Antifa/BLM Fundraising Off Saturday Night Murder — Collecting for Bullet-Proof Vests and Kevlar Helmets



It is reported by various observers that Antifa/BLM on Sunday night are continuing to celebrate the murder Saturday night of Aaron Danielson, who was shot in the middle of a Portland Street and apparently identified as a “Trumper” because of the “Patriot Prayer” hat he was wearing.

But not only are they celebrating, they are also trading on their “celebrity” — step aside Kenosha — to raise money for needed supplies and equipment.

On top of their wish list — ballistic vests and kevlar helmets.  Some of the messages express concern that rioters might now be targeted for retaliation in response to the murder of Danielson.  Ya think?


Here is another particularly pathetic display.  This woman claims she was one of two medics who rushed to Danielson in the moments after he was shot and attempted to render first aid.  She claims that when Portland Police arrived at the scene just moments later they pushed her and the other medic away, and would not allow them to treat Danielson.  She claims that Danielson was still alive when she was pushed away and that he died during the period he was not being treated while waiting for paramedics and an ambulance.



One of the videos of the aftermath of the shooting does show the first Portland Police Officers to arrive at the scene to move the two people who appear to be “treating” Danielson away from his body.

But the officers have no way to know who the people are and whether they have any actual medical training.

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Sounds like BLM is planning more political terrorism and violence. I’m sure the money spent on ballistic vests and helmets will be a big benefit to the black community struggling with the violence do to lack of police protection.

there is an underground medical group in every major city that caters to these terrorists. doc., nurses, np’s and first responders. they steal hospital supplies and have set up underground medical centers and in the major cities make shift surgical units. er’s, and surgical unites are easy to steal from.
black terrorist movement and antif++k-up do not care about the black population only in self gratification. under the Fourth Amendment, the President can move troops into any city at any time and declare martial law. this is where the fun begins and the hapless snowflakes, millennials and whatever other class you want to make will die.

Watch and listen to the video carefully to see how Sierra Boyne lies to the police right as they take control of the situation.
She plainly states the lie that a Trump supporter vehicle drove by and shot the man who died.
It was plain to see the muzzle flashes from the gun of a man on the street.
She’ll lie about anything.
But, there was nothing she would do that would save the man’s life with her little car trunk 1st aid kit.

@Nan G: Well… they are liars. That’s why Democrats support them.

Donating to and supporting any kind of terrorists should be a Federal Crime those who do so should be getting 50 years in Prison