Abortion is the Second Amendment for Angry, Feminist White Women


by Capt. Seth Keshel

Unless you were inside a cave or sunning yourself on an uninhabited beach in the South Pacific yesterday, you’ve probably heard the news about the Arizona Supreme Court’s abortion ruling, which affirms a pre-statehood law that criminalizes abortion and punishes providers who provide them unless the procedure is done to save the prospective mother’s life.

The ruling has caused everyone to rush out to give a hasty opinion, always a mistake, and has already caused substantial uproar in Republican circles, pitting the most pro-life against those who are taking a more calculated approach to the ruling.  It has also activated the legions of ranting, raving feminists who have now pledged to march the streets with torches and pitchforks until every last Republican has been unseated and every full-term baby runs the risk of having his or her brains sucked out with a vacuum right up until the moment of landing in the doctor’s hands in that cold delivery room.

Considering this decision, I honestly don’t envy candidates for statewide office in hotly contested races, and I certainly don’t envy President Trump.  It is easy to fault clearly pro-life Republican candidates for getting Jeffersonian with the delegation language and trying to take a position that satisfies pro-life activists and Christians but also disarms the rage of the irreligious, middle-of-the-road voter who thinks he needs to protect reproductive rights; however, it can be argued that the greater good comes from having Trump, or Kari Lake, in office to repel imminent threats to the survival of the United States, which is a task made more difficult than it must be when tens of thousands of votes in a state could flip based on a deliberately timed court decision these candidates didn’t ask to have made.  That is me speaking pragmatically only.

Now, let’s get to the political side of this.  I do believe, as does radio host Garret Lewis, that Arizona’s Supreme Court is playing politics and chumming the waters to get a sleepy, lethargic, and shrinking Democrat base interested in voting for Joe Biden and those down ticket from him this fall.  Remember, even stolen elections are made up of both real and fraudulent ballots.  If 200,000 living, breathing Biden voters don’t show up in 2020, and Trump gets 200,000 more votes, then there will be a need for almost 400,000 more fraudulent ballots than they had last time (362,143 by my estimate) if they wish to keep Arizona’s 11 electoral votes with Biden, which is not likely to be remotely possible given the exposure of Arizona’s corrupt elections, and the pressure on entities like the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

This decision speaks to the legions of actual Biden voters who no longer give a damn if he stays in office or not.  Republicans have seen this play out over and over again – a judge makes a decision restricting or threatening Second Amendment rights, and it doesn’t matter who is on the ballot for governor or president on the Republican side – that candidate is getting those conservative votes.  I’m still a little confused about the outrage, because it sounds to me like the pre-statehood law still gives abortion activists what they have always lobbied for – the option to abort if the mother’s life is at risk (remember safe, legal, and rare?).  The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has already announced they will not consider arrests for violation of this upheld law, so for three-fifths of the Arizona population, it is already a non-starter, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Pima County won’t be far behind, running that up to nearly 80%.

Here’s the deal – morally, the decision was the right decision.

If we have political power and don’t protect life, which comes from the breath of God and is within each baby in whom we find evidence of his Master design, then for what do we strive?  Is it not to make life more abundant and freer that we pursue the dream of freedom?  The great fear with political consultants is that heavy-handed abortion rulings and regulations will cause political backlash.  When I think of that, I think of this verse:

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?  Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? Matthew 16:26 (NIV)

Yesterday’s ruling doesn’t outlaw abortion in all cases – it allows for it to protect the life of the mother.  I remember when that was the widely accepted clause for tolerating abortion in the slightest sense.  Now, it has expanded into affordability, method of impregnation, medical “viability” of the baby, and worst of all, convenience.  While the upheld Arizona law over time would have the effect of curbing impulse and promoting personal responsibility, moving away from it removes consequence from personal decision and places it on the unborn.

You see – abortion is the Second Amendment for feminists and angry white women.  While women from minority communities access abortion far more frequently, it is the feminist who rages in the streets and wears headgear modeled after a vagina in public.  This is their line in the sand, and it doesn’t matter if Mao Zedong is on the ticket for the Democrats, they would crawl a mile over broken glass (which is no longer necessary due to the complete destruction of legitimate elections) to vote for him as long as he sticks it to those woman-hating Republicans (and he would).

It is not enough to teach sexual education and promote personal responsibility – this is the fight of a lifetime for what the deceived consider a fundamental human right.  As we consider legitimate rights, such as the right to free speech or the right to keep and bear arms, as absolute rights, so they have come to consider a barbaric medical procedure – absolute, not to be limited.  There is no compromising with them; the public may be comfortable with a 15-week ban, but the feminized, “liberated” woman wants absoluteness up to the time of birth.

Free people have a burden that the government-enslaved don’t have.  We must “keep it,” as Benjamin Franklin warned about Republics.  Removing consequences from bad decisions has a fatal effect upon a society.  Cities that have increased the thresholds for which petty theft may be prosecuted now force shop-owners to suffer at the hands of those who know they can get away with anything.  These same cities continue to slide down the slippery slope of drug usage and now have destroyed any possibility of downtown ever thriving again as they are surrendered to gangs and cartels.  Similarly, a consequence of unprotected sex is pregnancy, and then childbirth.

