Biden Campaign Shows Up at Trump’s Trial to Weaponize It More



Don’t doubt this trial is weaponized as part of a political campaign. The judge is conflicted, the jury was selected from a nearly 90% Democrat pool, and the prosecutors have sworn to get Trump. As if that isn’t enough, the witnesses are notorious liars, one a thief as well.

Additionally, there is no crime here, and the judge said the jurors don’t have to agree on a predicate. That’s what Leverentiy Beria used to do – show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime. In the US, you are not supposed to look for crimes or create one without any evidence. Never mind that the statute of limitations passed.

Biden sent his campaign to rant outside the Manhattan courthouse as if that wasn’t obvious. Donald Trump’s attorney explains in this clip, followed by Jason Miller.

Politics has nothing to do with it? Watch Jason Miller, a Trump aide.

Biden’s campaign is outside the courthouse, almost drowned out.

Biden’s administration set up a presser with lunatic actor Robert DeNiro, who had his face wrapped up in an N95 mask.

De Niro is unhinged. He had no problem with Democrat protesters and rioters. You can hear some pro-Trump protesters screaming in the background.

Anti-DeNiro protesters told him his movies suck. Has-been De Niro didn’t take it well, calling them gangsters while cursing.


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Trump should promise to release the list.

DeNiro way too much Booze and Dope has caused uncontroled Stupidity for this Hollywood Pinhead we have more reasons to Boycott his rotten Movies

Major failure to launch.

I honestly wish we could return to a more civil time (before Democrats got so desperate that they destroyed it), but I do love it when the left themselves get the far left shout-down-any-speaker treatment they employ so frequently themselves. This is exactly what Maxine Waters told her lemmings to do to Trump supporters. But DeNiro didn’t seem to take it in stride.

What a pretend tough-guy crybaby. Is he getting shorter?

Such geniuses running the Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden campaign. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden won’t (can’t) go out and campaign, so they recruit a big-name movie star as a representative and HE goes out and tells people, “FUCK YOU!” Yeah, that should swing some votes, for sure.

POLL: 54 Percent of Democrats Want Joe Biden Replaced With Someone Else

If 54% do not want biden to run where would their votes go? Obviously many will stay home but we know several are considering Trump instead of biden. How long will the democrats keep biden on life support? They have now announced they will conduct a virtual convention in so they can nominate biden in order to meet the deadline requirements to be on the Ohio ballot. Trump does not think he will make it to the starting gate.

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They also fear the not-so-nice images of their own former supporters inflicting violent riots on their convention. Democrats are truly gutless on so many levels.

“Such a Great Judge”: Leftist Legal Analyst Gushes Over “Man Crush” Judge Merchan’s Handling of Trump’s Trial

WOW! Joe Biden Holds Biggest Rally of All Time – Only a Few Rows of People Cram Into Corner of School Gym in Deep Blue Philly


I’m sure in a high school gym, the acoustics makes it sound really raucous.

All it takes is one skeptical juror, and we have found him.
His eyes lit up when JD Vance entered courtroom.

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