Any Severe Covid Patient Can Produce More Virus Than All The Children in America


by Marc Girardot

For my first post on Substack, I wanted to debunk one of the most preposterous assertions of Team Apocalypse: The fallacy that children are a danger to society and to grandma. I will demonstrate it’s quite the contrary.
I will not dive into the rationale for the intolerable crime against humanity committed on our children throughout the world these past two years.
Is it senescent leaders afraid of dying who were ready to throw our kids under the bus?
Is it simply a smokescreen because kids are defenceless?
Is it an additional way to create panic in parents?
The fact is that children have been accused of being the principal source of SARS-COV-2 and have been outrageously bullied because of that. It is ironic that those who feel at peace bullying our children are often the same righteous people who were tutoring against bullying practices at school a few years ago…

The reality is that collectively children are least prone to propagating a toxic dose of SARS-COV-2: they carry the smallest viral load for the shortest duration.  In fact, it is certain healthy1 children produce exponentially less than very elderly/sick persons with delayed immune responses.
I had addressed this extensively in my August article: “A Novel Perspective on a Not So Novel Virus”, highlighting the many differences in propagation dynamics between children and adults, summarised in the scheme below, and explaining why children can be natural vaccines more than anything else.

But, I hadn’t taken the time to prove how dramatic the difference was between a child mildly sick for a couple of days and an elderly carrying the virus for weeks.
In fact, a simple mathematical calculation using this duration and the SC2 propagation speed is sufficient to demonstrate the reality of who is poisonous to whom. And spoiler alert, it’s not the children.


Even considering infecting doses are the same – which we know they aren’t because LTCF patients cross-infect each other with very heavy inocula – a huge difference lies in the exponential propagation left untouched by the immune system in ageing or sick patients.

A recent study 2 estimated that the reproduction yield of SARS-COV-2 in the body to be 10x per 36/48 hours.  In other words, a delay of 12 days in the immune reaction vs children could account for expansion – adjusting for obesity acceleration and for ACE2 differential – of nearly 100 million times.  And that’s not adjusted for higher and repeated doses 100-1000x inocula…

In other words, all the healthy kids in America – distributed across the country –  cannot together ever produce the amount of one single severe patient dying of COVID, let alone LTCF patients surrounded with hundreds of elderly each producing high viral loads.
Not only are kids not producing anywhere near what an immuno-senescent sick elderly produces, but they are widely dispersed and therefore the toxic consequences on the community cannot be not compared.
To give you a comparison how ridiculous the policies against children are:


This is all the more infuriating when you see pictures of elderly politicians – all with dwindling health – ie ready-to-start virus mass-production machine- feasting unmasked while forcing on kids measures they don’t even apply to themselves…
The focus should always have been on limiting the viral expansion
, both at an individual level – through protocols3 to reduce propagation – and at a community level – through focused protection4 – notably within the retirement homes and hospitals.
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There never was any rationale to limit the everyday lives of children, to gag them, to close down schools, to have them sit in glass cages or seat outside in the cold to eat their lunches.
Frankly, it all seems to have emerged from the dark minds of seriously deranged individuals with a lot of hate or fear in them. We might need to review who is taking care of our children in the years to come…mass hysteria cannot justify this level of inhumanity.

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Healthy people of every age cannot spread covid, as they do not have it and they do not sneeze or cough.
Non-symptomatic covid-infected people also can not spread covid as, even tho they have it, they do not sneeze or cough.
Only people who sneeze and/or cough while infected with covid can spread it.

Early TREATMENT is essential and works in places where it has been practiced.

Instead, in the USA, covid is allowed to fester in symptomatic people until their lungs begin to collapse.
Only then is the victim (of such egregious malpractice) put on a ventilator to die.

Do not put your trust in gov’t. (Isaiah 2:22 and Jeremiah 17:5)
Take care of yourselves.

Once the left got full control of the COVID agenda, it went completely to hell. Politics overrules every scientific fact and is the sole motivation for any of the policies Democrats enact. Democrats love to rule with an iron fist and no one is as susceptible to being ruled in that manner as children.

Covid-19 is one virus among many and is not a threat to the public.

Carry on.

Instead of calling this Covid, since calling it the China Virus or Chicom Virus like we call the Spanish Flu the Spanish Flu is considered racist, we should name it in honor of one of the people who helped create it just like the Salk Vaccine is named after Jonas Salk. From here on out this virus should be called the Fauci Virus.

Call it the “Massive Failure of Idiot Biden to Address the Virus His Chinese Handlers Unleashed”.

His Chinese handlers had help from people over here, at least financially, which is why no one wants to investigate its origins or hold anyone accountable. To a bunch of power mad tyrants, 800,000 lives is a small price to pay in order to gain power and control.

Why did 700 doctors, nurses, and medical support staff choose to get fired from the #1 ranked hospital in the US rather than take the jab?

This was their dream job. Working at the Mayo Clinic. Only the top 1% gets hired at the Mayo Clinic.

They chose to get fired? Let that sink in for a moment

In Rhode Island, they were having to let health care workers come in COVID positive because they fired so many for not taking the vaccine. Mandates make good sense, huh?

It’s obvious that the terms of emergency authorization to approve the mrna gene therapy shot has not in any way been met. As MSM likes to say we have met a grim milestone over 1 million Americans have been injured by the jab, it is estimated Vaers is under reported by 6.5 times 20 thousand deaths =130 thousand deaths and 6.5 million injuries.
The Biden Admin has taken federal control of the Antibodies therapy, I no longer believe their experts. As Florida fights for the life saving treatments “federal health experts” concluded they’re unlikely to be effective against the latest coronavirus variant sweeping the nation, the omicron variant. But HHS said the currently used antibody treatments shouldn’t be entirely ruled out. So which set of experts?
They are going to push Phizers new very expensive pill they say could be 50% effective, sure the jab was 90% and would end the plague in less than 6 months.

In an incredible lack of awareness Gemany does this to encourage the human sheep to line up to get the toxin.
Austraila has fallen

Unvaxxed Aussies in Northern Territory Told They Won’t Be Allowed to Exercise or Go to Work

This presentation should cut through the blatant lies and the criminal activity Pfizer, Fauci and all the authoritarian tyrants have done to the world. If that doesn’t open your eyes, you are willfully ignorant.

The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good – PDF

One of my customers works as a physical therapist at a few nursing home here in the People’s Republic of Illinois. He had to take the jab because of his employment. He gained 60 pounds and began having issues with his liver and kidneys. Every doctor he saw said they couldn’t tell him what caused the sudden change in his health because if they did they would lose their license and that he could probably figure it out on his own. He also said the doctors here are threatened by big pharma not to prescribe ivermectin or one of the other cheap, effective drugs.

Almost all medical clinics are owned by big corporations. Big Pharma determines how much they are charged for drugs and which drugs they want to have prescribed. Corporate pharmacies have been told to not allow certain prescriptions if the use. Doctors are told to not prescribe certain medications. Now, is this political or is this just plain greed?