Black Lives Matter Reaches Its Final Form: As a Violent Street Gang Extorting Money from Small Businesses



The leftwing propaganda media continues hyping the possible, hypothetical future threat of the Boogaloo Boys and their Hawaiian Shirts while studiously ignoring actual current brigandry by their leftwing paramilitary allies.

A Cuban business owner in Louisville has accused local Black Lives Matter activists of threatening him and using “mafia tactics” after they presented him and other business owners with a list of “demands.”

These are literally mafia tactics, and Black Lives Matter just made itself officially an organized criminal organization subject to criminal RICO prosecution.

Fernando Martinez, a partner of the Ole’ Restaurant Group, was one of dozens of business owners in the downtown “NuLu” district who received a letter from “local organizers and activists” in recent days that made a number of demands, including a requirement that they make “a recurring monthly donation of 1.5% of net sales” to local black organizations, and that they display a sign that shows support for “the reparations movement” or face “repercussions of noncompliance.”

It’s obviously not a “donation,” but a “street tax” or a “tribute” to a criminal gang, and obviously “repercussions of noncompliance” is a threat to property or body.

According to Martinez in a press release, La Bodeguita de Mima was forced to close on July 24 during a demonstration that shut down the entire street. He said several protesters presented him with the list of demands and told him he “better put the letter on the door so your business is not f*cked with.”Martin said in the press release that his restaurant “has been subject to vandalism and extortion in recent days.”

…On Thursday, a small group of protesters returned to the restaurant after seeing Martinez’s post about the demands on Facebook. While there, one protester smashed a flower pot outside the business, while the rest spoke with Martinez and other employees about why the demands are needed.

More at the link, including video and a list of the organized crime ring’s extortion demands.

Tell me more about “The Umbrella Man,” Maoist Media.

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They took the classic shakedown from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and added extra toppings to it.
How about forcing ethnic eateries like Thai, Chinese and Mexican to employ 25% blacks?
Or how about forcing those businesses to buy 25% of their purchases from “black-owned companies?”
Then there is the protection racket that forces these businesses to make regular donations to black lives matter!
But that’s not all.
These businesses’ dress code policy cannot discriminate against blacks even those policies having to do with Health or Safety Regulations!

Al and Jesse must be proud of their offspring.

“Nice little business ya got here. Be a shame if it turned out it was racist.”

At least the mafia is smart enough not to put that shit in writing! But, absolute power corrupts absolutely and with Democrats giving BLM carte blanc to do whatever they want, this is what would be expected. And, though centrally controlled and funded, other BLM organizations can claim, “Oh, they aren’t part of OUR group!” But, of course, BLM does nothing to stop it. Those “racists” deserve it.

Were 23% of the extortionists black? Or at least 23 Lieawatha % black?
We need some rooftop Cubans.