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How pitch perfect!
And, just like the White House and the DNC, Israel is in the process of building a HUGE wall surrounding every inch of the Gaza-Israel border.
This wall goes down 20 feet and goes up 40 feet.
It is pre-poured-set concrete slabs placed one at a time and interlocking.
The end of tunneling into Israel from Gaza.
The nearly end of lobbing rockets into Israel from Gaza.
At the very least, those rocket lobbers will not be able to see what they are trying to hit.
There will be a very high raised roadway between West Bank and Gaza so people can travel.
But no more easy access into Israel.

No attacks on political opponents, no talking down to any citizenry, no whining, no bragging, didnt blame the tools but the root of the problem.
He actually sounds like a leader.

Obama and the demacrats are allowing these attacks to take place so they can have a excuse of confiscating our guns