Blame the Resistance for misguided false allegation panic


Too many men get away with sexual assault and harassment. Some women lie and make false sexual misconduct allegations, but the overwhelming majority do not and never see justice.

These are simple truths you don’t have to be a left-wing feminist partisan to understand. But you do have to be one to cause catastrophic blowback against your own movement in the course of spreading the word.

Morning Consult’s new poll, published today, shows that the majority of Americans — Republicans and Democrats — are equally “concerned” that men will sexually assault or harass women on the one hand, and that women will falsely accuse men of doing so on the other.

In the wake of the Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco, Republican men’s support for the #MeToo movement fell by five percent. But Republican women’s support plummeted by twice that.

It’s impossible to pin down an exact figure, but studies estimate that false rape allegations consist of a range between 2 and 10 percent of all allegations. Contrary to the oft-recited “one in four” figure, college women face a similar risk of sexual assault as all other women: 2.8 percent.

Considering that the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults go unreported, this means that women are experiencing sexual assault at rates multiple factors greater than they’re falsely reporting assault.

Sexual assault advocates — the ones who actually care about victims rather than politics, at least — can blame the Resistance, in part, for the public’s evidence-poor conclusion in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation. Someone made a choice to package apolitical truths with the sinister lie that most men are predators, and that even the most questionably timed allegations require not one shred of evidence to be believed.

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Lies always erodes credibility. No one can be expected to continue to believe people who routinely lie to them. This has been a problem with the Democrats for some time and now they have taken a legitimate cause, weaponized it, and ruined whatever credibility it had.

“Published research has documented false rape and sexual-assault rates ranging from 8 percent to 41 percent.

Based on their review of decades of scientific literature, Turvey and his colleagues explode the “2 percent myth” peddled by politicians, victims’ advocates, and journalists “claiming that the nationwide false report rate for rape and sexual assault is nonexistent.” In fact, the statistic was traced to an unverified citation in a 1975 book by feminist author Susan Brownmiller.”

Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon

@John Doe: Eventually, it boils down to take the accusation seriously but back it up with evidence before anyone is convicted.

Everyone can’t go around with video recorders on their bodies.

@Deplorable Me: Actually they can button cameras are cheap, they record directly to your phone or have memory of their own. but as we have seen by feeding of Koi, they can be edited.
I saw a fun interview today on a Wisconsin politics show the democrat party having no platform or real leader, now only has the politicians claiming to be in on the RESISTANCE.
The entire party is dazed and confused, can we out Trump the real Trump? Do we say all the things Trump has accomplished we resist? Would they send back the hostages and prisoners? Give Kim Un bags of cash for rockets? Yes they will return to failed government controlled mandatory health care, take back the crumbs with a penalty and fine. Yes they would regulate the now recovering businesses back overseas. Bring in more unvaxxed refugees to spread polio like illnesses, theres the monkey pox that Im sure they want some of that too.