About Saving Face: Some Advice to Volodymyr Zelensky


By Batiushka

Ditching the Ukraine
It is now dawning on the US elite that they totally underestimated Russia in all respects. For instance, on 25 March 2014 the arrogant Obama contemptuously called Russia ‘a regional power, threatening others out of weakness’ (sic!). (Clearly, he was talking about the USA). As a result, blinded by hubris, some in the US are now admitting that the Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe, is a dead duck, the game is simply no longer worth the candle. Apart from being a black hole for Western money and military equipment, the Ukraine is no longer the problem. It is a sideshow, a distraction, a mere symptom of something far more important. The real problem is what is now happening worldwide under Russian leadership – the ending of the unipolar world, of US global hegemony, camouflaged beneath the more innocent-sounding term ‘globalism’.
Following Russia’s decision and ability to stand up to the world’s bully, the whole Non-Western world is now also standing up to him. For example, at the recent G20 meeting in Indonesia, the debate was not about the Ukraine, but about whether or not to continue to accept American Fascist rule (‘the rules-based international order’). All the Latin American and African and four Asian countries said no, it’s finished, the world is now multipolar. Taiwan will inevitably be Chinese and soon – and wait till Chinese troops appear in Mesopotamia to take control of Iraqi oil and gas and rebuild that tragic country. Freedom beckons. Long-deluded Western elitists must be shocked: other ‘regional powers’ are now also standing up to the bully. Perhaps also out of weakness? Zelensky must have suspected that his boss, until now the self-imagined master of the universe, is going to get rid of him. He is a loser and the Yanks cannot stand losers.
As the US realises that the free nations of the world are turning against it, it will not hesitate to blame the Kiev regime. The US must save face. Kiev has been warned: it will have to start negotiating with Russia again. Zelensky had better plan his escape now, because Ukrainians will not forgive him for stringing them along with a pack of lies. Regardless of Zelensky’s delusional assertions that there will be no negotiations with Russia and that it will re-occupy Russian territories, including the Crimea, there are three reasons for him to throw in the towel now, before it all gets much, much worse.
Three Reasons To Surrender Now
Firstly, Russia has now reluctantly moved closer to the US ‘shock and awe’ strategy of destroying infrastructure, as the US did in Germany and Japan (World War II) and then Serbia and Iraq. Power stations and power networks, bridges and ‘decision centres’, such as certain government buildings in Kiev are being targeted. Russia is one or two mass missile strikes away from the knock-out blow which will disable the Ukrainian electricity, water and rail systems. With 50% of Ukrainian electricity infrastructure knocked out by the first three strikes on the electricity grid, demonstrations are starting against the deteriorating situation, with Zelensky sending in the hated and dreaded Ukrainian Secret Police, the SBU, to break them up. He is also banning coverage of them in his heavily-censored media. The electricity system has entered a stage of ‘arbitrary and uncontrolled imbalance’. Ukrainians have been told to leave the country for the winter. Where to? Who wants them anyway? And does this include the military too?
Secondly, once the infrastructure has been incapacitated, Russia’s 380,000 regular and newly mobilised troops will be fully incorporated into the Allied forces in eastern Ukraine. Even without them, Russian forces are continuing to advance in the Donbass. A winter offensive by some half a million troops will make huge gains on the whole front, advancing hundreds of kilometres and multiplying Kiev’s – and NATO’s – staggering losses. After success here, President Putin’s generals have the option of moving a serious force into the western Ukraine from Belarus in order to cut off NATO supply routes from Poland. This could easily lead to the total collapse of the already ravaged Ukrainian forces and their mercenaries. Now Russia is going all the way to Lvov and the Polish border. It has been forced to. The Kiev regime has brought it on itself. All Russia wanted was security for the Crimea and the Donbass and a neutral, non-nuclear Ukraine. It could all have been so simple.
