Antisemitic Mob in Philadelphia (With a George Soros DA) Surrounds Jews to Scream At Them, “Goldie, Goldie, You Can’t Hide, We Charge You With Genocide”


by Ace

We finally have found the antisemitism the leftwing media found problematic until the very moment they discovered their Democrat/socialist allies were the ones guilty of it.

Like antifa, a fascist organization that poses as an antifascist one, these people protest genocide while plotting genocide.

Pennsylvania governor slams anti-Semitic mob who screamed ‘You can’t hide, we charge you with genocide’ into Jewish-owned Philly FALAFEL restaurant…hours after students at nearby UPenn called for ‘intifada’A mob the Democrat governor of Pennsylvania called anti-Semitic protested a Jewish-owned Philadelphia falafel restaurant Sunday night

At the same time, a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania went viral for calling for an ‘intifada’

The Philadelphia chain is owned by Mike Solomonov, an Israeli-born, Pittsburgh raised chef who has won the James Beard Award in the past

An anti-Semitic mob was blasted by Pennsylvania’s governor for screaming threats into a Jewish-owned falafel store in Philadelphia.

The group marched at the Goldie’s location in Center City chanting: ‘Goldie, Goldie you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.’

Remember, they don’t hate Jews, they just have well-founded criticism of the Israeli government, that’s all.

The Philadelphia chain is owned by Mike Solomonov, an Israeli-born, Pittsburgh raised chef who has won the James Beard Award in the past.

The chants were denounced across the political spectrum, including in a post on X by Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro.

‘Tonight in Philly, we saw a blatant act of antisemitism – not a peaceful protest,’ said Shapiro, the state’s third-ever Jewish governor.

‘A restaurant was targeted and mobbed because its owner is Jewish and Israeli. This hate and bigotry is reminiscent of a dark time in history.’

Shapiro added that he’s reached out to Solomonov ‘to share our support and Lori and I look forward to breaking bread there with them again soon.’

The protests were led by the Philly Palestine Coalition, who also tried to distract fans watching the Philadelphia Eagles game in local bars by chanting: ‘While you’re watching, bombs are dropping.’

A driver threw a plastic bottle at protesters, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, though others cheered the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, a video of a group of students at the nearby University of Pennsylvania were chanting in favor of ‘Intifada revolution.’

The Ivy League institution has been frequently under fire over anti-Semitism since the October 7 attacks on campus after anti-Jewish slogans were projected onto three of the school’s buildings.

The school is now facing a civil rights complaint as it is accused of being a ‘magnet for anti-Semites.’

This story is from the Daily Mail. Americans have to turn to foreign newspapers to discover what the leftwing American media is hiding from you.

There is no story about this on CNN. Nor on MSNBC or NBC “News.”

In addition, Philadelphia “students” marched in the street calling for “Intifada revolution” in America.

“Intifada” is of course violent revolt.

Islamic terrorist apologists will soon be telling us that when they call for a violent Intifada revolution, what they’re really calling for is a peaceful yet violent internal revolution against one’s own sins and failings.

This wasn’t just limited to Philadelphia. In NYC, which also sports a Soros DA so that they leftwingers calling for insurrection know they will face no sanction, they also called for “Intifada revolution.”

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Um… isn’t that exactly what “Islamophobia” is supposed to be, accusing any Muslim you see of being a terrorist just because they are Islamic? Here they accuse every Jew they find of being genocidal simply because they are Jewish. But, of course, the left wants to worry about the poor, mistreated Muslims.

This could be poetic justice. Because Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, who lifted the sanctions on Iran and, like with Ukraine, enabled this war, won’t denounce Israel, the terrorist-supporting Muslims are vowing to not only not vote for this moron but to work against his reelection. This means the Democrats will have to mobilize even MORE election fraud now.

Time has come to round up these Hamas Bootlickers and sent them to the Gobi Desert to live for the rest of their Lives and Sors and his Open Society needs banished to the Amazon Jungle for Life