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Biden’s weakness and incompetence got Americans in Afghanistan killed, and strengthened our enemies.

Putin is invading because Biden is weak. Xi will invade because a Biden is weak.

A strong and duly elected Donald Trump would have prevented ALL of this, as it did for four years.

Biden has failed. He didn’t do enough to stop this. It’s on him.

Trump would have made things very clear, as we know he did, to Putin, Xi, Un, all of these madmen.

If fact. Trump would have stopped this. Biden has allowed it.

He has American, Afghani, and now Ukrainian blood on his demented hands.

“What would any President have done differently?” is the pathetic rambling of someone who knows they f*cked up and installed a puppet by way of being manipulated by media lies about Trump.

I wouldn’t want to be the Leftist trying to come to grips with just how stupid and wrong I was to support the tyrannical and completely incompetent bunch of clowns I just got swindled into “voting” for.

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You can argue for that point if someone comes up with an intelligent alternative to Biden’s approach. Otherwise you’re just resisting the guy who IS making an effort, which pretty much makes you part of Putin’s fifth column.

It’s already been given. Russia was kept at bay by Trump, i.e., a strong leader who was not tied to both Chinese, Ukrainian, and Russian corruption.

Biden is weak. This is his fault.

Biden is making no effort, beyond undermining the goals and aims of the People of the United States of America.

Shut down the XL pipeline.
Gave up Afghanistan.
Open border.

This is all Putin needs. Biden caused this. The solution is to not install a shit-stained old man who no one legally voted for, and let the people decide who their leaders are instead.

Trump would have this under control.

Biden is the problem itself…and cannot be part of the solution unless he stepped down and gave democracy back to normal Americans. then Putin would still be in his office and not invading other countries.

The Left are traitors.

Rally around a President who he and his Party are doing everything in their power to destroy this country? Shutting down the pipeline, flooding the country with millions of unvetted illegals etc, etc. Sorry, we are in the current situation because of this President and his puppet masters. Time to bring back tar and feathering these Quisling bastards!

You can argue for that point if someone comes up with an intelligent alternative to Biden’s approach.

Everyone has clearly described the “intelligent alternative”… the intelligent alternative to abject incompetence and stupidity. You simply can’t accept it.

There is no “solution” for the disaster idiot Biden has created. It is so bad, it is irreversible. What has to be done now is riding out and surviving the aftermath. The intelligent solution goes back to November, 2020, when fraud changed the course of an election and replaced a successful, intelligent LEADER with a puppet chosen by virtue of his weakness, senility, malleability and corruption. But, that’s only the beginning.

Idiot Biden handed Putin a fortune in revenues by ending our energy independence. That weakened us while strengthening him. That gave Putin the resources to invade Ukraine, if he chose to risk it.

Then this idiot withdrew from Afghanistan in the most incompetent, careless and dangerous manner imaginable. The US was completely embarrassed before the entire world and, as if that wasn’t enough, the US simply abandoned our NATO allies in Afghanistan, allies that had come there to help US fight terrorism and avenge 9/11. US credibility was shattered.

So, Putin knew the risk was low. The invasion of Ukraine was a go. Now, we pick up the pieces.

What a pathetic and no sense of reality posting. Your futile attempts to justify a failed faux administration’s domestic and foreign failures would be laughable if not for the serious results to the American country and its voters.

comrade greggy pooper: My granddaughter’s red crayon has a higher IQ than you. how many times a day does your mother change your dipper?

Biden has failed. He didn’t do enough to stop this. It’s on him.

Like evaluating all the failures of the Obama administration, it all depends on what idiot Biden intended to accomplish. Like Obama, is failures are so disastrous, it’s almost like they aren’t accidental.

Agreed. I fear the invasion was planned on by those behind Biden.

The globalists are using China and the USA to globalize everyone else. Russia might be the biggest holdout.

Yeah, but he didn’t give Putin permission to attack them, so they’re safe.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—From his fake White House set, President Joe Biden gave a televised address in which he lamented the involvement of guns in the military and implored Ukrainians to shoot invading Russian soldiers in the leg.
“Look, here’s the deal, Ukraine is under attack but that doesn’t mean they should shoot to kill,” he said before starstruck members of the mainstream media. “I have spoken with the Ukrainian president, whatever his name is, and asked him to talk with his soldiers. They need to shoot enemy combatants in the leg.”
He then leaned into the microphone for some reason and whispered, “Don’t stoop to Russia’s level!”
Russian aircraft, notorious for not shooting anyone in the leg, have been bombing Ukraine for over 24 hours, but Biden says that is no excuse.
“If you don’t see a leg then you’ve got to shoot the equivalent,” he said. “Wheels are the legs of the plane!”
General Mark Milley attempted to inform the president that it’s not possible to shoot a bomber with that kind of accuracy and that, even if you could, shooting a wheel off a plane mid-flight wouldn’t accomplish anything strategically significant. Biden, however, would not hear of it.
“Russians are just like us, probably,” said Biden. “Their lives are more valuable than babies in the womb. I don’t care how difficult it is to do the right thing!”
After being shown Biden’s comments, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reportedly laughed.
“Thanks, I needed that,” he said. “But seriously, where’s President Trump?”