Biden Spent Nearly 40% Of 2022 In Delaware, Camp David, Or On Vacation



President Joe Biden spent nearly 40% of 2022 in Delaware, Camp David and vacation destinations.
A Daily Caller analysis of Biden’s 2022 public schedule shows that the president spent 92 days or partial days at one of his Delaware properties, and 32 days or partial days at Camp David.
Biden also vacationed seven days in South Carolina, five days in Nantucket, and five days in the U.S. Virgin Islands, bringing his total getaway days to a total of 141, or 38.6% of his first full calendar year.

Past presidents have also taken getaway trips to their favorite locations, including Donald Trump traveling to Mar-a-Lago and New Jersey, Barack Obama to Martha’s Vineyard and George W. Bush to his Texas ranch.

Biden’s numbers, however, are on track to outpace every president, CNN reported, using data compiled by former CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.
His time working from Delaware had already exceeded that of Trump in October, according to Knoller. If Biden is re-elected and keeps up the pace of his trips to Delaware, his vacation time would far eclipse those of Obama, Bush and Reagan, Knoller told the outlet.

The White House has argued that the presidency can be conducted from outside Washington, D.C., and that Biden has the “right to spend time with his family.”

“The presidency is a nonstop job that chief executives can do from anywhere in the world. And regardless of location, he has taken fewer vacation days than the modern norm,” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates has said.
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Biden’s time away from the Oval Office in August, saying, “he was going to go spend time with his family which every president does. That is not unusual, that is not uncommon to do and the president has a right to spend time with his family just like every other American across the country.”

Biden has a history of not paying for the luxurious properties he vacations at. He spent a week in August vacationing with his family in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, while staying at Democratic donor Maria Allwin’s $20 million mansion, the New York Post reported.

In Nantucket, Massachusetts, Biden stayed in private-equity billionaire David Rubenstein’s $20 million property, the outlet reported.

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In addition, idiot Biden is only on the clock about 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. His puppet duties are limited because so many control him; they have to confer and decide who’s interests he will support next.

Biden did not pay for his and first lady Jill Biden’s stay at the lush property fit with an in-ground pool, the outlet reported.

That’s called a “gift” and is illegal. But, when has corrupt idiot Biden ever worried about covering up his criminal acts? Certainly the media is not going to hold him accountable and without exposure, the Democrats sure as hell aren’t going to hold him accountable; it’s GOOD to get away with crimes against the American people.