Biden to Hunter’s jury: What we did to Trump we can do to you




The president flew into Wilmington, Del., on Sunday night, where his 54-year-old son’s felony gun trial begins Monday, and will spend the whole day there with no official duties.

Joe Biden’s looming presence in the strange small city leaves nobody in any doubt of the message he is sending to Delaware special counsel David Weiss, the prosecutors, the judge, and the jury pool being chosen Monday: You mess with my son, you mess with me.

It’s all very subtle, in a flagrant way, much like Joe’s impromptu visit to Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau and former lover of Hunter, just nine days before his son’s trial, at which she is the star witness for the prosecution.

It was Hallie who threw Hunter’s new handgun in a trash can in October 2018 out of concern for his drug-addled mental state, creating a ticking legal time bomb that would propel him into court six years later.

It was Hallie who found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his truck. Hallie, 50, even shared his crack addiction for a time, amid multiple drug rehab efforts.

In a trial based on the allegation that Hunter lied on the gun shop’s federal background form on Oct. 12, 2018, when he checked “No” on the question, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to” various narcotic drugs, Hallie’s understanding of his drug use will be key. Hunter’s defense is that the day he bought the gun was a rare day of sobriety in a period during which he admitted in his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” “I was smoking crack every 15 minutes.”

The potential for witness tampering in Joe’s late-night visit to Hallie was obvious, and must have caused conniptions for the prosecutors, Weiss’ towering deputies Leo Wise and Derek Hines.

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The signs of obstruction and conspiracy are all over the place, not the least of which is Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s visit to Haille, obviously to tell her to shut the hell up, ixnay on the ugsdray. Anyone that thinks otherwise is as idiotic as an idiot can possibly get.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden would do well not to mention the trial, if Hunter is acquitted, as an example of a “fair trial”. Hunter himself has stated he was all cracked up and no one but himself filled out that paperwork and got that gun. If there is an acquittal, and that is by no means out of the question, it would only drive home the message of two standards for justice in America today.

This regime makes no secret of its corruption and its conspiracies to evade accountability. In fact, they seem to relish throwing it into the faces of the powerless (but for their votes) citizenry. They don’t mind openly committing obstruction and subversion and then tell us up is down and day is night. They can do this because the media will dependably play along 99%.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and anti-2nd Amendment Democrats make gun purchase background checks a mainstay of their “common sense” gun control campaign, a campaign totally lacking in common sense. Yet when one of their own just brushes it off and falsifies one, none are interested in accountability or even take the time to address the hypocrisy. Obviously, background checks is just another blurb to rally around and use to further restrict any freedom a law abiding, non-crackhead citizen still has to provide adequate self defense, especially when Democrats have made SELF defense just about our ONLY defense.

If anyone think hunter will be convicted they would be wrong. There is no way hunter is properly prosecuted and convicted. After all, Joe has turned America into a banana republic, his side always wins.


This is obvious from the FBI informant who will be kept out of distance until the election is over when he will be allowed to leave the country

If anyone think hunter will be convicted they would be wrong. 

Here you go again, predicting the future, just as you’ve done with Trump and the 2024 election.

Why don’t you at least wait until the trial happens before you start railing against it?

So you think Hunter is guilty? When have you waited until an official decision was made to declare Trump guilty of any of the concocted accusations against him?

So you think Hunter is guilty?

I have no idea. If he is, throw the book at him. I carry no brief for Hunter Biden. He seems like a piece of shit.

Note, though, that TrumpWon has already called the outcome of the trial, just as he has with the election.

Last edited 18 days ago by Michael

Well, he IS a piece of shit, mostly due to the fact that Daddy, the powerful bureaucrat, has always protected him, just as he has up till now. It is only because that sweet “plea deal” that gave Hunter a 100% pass on ALL crimes he has ever committed blew up publicly that he is on trial here and now.

So, who that openly admitted he was constantly on illegal drugs and checked the box on the 4473 form saying he WASN’T on drugs would take his case to a jury trial, other than someone that had high hopes that the DoJ was going to come to his rescue? Why waste the taxpayer’s money (though he doesn’t have a clue how much a working person gives up to cover their taxes, having never actually worked and usually cheating on his own) on a hope that partisanship somehow plays a hand?

Is there or isn’t there two standards of justice today in the US?

Everyone has the right to a trial, Chairman Mao.

You missed something, groomer.

Everyone has the right to a FAIR trial, Mr. Lefty Groomer.

Last edited 18 days ago by retire05

Did I say they don’t? Please point to the part where I said some can be denied a trial. The point is, when YOU checked the box and signed the document, and YOU have been telling everyone, “Poor, poor me, I addicted myself to crack and lived the life of a scumbag piece of trash” during the period that he swore he was not using drugs. So, what is the trial for? Even though he doesn’t work for his money and he dodges taxes even on ill-gotten gain, couldn’t he have a little mercy on those who DO work for a living and actually pay their taxes?

No. He’s a Biden and he needs to give the DoJ the opportunity to let him off the hook, no matter what it costs taxpayers. But, why would I expect a fellow leech to understand that?

