to Biden in 2020 and the Democrats in 2022. (Many believe, including Trump himself, this local tampering stole the election for Biden. I do not dispute that belief, as I also believe it very possible. It just has not yet been proven.)

These new polls however suggest that these urban black districts will no longer vote for Biden in such high numbers. Sefton assumes that this shift might be enough to overcome any cheating by the Democratic Party election officials in these districts.

I say we cannot assume this. The shift in the black vote is completely irrelevant, unless those new black Republicans show up as election judges to prevent election tampering in these formerly 100% Democratic Party districts. If they don’t, these new black votes for Trump will not be counted, or will be overwhelmed by however many fake votes can be manufactured, by the Democrat election judges who presently run those districts.

In other words, voting alone is no longer enough. If you have switched parties and live in these Democratic Party strongholds, you need to do more. You need to show up at the polls as either a new Republican election judge, or as a poll watcher.

Only by having eyes present and willing to stand firm when challenged will there be any chance of reducing the amount of election tampering by Democrats. When they claim falsely a water main leak forces them to close the poll rooms (as they did in Atlanta in 2020 in order to tabulate votes when no one else was looking), someone has to be there to refuse to leave. When they refuse entrance to the polls, new poll watchers need to be there in large enough numbers that such refusal will be impractical and impossible.

No matter what, Republicans must assume tampering will occur. Nancy Pelosi so much as told us so in a recent interview on CNN. When asked why the polls are so close between Biden and Trump, she said the following:

I think many of us know that it’s impossible for him to be the president again with what he’s proposing,” [emphasis in original]

She essentially admits the Democrats have plans to manufacture as many votes as they need to win, in the very districts mentioned above. The only way to stop them is for these new Republican voters to show up in positions of power (ie election judges and poll watchers) to stop them.

Thus, the task for the Republican Party and Donald Trump is not simply to convince more blacks to vote for Trump, but to enlist some to be those judges and poll watchers.

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More than likely, the election fraud can’t be stopped. By that I mean that there is no memo going out to commit election fraud or DON’T commit election fraud; it happens organically. Democrats instinctively cheat; it’s in their DNA. They will assess the local situation and cheat accordingly. So, there is a very HIGH probability that they will overplay their hand too overtly, as they did in Arizona in 2022, and create the kind of emergency we should have had in 2020.

Voting by mail needs to be monitored closely. THAT is the Democrats’ golden ticket. Look for them to abuse it to enormous proportions such that it is impossible to deny it. State Farm Arena and Detroit were obvious enough, but not so much that those responsible couldn’t deny it until it was too late (see investigation of Raffensperger). But, do drag that completely incompetent, corrupt, treasonous pedophile, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, over the finish line this time? They won’t be able to hide it.

Republicans have sowed the seeds of their own 2024 defeat by falling in line behind a fraud.

Still will not stop us from voting, Niki is a black hole for democrat donors and cheerleaders, we already have that war mongers number.
comment image

No, we opposed the fraud. YOU fell dutifully and blindly in line behind the fraud. The corrupt, treasonous, pedophile, incompetent, lying fraud, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

The clue is in that photo header.
Dems will demand we “count every vote.”
But not every vote is a legal vote.
And that’s their point: count them all anyway or you’re a “racist.”

One example of this is Illinois.

  • There were over 300,000 votes from the 2020 election missing or deleted from the Illinois voter data prior to the conclusion of the federal retention period of 22 months.  
  • Over a four-year period, Illinois population decreased by 150,000, while the voter roll increased by 650,000.  
  • Over 2.5 million people had votes cast prior to their registration dates.  
  • More than 230,000 registrations show seemingly Illegal or illogical registration dates.  
  • There are more than 4 million apparent registration violations out of 8.9 million registrations.

 11% of voters interviewed with had votes cast in their name for elections they did not participate in.  

Oh, silly. There is no sign of election fraud anywhere, certainly not in the traditionally honest and legit state of Illinois.