Biden Administration Blasted for Hypocrisy on Syria Strike After Questioning ‘Legal Authority’ of Trump’s Strike



After the Biden administration approved an airstrike targeting Iranian-backed militias in Syria on Thursday, both President Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki began taking heat for having condemned the Trump administration for similar strikes in the past.

The tweets being scrutinized were posted by Joe Biden in 2019 and Psaki in early April of 2017. Psaki tweeted shortly after then-President Donald Trump approved a missile strike in Syria in response to a Syrian government chemical weapons attack that killed more than 80 civilians. Biden’s tweet was in response to Trump ordering and then canceling an airstrike on Iran.

“Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the air base in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched,” Trump said then in remarks at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. “It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

Shortly after the Trump-ordered military strike, Psaki — who was serving as a liberal political commentator for CNN at the time — took to Twitter to question Trump’s legal right to launch such strikes.

“Also what is the legal authority for strikes?” Psaki asked. “Assad is a brutal dictator. But Syria is a sovereign country.”

In 2019, Biden blasted then-President Trump’s “erratic, impulsive actions,” claiming that “no president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences.”

“We don’t need another war in the Middle East, but Trump’s actions toward Iran only make that more likely,” he wrote.

After Biden launched an airstrike against Iran-backed militias in Syria on Thursday, many across the political spectrum took to Twitter to note the hypocrisy in both tweets.

“And I quote… ‘No one should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences… we don’t need another war in the Middle East…,’’’ wrote freshman GOP Rep. Nancy Mace.

“Perhaps you & your comms chief @jrpsaki should revisit some of your old tweets during Trumps era & honour your own statements!” wrote Lebanese-British journalist Hala Jaber.

“If Biden could take his own advice on this one, that would be great…,” wrote journalist Rachel Blevins.

“This Tweet did not age well,” wrote attorney Jeffrey Marty.

“Trump started zero wars,” he added. “Biden is starting one in his first month.”

“Amen, Joe,” wrote conservative talk show host Dan O’Donnell.

“Oh the irony,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I’m sure old Joe and Jen will circle back on this one,” wrote another.

Psaki’s questioning of Trump’s legal authority to launch a similar strike in 2017 was equally ridiculed.

“Good question from 2017,” wrote MSNBC political analyst Mehdi Hasan.

“Great question,” replied far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

“What authority does @POTUS have to strike Syria?” asked Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). “Perhaps someone should ask his @PressSec today?”

“As I forecast, @JoeBiden is looking to involve us fully in the Syrian civil war – a war @BarackObama helped fuel by his arming the rebel elements of Al Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood,” wrote retired U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel Tony Shaffer.

“And see here how big an idiot @PressSec is when she spoke out against a similar action in 2017,” he added.

“So will your position on Syria change by the next press briefing?” asked co-chair of Veterans for Trump Jessie Jane Duff.

“Hey you dropped this back in 2017…. thought you might want it back,” wrote Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Shane Hazel. “Absolutely agree with it then & now.”

“Maybe show some principle and resign due to be a conscientious objector,” he added.

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We had NO business in Syria to begin with. Obama got us mired there interfering in a civil was his Muslim Brotherhood and “Spring Awakening” started. Then Obama created ISIS. Trump wiped out ISIS and got us out. The idiot Biden will simply get us involved again is a pointless war that serves NO US interests.

“There needs to be spacing,” Psaki said. “To ensure the health and safety of these kids, HHS took steps to open an emergency facility to add capacity where these kids can be provided the care they need before they are safely placed with families and sponsors.”

“So it’s a temporary reopening during COVID-19, our intention is very much to close it, but we want to make sure we can follow COVID protocols,” she added.

You know what else provides spacing? A WALL. Enforcing immigration laws. Not projecting that anyone that gets across the border gets free housing, free healthcare, welfare and citizenship.

February 3, 2022 – ISIS leader dies during U.S. special forces raid in Syria, Biden says

Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi died after detonating a suicide bomb that also killed members of his family as U.S. forces closed in, the president said.

An overnight raid by United States special forces in northwestern Syria led to the death of the Islamic State terror group’s top leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, President Joe Biden said Thursday. 

As U.S. forces closed in, Al-Qurayshi detonated a suicide bomb “in a final act of desperate cowardice,” Biden said. The blast killed not only the ISIS leader, but also his wife and their two children, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

A senior deputy of al-Qurayshi and his wife were also killed after attacking U.S. forces, Kirby said, and a child was killed during the gunfight. All U.S. forces emerged safe from the raid, which Biden said was carried out under his direction.

Kirby said U.S. forces also safely evacuated ten people from the building, including eight children, and had positively identified al-Qurayshi’s remains using DNA and fingerprint analysis…

This is good news, until you consider how Leftwing batshit crazies like you would have reported it if it were a Republican President.

You people make me sick.

What, no frightened little girl hand wringing about, “Oh, I’m so scared, the terrorists will be mad at us now and retaliate! Oh, my, let’s all go hide! Bad President for killing a terrorist! Bad!” like you whined when Trump would kill a terrorist? Good for idiot Biden; he finally did something positive, and only a year and almost a month into his fraudulent term.

Still, maybe we should wait for some other verification and confirmation; this regime has a reputation for lying.

more wag the dog

job losses expected to be over 300k tomorrow.

expectations were for +200K.

a delta of 500K

real wages have not increased in 10 months.