06/04/24 – Michael Cohen says family doxxed following Trump hush money conviction

Michael Cohen, a key witness in former President Trump’s hush money trial, said his family was doxxed after Trump was convicted of all 34 felony counts in the case.

Cohen, a former fixer for Trump, sought in his trial testimony to tie his former boss to documents at the heart of the case — in which prosecutors argued the then-2016 presidential nominee falsified business records related to reimbursements made to Cohen, who paid porn actor Stormy Daniels to stay quiet about an alleged 2006 affair with Trump.

Following Thursday’s historic conviction, phone numbers and addresses for Cohen’s wife and children were posted Monday on a site that has been used to target other figures involved in Trump’s sprawling legal battles, said Advance Democracy, a nonprofit research group, according to NBC News.

In a statement to The Hill, Cohen said it’s sad that the doxxing occurred.

“What sad times we are living through when people resort to this type of doxxing stupidity to redress their grievances,” Cohen’s statement said.

Judge Juan Merchan, the New York judge overseeing the hush money case, ordered in March for the identities of the jury to be kept secret because there was a likelihood of bribery, jury tampering or physical injury and harassment.

Trump himself was barred from talking about the jury, court staff and prosecutors under a gag order meant to protect them from harassment and intimidation.

NBC News reported that Trump supporters tried to dox jurors last week after the conviction.

Days before the guilty verdict was handed down, Michael Fanone, a former Washington, D.C., police officer who was badly injured in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, spoke about Trump being “an authoritarian.” Hours later, SWAT team officers showed up at his mother’s door in Virginia.

In a statement to NBC News, Daniel J. Jones, the president of Advance Democracy, said the organization’s researchers are “regularly scanning” for threats and instigations of political violence.

“During our most recent scan, we identified personal details online — doxxing — for Michael Cohen, his wife, and his children,” Jones said. “The individual who shared the information online, on a site known for doxxing, likely had an intent to harm Cohen — providing these personal details on the Cohen family in the context of calling Cohen a ‘lying bastard’ and identifying him as someone who ‘betrayed Trump,’ presumably for testifying for the prosecution in former President Trump’s NY criminal trial.”

This is what Trump is and what he’s turned his cultish followers into. If you want America to be ruled by a fascist authoritarian’s thug enforcers instead of by a Constitution and courts of law, Donald Trump is definitely your man in November.

Last edited 18 days ago by Greg

Cohen is a liar and a dirtbag. Cry me a river sparky.

So it’s OK to go after his 78-year-old mother?

They go after the families of judges, jurors, witnesses, election officials. They use terror as a tool.

Cohen is a liar and a dirtbag. Cry me a river sparky.

Last edited 18 days ago by Greg

Comrade Greggie, it is hysterical that you would believe anything that comes out of Cohen’s mouth. Talk about a world record liar. He takes the prize.

To Michael Fanone’s “mother”; show us the police report. Fanone, who perjured himself during the J6 investigations while bawlin like a new born baby, definitely fits your side of the aisle.

As to Advance Democracy and it’s leader, Daniel Jones. You really should learn the leanings of the D.C. players.

Does the total of Cohen’s lies exceed Trump’s 30,000?

80% of House Republicans Release Plan Targeting Medicare, Social Security, and the Affordable Care Act, Raising Costs, and Cutting Taxes for the Wealthy

80% of House Republicans released a Budget that:
Cuts Medicare and Social Security while putting health care at risk for millions

  1. Calls for over $1.5 trillion in cuts to Social Security, including an increase in the retirement age to 69 and cutting disability benefits.
  2. Raises Medicare costs for seniors by taking away Medicare’s authority to negotiate prescription drug costs, repealing $35 insulin, and the $2,000 out-of-pocket cap in the Inflation Reduction Act
  3. Transitions Medicare to a premium support system that CBO has found would raise premiums for many seniors.
  4. Cuts Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program by $4.5 trillion over ten years, taking coverage away from millions of people, eroding care for seniors, children, and people with disabilities, and taking us back to the days where people could be denied care for pre-existing conditions and charged more for health insurance simply for being a woman.  

Rigs the economy for the wealthy and large corporations against middle class families

  1. Passes $5.5 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy and large corporations, including permanently extending tax cuts in the Trump tax law, repealing the minimum tax on billion-dollar corporations the President signed into law, eliminating the estate tax for the wealthiest Americans, providing a massive tax cut for billionaire investors, and making it easier for the wealthy and large corporations to get away with cheating on their taxes.
  2. Kills jobs and investment in communities throughout the country – including Red States – by eliminating the clean energy tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act.
  3. Makes it easier for companies and banks to rip consumers off with unfair and hidden junk fees by eliminating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  4. Raises housing costs by cutting funding for rental assistance, cutting funding for programs that help build housing, and raising mortgage costs for first-time homebuyers.

Show us the actual documents, Comrade Scum, because there is no truth coming out of THIS Administration.

Greg like the rest of their kind think with their Mouth not their Head

From the White House. Therefore, it is 100% lies.

