Amy Klobuchar: Voters Who Support Trump Fail the ‘Patriotism Check’


Democrat presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, heading into Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, is questioning the patriotism and decency of people who support President Trump.

In an interview with MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ the Minnesota Democrat suggested the 2020 presidential campaign would be a referendum on ethics and love of country – two areas she believes Trump voters fall short.

“I have always had strong support from independent voters. I get this,” she explained. “I think this election isn’t just an economic check, which is what most of our debates are. It’s also a decency check on this president. It’s a patriotism check.”

In other words, independent voters pass that check because she has their support, while other voters – namely Republicans – do not.

Patriotism Check

This isn’t the first time Klobuchar has made the claim that voters supporting the President fail the ‘patriotism check.’

At a campaign rally over the weekend, she parroted those sentiments.

“This election is a patriotism check. It’s a decency check on this president,” she told fans at the rally. “And what unites us more than anything is that we know that the heart of America is bigger than the heart of the guy in the White House.”

That ‘guy in the White House,’ incidentally, cut short his campaign rally in New Hampshire to pay respects to two American soldiers killed Saturday in Afghanistan. Seems pretty decent and patriotic, no Ms. Klobuchar?

Trump Supporters Love This Country

Hilariously, Klobuchar is presented in the media as some sort of moderate and reasoned voice in the Democrat field. But then she goes and echoes extremist sentiments like this.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, for instance, has claimed anybody who supports President Trump’s construction of a wall at the southern border is not a patriot and, in fact, does not love America.

“Those people who want the wall are not patriots,” Waters asserted. “They are not people who love this country, they are not people who stand up for what’s right!”

She was saying this while defending criminals crossing the border.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, likewise, has suggested illegal aliens are more patriotic than Trump and his supporters.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has referred to illegals as patriotic, suggesting those who would prefer them to be legal as the opposite.

Klobuchar’s statements are just more of the same.

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Amy learned nothing , Stinky called names, lost the election. What an ignorant B.

Accusations against love of nation or morality only shines a light on her as a judgemental old biddy. Not a uniter but a nasty old waggle finger.

Good job Amy. Following in Hillary’s footsteps, insulting the very people you want to vote for you.

Trump voters are, by and large, citizens who value Country over Party.

I just don’t see that with the Dems. It’s a power grab for them, and nothing more.

I don’t want a President to put gas in my car or pay my mortgage. I just want them to do their job and protect the freedoms I have.

Trump is temporary, and I just don’t see the “cult” out there as there was with Obama.

The President is merely a very high-power volunteer, and I don’t give them any stock beyond doing their job correctly and then leaving. The tripe of the Left concerning Trump’s “autocratic” behavior is just jealously. We finally have a real executive in the office, and that’s good.