Thirdly, Western countries, including even the brainless Stoltenberg, is suffering from Ukraine fatigue. The Ukrainian flags have nearly all come down in Europe. Support has waned as reality has dawned. NATO countries’ arms stocks have been seriously depleted and strikes and ensuing social chaos have appeared in Europe, This the result of double-digit inflation and economic recession, brought on by suicidal Western sanctions, yes, those ‘against Russia’ (!). ‘We are cold and hungry in our own country because you gave everything to that bunch of losers in Kiev and the Ukrainian freeloaders you invaded our country with’. The foul-mouthed thug Nuland has achieved her aim in Europe. All this makes Russia the strategic winner and is forcing the US/UK/EU to call on Zelensky to talk again. The British financier PM Sunak (who cares little for and knows even less about politics) used a modest British aid package, announced during his recent visit to Kiev, to tell Zelensky that bankrupt London can no longer pay. Kiev must negotiate with Moscow. Following this, there has been a delay in the fourth round of missile strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure. President Putin is waiting to see if Zelensky will cave in and start realistic talks before Russia unleashes the last assault on Ukrainian infrastructure and the winter offensive.
Ditching Zelensky
At least some in the Biden regime are realising (though not Biden himself, he is in no fit state to realise anything – a clear case of elder abuse) that they are going to have to drop the Jewish billionaire as the fall-guy for the Ukraine’s defeat. Just as they have done to countless Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian tinpot dictators and gangsters in past decades, the US will also do the same to him in his Monsanto/Cargill banana republic. Can Zelensky still entertain any illusions about it? Of course, the US will deny that the war in the Ukraine was ever between the US and Russia and declare it was only ever ‘an internal conflict’ between the Ukraine and Russia. (Ukraine only supplied the cannon fodder for its transatlantic masters, who have controlled the country since their coup in 2014).
Ukraine’s former CIA asset, the actor Zelensky, has now acted up. The Ukrainian missile strike on Poland and the Ukrainian President’s insistence that it was a Russian strike, despite the clear evidence to the contrary, has hit Zelensky’s credibility. The intentional Ukrainian false flag strike on Polish/NATO territory, designed to provoke NATO or at least pathetic Poland into entering the war, is a pathetic embarrassment. Even compared to all of Zelensky’s other ridiculous staged false flags, like Bucha, which venal Western journalists were paid to report, this one has gone too far. The West is getting fed up with Zelensky’s antics. A bullet in the head is much cheaper than continuing to subsidise this clown.
Some are waking up to Zelensky, who is willing to unleash nuclear war in order to avoid negotiating. Some may now even understand that his crazy claims that President Putin always wanted to occupy all the Ukraine and restore the USSR, if not conquer all of Europe, are fairy-stories. These stories are told by Kiev to Western infants only in order to get military and financial aid and above all to draw NATO into the war. (The half-American Churchill spent all of 1941 trying to get the US into Britain’s war against Germany; unlike Zelensky, Churchill succeeded by emphasising his racial compatibility and dangling the Pacific Ocean carrot in front of the Yankees. Zelensky cannot offer either of those). President Putin has clearly stated on more than one occasion that: ‘He who does not regret the USSR has no heart, but he who wants to restore it has no brain’. A desire to restore the failed Soviet Union is a Western propaganda myth used by arms merchants and lying politicians to justify their greed and ambition.
Three Reasons To Run Now
Since NATO has categorically refused to send troops into the Ukraine and since there is no such thing as a ‘coalition of the willing’, apart from a few Polish and Baltic fanatics who are currently being wiped out as mercenaries in the Ukraine, what can Zelensky do? He could urge the Ukrainian commander-in-chief, General Zaluzhny, to open a last (yes, last) offensive in Donetsk or Zaporozhie in order to reboot support from the West. However, General Zaluzhny is fed up with sending his troops to commit suicide. He is, after all, a professional military man. Zelensky, on the other hand, is a White House court jester, who cares only about his own survival. Zaluzhny has other considerations. Here there is potential for a coup d’etat, a palace revolt in Kiev.