Does the total of Cohen’s lies exceed Trump’s 30,000?

No one can match Joe Biden’s five decades of lie after lie after lie. But you are too damned dishonest to admit that truth.

Last edited 18 days ago by retire05

Yeah, and so do Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s, just since he used fraud to take over the White House.

YIKES! Joe Biden Makes a Beelines for the Kids at the White House Congressional Picnic (VIDEO)

What are the odds he wants any one of those children to shower with him?

Showering with kids seems to be on your mind a lot.

Showering with kids seems to be on your mind a lot

That’s because the guy that does it,Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, is destroying the country.

I hope everyone could account for their children when they left.

“I Can Take You, Too” – Angry Joe Biden Threatens Reporter For Questioning His Old Age

Well, when he goes to flinging poopy diapers at people, fight over.

I guess so, if the Democrats did it. Right? I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) but it was Chuckie Schumer that sicked a loud, violent mob (and at least one assassin) on Supreme Court Justices, simply because they were going to hand down a ruling he didn’t like. But, we’re supposed to respect the courts… right?

Cohen’s and Fanone’s accusations have GREAT BIG LIE written all over them.

Go Tease a Wolverine Lizard Lips

Well, if Cohen says it, it just HAS to be true, doesn’t it? Democrats do the doxxing and swatting, even when they commit a false flag operation.

Joe could pick the jury out of a lineup

I wonder if tacit threats was why one juror refused to show up today.

Is Biden making Threats against the Jury? if this is True Biden should be brought up of Charges but first vote Biden Out then proceed with a Trial

He is committing obstruction. He visited Hallie and told her to keep her mouth shut.

Is Biden making Threats against the Jury? 

No, but the person who wrote the headline for the post sure wants you to think so.

What makes you think he didn’t? What makes you think that rare visit to Hallie wasn’t to threaten her that she had better not say anything to damage Hunter and, thus, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s campaign? Let’s just assume he is.

Hunter’s argument: the form says “Are you using drugs”, not “Have you used drugs”, as if he would have to be smoking crack at the time of tilling it out to be required to check “YES” on the form. THIS is how stupid Democrats hope and pray Democrats are.

Why can’t Hunter just plead guilty? He has admitted unequivocally to being on drugs and he bought the gun. He couldn’t have bought the gun without lying on the document. He’s not going to face any jail time; everyone knows that. I mean, it’s not like he was trespassing or parading or anything threatening the very fabric of our government like that. Why does he have to cost the Delaware taxpayers the money to put this theater on?

Oh… because people like Hunter have no idea what taxpayers have to do to fork over large swaths of their income (while shitbags like him evade taxes) so they can try and take advantage of the justice system.

‘Nazi Piece of Sh*t!’ – Hunter Biden’s Wife Melissa Cohen FLIPS OUT on Former Trump Aide in Courthouse Blowup

I guess she’s a little emotional, being married to a crackhead that won’t acknowledge his daughter and all. Being in a family where every single member is a degenerate, lying, corrupt scumbag wears on you.

joe and jill were politically forced into recognizing the granddaughter born out of wedlock by a stripper.

Being in a family where every single member is a degenerate, lying, corrupt scumbag wears on you.

…But enough about your personal life.

BWA, HA, HA, HA, HA! What a commodian. What are their positive qualities? They’ve temporarily suspended naked pictures and forcing children to shower with grown men? (if they indeed have)

Its Bidens polls that are Tanking, Bean Brain

The biden klan is a pack of feral dogs.

They are an American embarrassment.

Last edited 18 days ago by TrumpWon

Apparently she went after Garrett Ziegler because hunter is too much of a pussy. In related news, the laptop from hell was entered into evidence by the prosecution. Jill had to leave when the graphic nature of her drug addicted whore chasing son was presented

Well, that’s the way of the left; when the facts start coming out, they want to shut it down or just leave and ignore it all.

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Testifies on His Reckless Drug Use: Found Crack Pipe at Home in 2015, Describes Him as ‘Angry, Short-Tempered’ (VIDEO)

hunter biden is trash. Just another klan member in the biden pack of feral dogs.

Daddy raised him right, didn’t he? The rotten apple doesn’t fall very far from the degenerate tree.

biden family, an abhorrent excuse for a family.

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Girlfriend Drops Bombshell: ‘Former Sex Worker’ Zoe Kestan Testifies Hunter Allowed Dealers Direct Access to His Bank Account for Withdrawals

FBI Witness, Erika Jensen, Completely Destroys the Hunter Biden Legal Team’s Laptop Narrative

FBI agent Erika Jensen said on the stand during Hunter Biden’s trial Wednesday that she had not seen any evidence of tampering with the data on his infamous laptop.

Hunter Biden’s legal team has sought to cast doubt on the authenticity of data on the laptop, which their client abandoned at a Delaware repair shop in April 2019, while prosecutors have introduced the laptop’s contents as evidence in their case against Hunter Biden. In prior court filings, Special Counsel David Weiss called their criticism of the laptop’s authenticity a “conspiracy theory with no supporting evidence.”