Anti-Trump DOJ Officials Prepare Attacks On His Appointees During Election Year


by Mollie Hemingway

The Department of Justice, and specifically its Office of Inspector General (OIG), loves to give the impression that its offices are staffed by independent, nonpartisan lawyers whose only goal is to investigate and root out corruption within the department. Records, however, show the watchdog is staffed by Democrat activists eager to use their power to crush their political enemies.

This partisanship has been on display in how the OIG, the DOJ’s internal watchdog office, has gone about investigating Trump’s Justice Department, particularly its scrutiny of two investigations by then-Attorney General William Barr. These IG “investigations,” reports on which are forthcoming, entail analyzing press releases and other communications to see if the DOJ broke the law or violated departmental guidance when it announced its own investigations.

While many Americans wish Trump’s Department of Justice had done far more to root out election problems in 2020, partisan Democrats in OIG say Barr and other Trump officials did too much by even acknowledging the existence of discarded Trump ballots that were found in Pennsylvania during the 2020 election. Despite a lengthy, expensive, and invasive investigation, Trump appointees will reportedly be found to have neither broken laws nor violated DOJ policies, once the report is issued.

According to multiple sources familiar with the matter, partisan Democrats in the watchdog office are also investigating Trump appointees for requesting data from the governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan after they required nursing homes to admit Covid-19 patients into their vulnerable populations, often without adequate testing.


Trust in the DOJ has absolutely cratered in recent years, mostly due to its leading role in spreading the Democrat-funded lie that Trump won the 2016 election by colluding with Russia, a conspiracy theory still believed by many Democrats. The department has also run interference for alleged lawbreakers in the Biden family business, engaged in unprecedented and disparate prosecutions of Republicans, and coordinated the shocking FBI home raid and lawfare against former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election. Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland conspired with Democrat groups to target concerned parents of school children and oversaw the targeting of Catholics as domestic terrorists.

The DOJ isn’t particularly concerned about these things. Instead, it is complaining about a couple of anodyne press releases and memos from Trump officials that weren’t even really acted on as they should have been.

It’s a perfect example of the brokenness of Justice’s OIG, which boasts more than 500 special agents, auditors, inspectors, and attorneys — ostensibly to root out abuse and misconduct at the DOJ and FBI. There’s plenty of egregious abuse and misconduct to investigate in the notoriously troubled department. Former Special Counsel John Durham famously said he would suggest no additional rules to prevent the types of actions taken in the shameful Russia-collusion hoax because the problem wasn’t a lack of rules but that “the FBI’s guiding principles of ‘Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity’ are not engrained in the hearts and minds of those sworn to meet the FBI’s mission of ‘Protect[ing] the American People and Uphold[ing] the Constitution of the United States.’”

Partisan Democrats at DOJ

The IG officials behind the forthcoming reports are, like so many of their colleagues, partisan Democrat activists engaged in left-wing judicial activity. Here are a few of them.

Christine Monta, who according to sources participated in the IG’s investigation into the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania’s inquiry into mail-in ballot mishandling, now works for the left-wing MacArthur Justice Center, which brags about its legal efforts against Trump. She previously was one of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division lawyers on the 2015 lawsuit the Obama administration brought to force public schools to allow boys in girls’ bathrooms. She also joined then-Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta in challenging Texas’ voter ID law. Monta made $1,014.50 in political donations in 2019 and 2020, all of which were to Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign or ActBlue. Monta clerked for left-wing Judge Stephen Reinhardt

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The Dept of Injustice under the Democ-Rats and UN/Globalists

The DoJ has been weaponized by the Democrats and the Democrats, because Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is such a failed, disastrous, incompetent, lying, corrupt, treasonous pedophile, are dangerously desperate. Do the math.