Brilliant Mask Dropping – Kevin McCarthy Proves Republicans Only Love Money


by Sundance

Before watching this short statement by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy {Direct Rumble Link}, let me remind everyone of the baseline truth.

Democrats want power; Republicans want money.  Threaten Democrats power, they get vicious.  Threaten Republicans money, they get vicious.  Democrats use money to get power; Republicans use power to get money.  The ideology of the democrats drives their donor activity.  The donor activity drives the republican ideology. 

This is the core and essential difference between both wings of the DC UniParty, two wings of the same vulture.  This is the truth of the thing. Underline it, put it on Post-It notes, remind yourself of this baseline in all review of both parties.  This is the core motive behind everything!

To hammer this point home, listen to this soundbite from Kevin McCarthy speaking at Oxford University, U.K. WATCH:

Why does Kevin McCarthy only see rich white republicans? Because Kevin McCarthy only sees rich, white republicans.

Get it?

The MAGA base is invisible to Republicans.

The MAGA base is the most diverse coalition in U.S. political history. MAGA cuts across all races, national origin, color and creed definitions. MAGA is a massive cross section of every American segment. MAGA is pure American! The republican party cannot see it, because the republican party cannot see it.

In many ways, We The People are in an abusive relationship with government.

If you do not agree with the agenda as it is controlled by a small a powerful self-described elitist class, then we become the problem.

The division is not determined by our definitions, the conniving and corrupt administrators of the system are the ones creating the division we are accused of perpetrating.   However, there is no division in a social context as clear as the division between the working class and the investment class rulers who consider themselves above such arbitrary labels.

When you peel the issues down to their essential core, what you will always find, always find, is the money of the thing.

The created system of control is maintained through economics, and any America-First policy that threatens to close the divide between the ‘haves and have-nots’ is viewed against their interests.  This is the essential core of the opposition we face.

A thriving middle class is a powerful political balance. But a working class struggling for scraps doesn’t have the time to deliver accountability.  This division of wealth is what the Washington DC UniParty exploits.  Despite their pontificating lies to the contrary, all of the DC systems are created to take advantage of the wealth gap.

The social structures which create and maintain society are easier to control with a divided nation.

President Trump and the coalition of MAGA represents a true existential threat to this perpetuated system of division.  The America-First economic agenda created exclusively by Donald Trump is the main problem at the heart of all MAGA opposition.

Quite simply the America First agenda puts *their* money at stake, and collectively that amounts to trillions of dollars in multinational globalist financial control.  The scale of the money behind the MAGA opposition is really the biggest challenge; it is almost unfathomable, and that scale is represented within the size of the war chest they assembled for Ron DeSantis.

The top of this financial pyramid holds a grip on political power that is threatened by the worldview, outlook and economic nationalist policy of Donald Trump.  The top this system will not ‘lose’ with America-First Trump; however, they will gain at a slower rate.  This group will not leave their throne, they only see a slower assembling within their vaults.

The Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street and World Economic Forum crews will follow the America-First policy and invest in America, they will just hate doing it.  They will hate the best-play of slower gains because the returns are not as lucrative, expedient or fraught with the simple indulgences of their custom.

However, underneath that top-tier, there are many layers of vested financial interests at lesser but more generational risk. The Cornwallis crowd will see a much more difficult time advancing their influence and affluence with America-First in place.  For this tier of powdered wigs, a loss for them could really change things.  This reality is why you see demographic polling showing the more affluent the respondent, the less supportive of MAGA their responses.

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Twitter Memes Kevin McCarthy into Oblivion for Saying ‘Democrats Look Like America’

When Kevin McCarthy says Democrats look like America while Republicans look like they belong to restrictive country clubs he’s speaking from his experience in the DC bubble.
He ignores black, Hispanic, Asian Republicans even IN that bubble.

He certainly ignores all the black, Hispanic, Asian, gay, middle-class and poorer Republicans NOT living in his DC bubble, because he never sees them.

He also makes a hasty generalization about dems while dems tear at one another for not being “gay/trans” enough, for not being “real” women, for not being secular Jews, for not being “rea” blacks, etc.

His bubble is quite the protection for him.