Buried Bombshell: Biden-Harris Regime Quietly Shuts Down U.N.’s Weaponized Illegal Alien Center . . . Or Did They?


by J.D. Rucker

The Neo-Marxist and globalist push to get as many illegal aliens into the United States as possible is being fueled by an under-the-radar yet massive operation in Panama. Some have been blowing the whistle about it for a year but it has never received the attention it deserves. Now, it is being shut down based on reporting from conservative media… or is it?

First, the background. Here’s a report by Ben Bergquam from Frontline America:

Who’s involved in it? The Biden-Harris regime put it all together in 2021. The United Nations is all over the former U.S. base. The International Organization for Migration, or IOM-OIM, seems to be running the show. Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation is directly involved, though it’s unclear whether they’re using it to launder money, push more illegal aliens into America, or both. It’s probably both.

Allegedly, the operation was shut down this week. I’m not buying it. Considering how much seems to be invested into this, reports that the operation has been shut down by Alejandro Mayorkas and the Biden-Harris regime seem more like a misdirecting response to recent attention rather than an actual action.

Natural News and Breitbart both report that the move has been made to shutter operations, and while I thoroughly admire the efforts they have put into this story, I’m not seeing anything definitive that it’s really being shut down at all. Lest we forget, leftists often make statements that something is being done or something is going away. Unfortunately, conservative and alternative media usually take them at their word.

Despite the claims, I see no evidence that anything has been shut down or even slowed. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but I just can’t accept the word of known liars (remember, the Clinton Foundation is involved) until boots on the ground can verify two things:

  • The operation was actually shut down
  • The operation was not moved out of sight

This certainly seems like one of those instances where government claims their operations are shutting down so news outlets like Natural News and Breitbart can declare victory, thus taking focus away from it. But oftentimes nothing ends up actually changing. Meanwhile, conservative media has moved on.

If that’s what’s happening here, it’s clearly working. This is a bombshell and outside of a handful of “fringe” news outlets, the story’s getting no attention at all.

Here’s the latest report from JD Heyes at Natural News:

Biden’s DHS Chief Shutting Down Panamanian Illegal Migrant Trail After Horrific Conditions Exposed in Natural News, Brighteon Reports

Joe Biden’s figurehead at the Department of Homeland Security has announced he is working with two Central American governments to shutter a trail they set up to shuttle illegal immigrants into the United States to take jobs from Americans and keep wages low for their corporate donors.

The closure of the Darian Gap trail located in Panama comes after Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and video site Brighteon exposed horrific conditions at migrant camps, including one at San Vicente.

“The shutdown news was delivered on April 11 in a Trilateral Joint Statement issued by Panama, Columbia, and border chief Alejandro Mayorkas,” Breitbart News reported, adding:

…the three governments will seek to achieve the following ambitious goals:

End the illicit movement of people and goods through the Darién by both land and maritime corridors, which leads to death and exploitation of vulnerable people for significant profit.

Open new lawful and flexible pathways for tens of thousands of migrants and refugees as an alternative to irregular migration.

The price that Biden’s pro-migration border chief paid to the two countries for their cooperation was not explained in the document. It is possible that the price paid could be an agreement allowing some of their citizens to take jobs meant for Americans in the United States, Breitbart News noted.

The shutdown of Panama’s border comes as evidence suggests that migrants are disregarding Mayorkas’ plan to reduce migration and border chaos in time for the 2024 political campaign.

According to media reports, an increasing number of migrants, including Venezuelans and Haitians, are congregating at the Texas border, in anticipation of being able to cross once President Biden lifts the Title 42 border barrier on May 11. Many of these migrants had crossed the Darien Gap earlier this year, the outlet reported.

The flow of migrants crossing the dangerous Darien Gap has significantly increased this year, following a move by Mayorkas last November to sharply reduce the influx of Venezuelan and Haitian migrants. “Roughly 90,000 migrants crossed the gap this year,” Breitbart News added.

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The UN is behind this invasion along with George Sors and his Open Society and the DNC the Globalists plans to flood America with illegal aliens the CFR is just one of the main culprits

Allegedly, the operation was shut down this week. I’m not buying it. 

This regime doesn’t shut down anything unless it is good for America and millions and millions more unvetted illegal immigrants with no means to support themselves is NOT good for America. Mayorkas is the least credible (in a regime where no one is credible) to rely on. The entire regime needs to be impeached.

I do not believe anything from this illegitimate regime. biden is the enemy of America.