Betrayal and the Democrats


By David Prentice

The story of Judas Iscariot is the archetypal story of betrayal, fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

It’s fascinating, because Judas Iscariot was the Apostle who betrayed Jesus to the Pharisees for 30 pieces of silver. He felt so guilty afterwards that he tried to give the silver back.

It’s a terrifying story because Jesus was tortured and put to death and then Judas hanged himself.  The field where Judas died became known as the field of blood at the time of the New Testament writings. It was a terrifying end to a horrific story.

Judas was picked by Jesus himself.  He was one of the original twelve Apostles.  He had walked with Jesus for three years, seen miracles, heard the finest teaching ever given, and because of this action, his name has become synonymous with the worst of betrayals, the most graphic of betrayals: Judas telling the guards he would kiss Jesus on the cheek to show them who to arrest.

Benedict Arnold is another turncoat. A general during the Revolutionary War, he was put in charge of the fort at West Point, a particularly strategic fort at the time.  He became convinced to betray his charge, being offered a huge sum of money for surrendering West Point to the British.   The plot was discovered accidentally, letters being found on the person of Arnold’s friend Major John Andre of Britain.   When the betrayal was discovered, Andre was hanged.  Arnold fled prior to his own capture, escaping to Great Britain.  We still use the name Benedict Arnold as a symbol of infamy.  Being branded a Benedict Arnold is a deep cut.

Betrayal is at the heart of the story of the darker parts of history.  Being at the heart of the story of Jesus, betrayal has been abhorred by the West for thousands of years.

Betrayal has been a significant part of the times we have been living in.  For many years Americans have watched as our country has been let down by its leaders.  Betrayed for money.  Betrayed for fame.  Betrayed for ideals of some Utopian revolution.

Let me be blunt.  The worst of our betrayers are found in the Democrat party. They are betraying America right now and have been for years.  Their contempt for America as founded is for a combination of all the above reasons, in spades.

A leftist might say that a difference of opinion does not mean you are a traitor.  But that’s not what this is.  This is a group of leaders committed to upending all of our institutions.  This is a group of leaders who have agreed to seek power above all, while reaping corrupt, unearned, ill-gotten gains.  While foisting huge debt on the American public, they preen in the public eye, proud of their fame, proud of their deceit; in their small-souled thinking, they are doing it for the revolution.  All while, they are not comprehending the destruction they are foisting on the world of others.

Delusionally, they believe this is for the greater good, for a Utopian vision only they, because they’re so smart, can see.

One by one, they are upending the blocs of the governing agreements we once had as a nation:

They have contempt for the Constitution any time it constrains them.  They willfully change the meaning of clear pronouncements, proclaiming elasticity when it’s needed to forward their ideas.

They censor, and no longer champion free speech.  They hide their evil deeds.

They want to disarm law-abiding Americans, while allowing violent criminals to go free to wreak havoc again.  They want a defenseless population to rule.

They criminalize people for not agreeing with them.  They go after anyone who effectively counters them and are doing so regularly using the Justice Department and the FBI (the new Stasi).

They have, and are, spying on their political opponents with the technology available through the Patriot Act.  They do this on a massive scale, to anyone in power who is against their ideas.  Even against ordinary citizens who align with the center-right.

They intimidate individuals and groups simply because they outwardly disagree with their policies.

They have instituted Soviet-style show trials to imprison their political opponents and have unleashed the horrid practice of lawfare on the country.

The policies enacted to forward the green new deal are psychotic.  The poor have a harder time working out of poverty.  The middle class can no longer thrive as easily, while the new class of leftist multi-millionaires and billionaires easily glean even more wealth.   The green new deal is designed to neuter and ruin us economically, preventing human achievement they don’t like.  It’s all about control.

They have weaponized the bureaucracies, the judicial system, the DOJ, and the FBI against its political enemies.  These collude with the big tech companies to slander, defame, and destroy while shielding evil from criticism, turning good into evil, and evil into good.

These add up to one truth:  Betrayal.  Purposeful betrayal of the ideals of our founding.  Purposeful betrayal of the American public.  All in the name of social justice and compassion.

The betrayal by most Democrat leaders appears to come with commitment and full awareness.  The Obama faction is thrilled with the ideal of transforming America (into a socialist hellhole).  The Clinton faction enamored with the ideals of the then “new left” at Yale.  They became rich and adored for their part in the betrayal.  The Soros wing has decided to inundate America with lawlessness and the two-tiered system of justice we now have.  The whole Democrat party seems to be happy to confuse us about truth.  Foisting the evils of gender nonsense upon us, turning truth on its head in every way they can.  Their planned confusion proclaims there is no truth but what they believe.  And daily, they show their power to enforce their truth.

It’s treachery unparalleled in our history.

Consider that statement.  Let it sink in.

If Benedict Arnold’s deeds were considered bad enough for hanging, how has the left waltzed into power having done much worse than Arnold, having caused much more ruin, having abused their power so badly?

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Maybe the best applicable example is Quisling. Democrats are betraying their country and countrymen to a foreign government, one of socialism and totalitarianism. Not necessarily a foreign NATION’S government, but a form of governance foreign to our nation and the Constitution.