Black Lives Matter declares support for Cuban Communist regime


The Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization defended police brutality by Cuba’s communist regime — a regime estimated to have killed tens of thousands of its own people – in a social media post on Thursday responding to nationwide protests on the island.

In the Thursday post, BLM blamed U.S. government sanctions and America’s alleged “inhumane treatment” of Cubans for crippling the country. Then, BLM asserted Cubans have chosen their own government and that support for pro-democracy dissidents inhibits their right to self-determination.

“This cruel and inhuman policy, instituted with the explicit intention of destabilizing the country and undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government, is at the heart of Cuba’s current crisis,” the post reads. (Emphasis added).

In reality, communist dictator Fidel Castro took over the country in a violent siege in 1959, despite never having won an election. Fidel, his successor and brother Raúl, and current figurehead President Miguel Díaz-Canel have all not stood in any election since 1959, despite being the nation’s only leaders in those 62 years.

BLM continued:

The people of Cuba are being punished by the U.S. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination. Unites States leaders have tried to crush this Revolution for decades. Instead of international amity, respect, and goodwill, the U.S. government has only instigated suffering for the country’s 11 million people – of which 4 million are Black and Brown. (emphasis added).

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Don’t look now BLM goons but but your memorial for your beloved St George Floyd was just destroyed by Lightning

Is this really what the NFL wants printed across the backs of their helmets? Is this really what people who legitimately don’t want to see blacks mistreated (though they are victims of propaganda) want to support?

It is no longer debatable; BLM is a Marxism movement that supports Marxism above everything else. In Cuba you have white officers beating and imprisoning black activists and protestors.
But BLM supports the power behind the Cuban cops. In the US, no matter what blacks do, officers have no right to arrest or subdue black suspects. Their goal here is to destroy authority so it can be replaced with a more Marxist-friendly version or Marxism itself.

Those who support BLM support Marxism and Marxist dictatorship.

Ironic because whites all run the commie gov’t of Cuba while blacks are the ones being rationed starvation food supplies, denied medical attention reserved for the inner circle and foreign ailing tourists.
Also, now blacks are being herded by jack-booted police and even shot at, at least one died that we know of.

But you go ahead, blm.
America’s blacks are getting your number more and more every day.

Marxism is the goal, not protecting black lives. Of course, the black Marxists that lead BLM don’t want THEIR lives snuffed out, but anyone else, black, white or otherwise, killed and exploited, is absolutely fine with them. It’s no different than any other leftists, including our beloved Democrats.