Biden Honors Veterans by Talking About Son Who Died of Brain Cancer


by Daniel Greenfield

Joe Biden just won’t stop.

It’s understandably traumatic for a father to lose a son. I can’t even imagine the pain involved. But there are also certain bounds of decency. Key among them is not to continually exploit that pain.

And Joe Biden has done worse than that by not only building his campaign and public image around Beau Biden, but constantly falsely claiming that he died in Iraq.

It’s happened so many times that even the media has been forced to fact check it.

And now, this Memorial Day, when Joe Biden ought to be honoring the troops, he’s right back to his go-to, treating Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer, as a fallen soldier.

The media, which failed to stop these lies, has now turned to propping them up.

Beau Biden did not die in Iraq. Nor did he die of any illness caused by his service in Iraq. Beau was a JAG. He was a lawyer. In short. He was stationed at Camp Victory near Baghdad. And he was working so hard in Iraq that he didn’t even give up his day job as Delaware Attorney General. The whole thing was very obviously a play (like Buttigieg) to burnish his credentials for higher office.

Joe Biden probably pulled strings to get his son awarded a ‘Bronze Star’ for no comprehensible reason. And then, tragically, Beau died. He didn’t die in Iraq or because of Iraq. Things like this are horrible but they do happen.

It’s hard to know if Joe Biden is pushing the lie that his son died in Iraq for political gain or because he’s simply delusional. The Robert Hur interview established that Joe Biden doesn’t even know when his son died.

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Enough of the nonsense about Beauregard. His son did not die in battle. He had a brain problem like the old man. No one gives a rats ass about beau. STFU joe

Well, no one cares about Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden exploiting his death, but he was a veteran. His good fortune he died before he could be stained with the corruption and disgrace of the rest of his sorry-ass family.

joe also lost a wife and a daughter when she blew thru a Stop sign and got hit by a truck.
The truck driver was stone cold sober, but, other than lying about him being drunk and his wife not doing anything wrong, like ignoring a Stop sign, all joe has said about them has been lies for decades.
Maybe the fact is Jill or joe cut his wife’s brake line?
Maybe she was suicidal?
Whatever, he doesn’t sound like he misses her on the anniversary of their deaths.