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Frankly I don’t care what happens to the Western puppet, Zelensky.
I’d predicted he would flee while he and his money can still get out.
But perhaps that day has passed.
Maybe he will be assassinated.
Then that sharp wife of his will end up with all the money.
Russia (Putin) had wanted the buffer between Russia and the NATO allies to exist.
Zelensky wanted to play with that by threatening to get NATO to fight for Ukraine without joining NATO. (March 2022)
Last I read Zelensky was promising to NOT ever join NATO if we kept helping him.
Was that throwing out a bone to Putin?
Or a taunt to us?
We’re so half-assed in our “support” of Ukraine it won’t come as a shock if it becomes Russia’s newest satelite states.

We are ubder ZERO obligation to assist a non NATO country, let alone one that runs a money laundering scheme, calls for a nuclear strike and buys mansions and crypto not bullets.
Here the WEF has Zelensky.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

We should demand repayment of our wasted money. What a travesty this boondoggle has been.

The Saker is a pro-Putin propaganda outlet. Like communism? Here’s a direct quote from the blogger:

“I also recognize myself in the notion of “Left of labor, Right of values”. My economics are: laissez-faire capitalism for the family and small business level, socialism for the corporation level and communism for strategic/national level sectors of the economy.”

Like communism?

We all know you do.

Protestors demand “Freedom of Expression, Democracy, and Rule of Law” at Xi Jinping’s alma mater.
“Step down, Xi Jinping! Step down, Communist Party!” Shanghai protestors demanded.
100 or so protestors also marched at Peking University.
This is extremely relevant because Universities in China, like they are in the United States, the how Communist ideas and policies are maintained and beamed into the brains of those they wish to subjugate.
It seems the machine of tyranny is breaking.
Boy, China is going be great when democracy takes hold their People get to decide their own fate.
The “Great Reset” indeed.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Zelenskyy is a corrupt dirtbag con man who swindled the US out of 90 billion taxpayer dollars

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

China Is Building The World’s Largest Quarantine Camp In Guangzhou with 90,000 Isolation Pods — This Is The World Economic Forum’s ‘Role Model’ For The Global Community

Klaus Schwab not available for comment

I’m not the one who’s posting pro-Putin propaganda from a blogger that self-identifies as pro-socialism/pro-communism, am I?

A logical person can’t oppose tyranny and be a Putin apologist at the same time. The two things are mutually exclusive.

Your problem with Zelenskyy is all about Trump.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Don’t change the subject. You’ve been promoting China for years.

Now they are failing, and the WEF-led idea of using them as a “model” is failing too.

And enough with the silly “Putin apologist” nonsense. The war in Ukraine was started by a decaying US/NATO axis that laundered money and pimped for an unelected Davos-Mathusian nightmare that NO ONE on this planet has voted for.

That’s who you work for.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

That your Saker blogger is pro-Putin and sympathetic to socialist and communist theory by his own admission seems relevant to the topic to me. Nor was it me who went off on a tangent about the authoritarian Chinese government, which I’ve NEVER “promoted”.

I seem to recall opining that abandoning Ukraine to Putin would be viewed by China as a green light for their own territorial expansion. I still hold that view. If we want a Russian-dominated Europe to the east and a China-dominated Asia to the west, letting Putin have his way is the fast track leading there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Putin invaded because of bad policy by NATO countries and the US.

Remember when you fools thought Germans laughing at Trump telling them NOT to be dependent on Putin’s oil was some kind of social proof for your moronic political ideas?

They, and you, are not laughing now.

There was never, nor is there now, a threat of a “Russia dominated Europe.”

This is just Russia pushing back against a WEF/Globalist dominated globe.

You people started this war.

Own it.

I seem to recall opining that abandoning Ukraine to Putin would be viewed by China as a green light for their own territorial expansion. I still hold that view.

That’s not your view. It’s generally accepted amongst anyone. But it seems keeping all those Billion Chinese in line is proving a bit difficult for Xi.

The illegal Biden regime is causing WWIII because they won’t negotiate with a fellow-dictator, Putin, that Trump had in hand during his legal Presidency.

It’s all coming down for you people.

It’s also pretty obvious this war is being used to launder money through Ukraine, which seems to be this “nation’s” chief export.

The US led by an actually duly elected President with leadership experience and guts (Trump) would end this war TOMORROW!

greg, you have NO interest in ending the Ukraine war. None.

I have every interest in an an end to Putin’s expansionist ambitions. That’s how his invasion of against Ukraine will end.

We’ll, you’d know the plan, wouldn’t you.

The US led by an actually duly elected President with leadership experience and guts (Trump) would end this war TOMORROW!

There would never have been a war.

Trump is done. Either the GOP rids itself of him, or he’ll take the GOP down with him.

