Biden Refused to Sit for Interview With Time Magazine Reporter, Unlike Trump.


by William Upton

TIME Magazine writer Eric Cortellessa acknowledged that the 81-year-old Democrat incumbent Joe Biden rejected the same interview request accepted by former President Donald Trump. As the lengthy interview came to a close, Cortellessa suggested a series of rapid-fire questions to which Trump agreed — but not before he asked if the TIME writer thought that Biden would be able to do the same.

“All right. Do you think you could do this interview with Biden?” the former Republican President asked. Cortellessa responded, “You know, he didn’t say yes. So I’m grateful that you’re giving me the opportunity.” Trump expressed his doubts that Biden would ever accept the interview offer, telling Cortellessa: “He will never say yes, cause he’s off. He’s off, way off.”

The admission by Cortellessa that Biden had declined an interview with the magazine comes as the corporate media wavers in running cover for the Democrat leader’s declining mental faculties.

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