Biden’s Lawfare Campaign is Crumbling


By Matthew Boose

The left’s unhinged lawfare campaign against Donald Trump is falling apart.

The extreme measures being taken to stop Trump reflect desperation, not strength. And it appears increasingly likely they will end with Trump returning to power.

Consider the audacious decision of the Colorado Supreme Court to kick Trump off the ballot.

Three of the court’s Democrat-appointed judges defended Trump against this incredible overreach: “I have been involved in the justice system for thirty-three years now,” Justice Carlos Samour said, “and what took place here doesn’t resemble anything I’ve seen in a courtroom.”

Even the Confederates received a general amnesty after the Civil War. But for the left, Trump’s iniquity is so great and so blindingly obvious that he must be sanctioned without due process.

Trump has not been convicted of “insurrection” or even charged with the crime by Biden prosecutor Jack Smith. “Deranged Jack Smith,” as Trump calls him, has pursued Trump with the fury of Captain Ahab – but even he realizes that “incitement” is an untenable charge.

The left may think Trump is an “insurrectionist,” but that does not make it a fact. It is a partisan opinion, and a rather hyperbolic one, too.

There is nothing democratic about banning the opposition leader from office over a political narrative developed by the party in power. Actually, that sounds like the kind of thing that a dictator would do.

But the left is so blinded by self-righteous hatred of Trump, they can’t see how ridiculous they sound when they say, “the only way to save democracy is to stop voters from choosing the wrong guy.”

In their minds, there is no contradiction – after all, Hitler was elected wasn’t he? And Trump is Hitler. QED.

Many Americans find Trump divisive – but Hitler?

Not counting the editorial staff of The Atlantic and The Washington Post, how many Americans really believe that Trump returning to power would be dangerous for the country?

It’s so played out at this point, and the more they keep repeating it, the stronger Trump gets.

Clearly, quite a few would be just fine with Orange Hitler back in power, or the left would not be resorting to such extremes to stop the voters from hiring him.

The left will surely look to replicate the ruling in Colorado in other states, like Michigan, but the Supreme Court will put an end to it. They are not going to open Pandora’s Box to save Biden – why should they?

The Supreme Court has already shot down Smith’s urgent plea for a quick answer on Trump’s immunity defense. The court was apparently unmoved by Smith’s bogus pretext about the “public interest” in rushing to decide this unprecedented constitutional question. Smith is too much of a coward to say what he really means: Trump must be convicted in time for voters to render the “correct” decision at the ballot box.

Smith’s bold attempt to create a crime ex nihilo has also left the Supreme Court with an opportunity to review the insanely broad charges against Trump, which include “obstruction of an official proceeding,” a statute that Biden’s regime has abused to persecute not only Trump, but hundreds of peaceful political protesters.

Smith apparently believed he was going to put an American president on trial for the first time in history, during an election year in which said president is one of the contenders for the White House, and meet no resistance in the courts.

The sheer audacity of the undertaking is blowing up in his face – and the prospect of Trump going to trial at all is fading.

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Keep in mind, the Democrats don’t need legal validation to persecute Trump. Look at that bogus NYC case where NOTHING supports the case against Trump but Engoron has already declared Trump guilty and will, beyond any doubt, impose the maximum penalty he can devise against him. While there wasn’t even enough truth to support the charges brought against, the left is too desperate to follow rules, laws and the Constitution and allow Trump to beat them again.

Prophiting the American People from voting for Trump in Colorado it totally Unconstitutional the Democrats want total control over our everyday lives and the Supiem Court should overturn the Colorado ruling and block the other states from doing so

it totally Unconstitutional 

In what way? In the Constitution, isn’t the method of conducting elections left up to the states?

Because the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply. Good Lord.

The State legislators, not judical branch. Damn read it FFS.

Via investigative reporter Paul Sperry: Former FBI agent on the ground at the U.S. Capitol just texted me and confirmed that at least 1 “busload” of Antifa thugs infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a false Trump flag ops

jack shit is an unconstitutional appointment and as such all actions taken by him against President Trump are null and void. None of the cases should move forward.

Jack Smith Wants to Prevent Jury From Learning About Undercover Agents at Capitol in January 6 Case Against Trump

Anything to hobble a defense.

Yeah, why allow the defense to introduce actual facts into the trial? Like Schiff’s impeachments and the January 6th committee, Democrats never have a case if the truth becomes a factor.

EXC: Founder of Group Behind Trump’s Removal From Colorado Ballot Is Former Biden Advisor.

The founder of the group that brought the lawsuit responsible for President Donald Trump’s removal from the 2024 Colorado ballot is a former advisor to President Joe Biden, War Room can reveal.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a self-identified “nonpartisan” watchdog, brought the Colorado lawsuit against Trump on behalf of “six Republican and unaffiliated Colorado voters including former state, federal and local officials.”

In addition to financial links to far-left mega donor George Soros and Joe Biden’s campaign, CREW’s founder and former Executive Director Melanie Sloan also retains link to President Biden. These mounting conflicts of interest continue to indicate that the removal of President Trump from Colorado’s ballot was a politically motivated hit job aimed at interfering with the 2024 election in favor of Biden.

Sloan served as the Nominations Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee under then-Chairman Joseph Biden (D-DE) before founding CREW in 2003. She later left CREW in 2014 when longtime Clinton operative David Brock became the chairman of CREW’s Board of Directors.

Sloan also has a long history of defending Biden family corruption in mainstream media outlets. Sloan, for example, was quoted in an Associated Press article “Ukrainian Energy Firm Hires Biden Son as Lawyer” defending Hunter Biden’s ascension to Burisma’s board. As the 2014 article noted:

“But “unless there’s solid evidence that Hunter Biden got his job to influence American foreign policy, there’s no clear line that’s been crossed,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.”

In a separate Reuters article, “White House Says No Issue With Biden’s Son, Ukraine Gas Company,” Sloan peddled a similar defense of the then-Vice President’s son corrupt business activities. As the 2014 article explained:

“It can’t be that because your dad is the vice president, you can’t do anything,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.”

Sloan has even been quoted in a 2008 New York Times article celebrating how Dr. Jill Biden’s occupation didn’t post a conflict of interest:

“If she chooses to work, Dr. Biden’s chosen profession is unlikely to raise any red flags. “It’s almost impossible for me to imagine what kind of conflict there could be with a teacher,” said Melanie Sloan, the executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a government watchdog group.”

Michigan Supreme Court rejects ‘insurrectionist ban’ case

With these dueling decisions, the expected appeals to the US Supreme Court become even more critical, especially as the nation races toward the start of the 2024 primaries. Unlike in Colorado, the Michigan lawsuit never reached a trial and was dismissed early on in the process. An intermediate appeals court upheld the decision to toss the case on procedural grounds.

The Michigan Court of Claims judge who first got the case said state law doesn’t give election officials any leeway to police the eligibility of presidential primary candidates. He also said the case raised a political question that shouldn’t be decided in the courts.