Buttigieg comes off maternity leave with a plan to ruin your driving life


‘You’re about to get a lot more speeding tickets!’ Critics slam ‘Pothole Pete’ Buttigieg’s plan to fix the nation’s roads crisis with MORE speed cameras and lower speed limits that will guarantee fines for drivers

  • Pete Buttigieg announced a plan yesterday to make the nation’s roads safer

  • Tucked away in his 42-page strategy is a promise to promote safety cameras

  • Buttigieg claimed cameras are less racially biased than cops so will patrol more fairly

  • But critics say it’s just a Trojan horse to fine motorists more in the way of speeding tickets 

  • They questioned why Buttigieg wasn’t doing more to fix roads and bridges 

  • Many trashed him using the hashtag Pothole Pete – a reference to when he was the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and the city was ravaged by potholes 

  • ‘If we can’t tax you to death, we’ll fine you,’ quipped one critic  

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More like “Poothole Pete”. Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this incompetent regime is all the potential Democrat Presidential candidates we have eliminated from contention by virtue of their abject failure.

Wonder if Petey knows.

That’s why Democrats are salivating at passing these huge multi-trillion dollar pork bills. It’s just money to play with, no accountability, no limits.

I saw that pic of bailing twine to hold up a 26 ton bridge, wondered where the hell is the duct tape and gorrilla glue? The worst, fauchi put this bridge over a dog park 😉

This Nit-Wit has gone way too far into Stupidland he can never e ver return from it now his Bicycle was crushed and he cant find a ride so he walks

Pete wants us to drive real slow so potholes won’t hurt vehicles so much.
He’s good with less gas and higher priced gas.
What he and Joe didn’t include in their equation is that fertilizer is a side product of oil-to-gasoline production.
Now farmers are afraid we are in for massive crop failures (or just not planting) because the price of fertilizer is way up and in short supply.

It’s an Unraveling, Not a Reset

Don’t any of these Lefty jerks look downstream at the consequences of their actions?
Or, is this (food shortages) a feature, not a bug?

No, they just obey their coast-bound yapping socialists.

Pot hole Pete came to Kansas City… You think it really was his job, or he’s here for tomorrow’s AFC Championship game?

Pot-Hole Pete has big problem he has no brains at all and if he dose he never used hims Brain just his mouth