You wish. MAGA is a new party, and it’s not bought off by the usual suspects.
The Majority of Americans support Trump, and not the Dems OR the GOP

“The Majority of Americans support Trump”

No, they don’t. I don’t understand how even you can talk yourself into believing that.

MAGA got 75 million legal votes vs Bidens fraud votes. MAGA, through the GOP, was the popular vote this election.

The Big Lie is that the Democrat Party is even relevant, voting wise.

Every desperate piece of propaganda, including quislings like you, have to double down on the “Trump is done” rhetoric.

I don’t understand how even you can talk yourself into believing that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

There is much you don’t understand. Much.

It’s called “facts” and it heavily influences what we say.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

I had to look up who that was, he is not popular nor a voice for any movement. Seems only the freaks, like yourself, give him any credit at all.

On of the advantages of following mainstreams news is an awareness of who such people are. Fuentes was a January 6 attendee. Accurate information matters.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Not having any use for Fuentes, I still have to ask:

since when did it become illegal to be on a public street?

Thank you for making my point.
300,000 attended Jan6
Seems only the leftist retards follow this turd.

January 6th means nothing, beyond the historical fact that our own deep state showed it’s true colors and installed a puppet.

Then Putin goes to war after Biden and Nato fail to negotiate, and the US alone pays MORE MONEY out of the taxpayers coffers to Ukraine than Russia has spent invading it…

…then Billions in those taxparer funds get laundered back into the US by a crypto criminal…right into Democrat campaign coffers.

This entire illegitimate regime occupying our WH is rotten.

Uh, we already live in a dictatorship.

On cue, the Left suddenly jumps on some rando’s comment like they haven’t literally been pushing for and installing a dictatorship for decades.


And greg, did someone actually tell you to write about this?

It’s so…boring, and scripted. The entire Leftwing/Deep State propaganosphere is all echoing this lunacy.

The Left is Communistic, Fascistic, and Dictatorial. By action, word, and deed.

The Right is not. There’s just no evidence of that, try as you fools might to invent it.

So, let’s talk about the WEF.


Maybe we should talk about President Biden’s bipartisan effort to avert a rail strike that could destroy the American economy by Christmas. But that would involve intelligent, adult discussion, wouldn’t it? And possibly reveal that your MAGA movement is actually just a WRECKING BALL to clear the way for—well, its mob leaders are never really clear about the details of what their NEW and IMPROVED AMERICA would look like, are they? The devil is always in the details, and they never mention any of them. They just encourage increasing anger about the status quo.

They’re gonna FIX Social Security? Tell me specifically how. Otherwise, I’m not falling into line behind their parade.

So, let’s talk about the WEF.


Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

How about we don’t.
It is hard to believe there is anything that could do more damage to the economy than idiot biden has already done.

I thought he already solved it weeks ago.

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Trains move 40 percent of all long-distance US freight volume. A rail strike would cost the US economy an estimated $2 Billion per day.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

bidens problem

40 percent? And what percentage do you think is first loaded on a diesel truck?

You are an idiot.

Last edited 1 year ago by retire05

Do you understand what happens to a chain when one link breaks?

There was no crisis, and there was no solution.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Biden’s dictatorship is a catastrophe.

Maybe we should talk about President Biden’s bipartisan effort to avert a rail strike that could destroy the American economy by Christmas.

And maybe we should talk about President Biden’s failure to bring down diesel gas prices since nothing is loaded onto rail without first having to have been loaded on a tractor-trailor.

But that would involve intelligent, adult discussion, wouldn’t it?

I thought Biden already took a victory lap on the railroad issue, is Buffet not willing to treat his employees with fairness? He should donate more.

Biden and Obama billed a “new and improved” America.

Trump and the rest merely said they’d maintain our freedoms.

Are they telling you this inversion of reality is really going to work?


Jesus, what an asshole.

Projecting again, Groomer?

Nah. I just know greg.

You’re still….kinda new around here.

greg. You never talk about the WEF or Klaus Schwab.



Feel free to talk about it. You mention it so often you surely have something specific to say about it. I really don’t.

I really don’t.

Oh, I’m sure you do. We suss it out of you rather easily.

Favoring China like you do, pushing climate fascism like you do, and pimping for Schwab like you do.

I think we know what time zone you’re really in. It’s the same one that has people burning coal and backyard trees.

It sure as hell ain’t Indiana.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

greg is lied to and repeats the lies like a good little soldier of the reich.

How he hates the EpochTimes because China does.
Chinese Bots Flooding Twitter With Porn and Escorts to Bury News of Massive Protests Against COVID Lockdowns.
News of the massive election protests in Brazil being heavily censored

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

He has proven he LIKES lies. He prefers them to facts. Only lies make his ideology valid, in his mind.

He needs his lies in order to hate President Trump. Without lies there is no basis for his manufactured hatred.

All they can do to explain their hatred is disregard his massive accomplishments that benefitted this nation and the citizens and create false reasons to despise him. What a sick, deluded culture.

Inciting and launching a violent mob at the Capitol to stop the count of state-certified electoral votes pretty much did it for me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Zero evidence of that

Steward Rhodes was just found guilty of seditious conspiracy.

Who is Ray Epps

Oh, look…. no response.

Ray Epps is not a Trump supporter

While others are arrested and held in solitary confinement without rights based on false accusations, Ray Epps, on video encouraging the incursion into the Capital and known about since January 11, remains free and has never been charged with anything.


Why did the DOJ deny a FOIA for Ray Epps?

FBI refuses to answer if Epps is FBI or if FBI assets were present at the Capital Jan 6 or if they incited the riot.
Yeah, poor, poor Ray Epps. My heart weeps for him. You have just proven that the actual riot at the Capital means nothing to you, all you care about is the political use Democrats can get from it. Further, this proves you have no misconception about who was behind the riot… and it ain’t Trump.

Wow. Found guilty by the GESTAPO. Can you imagine how unimpressive that is? These are the same people that dropped charges against leftist terrorists that laid violent siege upon a federal courthouse for a week. Means NOTHING.

Your little boat has become untethered from reality. Please row back to shore and reattach the rope.

Hmmm…. really. Well, where is Ray Epps? Why has he not even been questioned? He, more than anyone else, was exhorting the entry into the Capital, yet he is totally ignored while people that weren’t even there have gone to jail… awaiting charges.

Pro-life activists get their homes raided while those who burn down and vandalize pregnancy crisis centers are not even pursued.

And what do you possibly have to object to regarding the charges being dropped against those who assaulted cops, burned buildings and attacked federal buildings, trying to burn them down with people in them. I’ll await you providing the equity you see here.

And people like Greg thinks it is somehow significant (from a justice standpoint) that this corrupt, politicized, weaponized DOJ convicts someone of something. They’ve destroyed their own credibility and they really don’t even care.

They just like seeing political opponents put in jail, just as the CCP does.

Will they consider in evidence the remarks and observations that they themselves made during the the siege, and during the hours and days immediately following it?

Will they call on Pence to testify? Will they call on Trump to testify? Will they consider the sworn testimony that has already been given?

If so, please go the hell ahead and do it.

The DOJ has NO authority to charge, arrest, or even investigate Trump.


I don’t think you understand how this Leftist/Deep State coup of yours works.

If so, please go the hell ahead and do it.

The only reason they aren’t is because Law-abiding Americans will stop them from committing further Treason against us.

The question is, will hateful people like YOU ever face reality and consider the FACTS? Whatever anyone ASSUMES, there are no facts to back up any accusations of Trump inciting any violence whatsoever. Trump’s speech and his tweets called for peaceful protests of a severely flawed, fraudulent election. Your Democrats incited the violence, enabled it, opened the doors to allow it is, refused the National Gurad to set the stage and then exploited the living shit out of the result.

Just like with “quid pro quo” all your “evidence” is manufactured by YOU. One would think eventually, you would see the pattern, but apparently you never do. You are blinded by hate.

Democrats. Always the Democrats with their corruption, hate and violence.

I don’t think so, since it was Pelosi, Bowser and the FBI that incited the riot. As with everything else, you base your hatred on lies, which you actually enjoy.

He’s a private citizen. No residual Presidential Superpowers remain.

He still has his Constitutional rights, something you leftists regard as the most hated superpower of all.

The only superpower he had as President was his obvious innocence of all false accusations the left leveled at him. Well, that and the ability to make you all look like spoiled, crybaby sore losers.

It’s called “willful ignorance” and leftists have to maintain it or else reality will creep into their imaginary world and destroy it.

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