But what about rape and incest? I bet you wouldn’t like it if your daughter was having a baby she didn’t ask for!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what the femi-Nazi “2A” abortion enthusiasts scream in order to silence Christians and the dreaded patriarchy.  They don’t bother to tell you that abortions due to rape and incest fail to account for even 1.5% of reasons given for choosing an abortion (1 in 67 abortions).  Their play, even though thousands of families unable to conceive are dying to adopt an American-born baby, is to emotionally manipulate empathetic people into providing unlimited access to butcher full-term babies because less than 1.5% of abortions (not pregnancies) are sought due to rape, incest, or life of the mother, the latter of which is an extremely rare circumstance thanks to the advances of modern medicine. What we have here, by deduction, is that roughly 98.5% of abortions come down to convenience or unwillingness to give birth to a baby with known birth defects.

If we are nation that believes in a just God, one who puts his intelligent design into every baby knit together in his mother’s womb, then we don’t make exceptions about the health conditions of a baby.  A decision to abort a baby with a birth defect is not a decision made for the consideration of the baby, but one made for the consideration of the inconvenienced parent.  After all, if we are a nation that believes our freedoms come from God, who made us with dignity as created beings and therefore worthy of natural rights, then we also believe that he didn’t make a mistake in allowing various birth defects to take root.

Do you want to meet a child who loves you unconditionally?  I invite you to approach the next child or young adult with Down syndrome you come across.  They are the brightest, happiest, and most accepting people on the face of the Earth, and every parent of a Down syndrome child I know would agree with me and say that they’ve been immeasurably blessed by having that child in their life.  To travel too far down the path of birth defects as justification for abortion is to become like Nazis, who sought to purify their ranks and pursue the rise of the ultimate race by practicing eugenics destroying the infirm.

Had my two daughters been born in a nation practicing eugenics, one, if not both, would have been ruled out of the reproductive class and exterminated.  My youngest was born with a very rare condition called imperforate anus, which requires surgical intervention to fix and brings about a lifetime of digestive troubles, and my oldest developed juvenile scoliosis at a young age.  She is now 12, tall and beautiful, but curved and likely to need a very invasive surgery when she is done growing.  She proudly wears a brace, often under her clothing, but nevertheless, these sorts of “flaws” were grounds for imperfection and extermination for those seeking to weed out invalids.

Everything that happens in the news that is designed to trigger outrage has its root elsewhere, and is almost always political, and if not political, cultural – which is designed to impact politics somewhere down the road.  Now you should see why the cultural “left” (a shallow term to describe those most responsible for the national decline) did all it could to dilute marriage and even discourage it among young people.  The courts are in on this too, doing everything they can to punish men in family court so they don’t want to go through that again, so they never marry and they never develop the character that comes from leading a family and fathering children.  The collapse of Western marriage has led to a surge in young, single, and childless women who now rely on the state as head of the household because all responsibility has been forfeited for personal conduct, meaning there is no need to vote in the interest of posterity.  It’s all about the here and now.  Those feminists who have no use for a ruggedly independent society steeped in individual freedoms and liberty take their poison out on men at the ballot box, as they are led by the nose against the patriarchy, and they (unmarried women) now vote 2:1 Democrat, and with a higher turnout rate than all men, and all married people.

That is the new Democrat coalition – angry white women, and desperately poor minorities.  Yes, it is political.  No, I am not saying if you’re a single woman reading this article that you’re voting 2:1 Democrat, or that you hate men, or that you don’t value liberty.  Grievance is the name of the game.  They tried it with the Hispanics over border controls, and they wised up.  They’ve ruled over the black vote for 92 years, and they’re wising up.  Yes, the abortion issue is The Alamo, The Super Bowl, Game 7 of the World Series – yes, the Second Amendment, from my cold, dead hands – of arguments to them, and they will be pushed to rage against you, the free person, and you will be forced to pick a position because there is no moderating, as the life of the mother exception still being in play should suggest to you in the strongest terms possible.

I do not want to live in a country that doesn’t value life above all, even if my party wins every election so they can sit atop the pecking order and fight with one another.  God has blessed America, even though we have done many horrible things, because ultimately, our hearts desired good and we repented of the evils done.  We have had the freest society in the history of the world and the longest standing constitution in history, and we can only possess these things if we have regard for the value of life in which the Creator placed in our care.


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The majority that support abortion support the Roe v Wade version of abortion: restricted to the first trimester except for medical reasons… REAL medical reasons. They problem there was that the left rejected that and wanted abortions on a whim at any time during the pregnancy. True, a LOT of people just shouldn’t have children, but once the child is made, that issue is moot.

The left simply wants to make an issue of it. When I argue about the late, late, LATE term abortions, the response is ALWAYS, “well, that never happens.” It doesn’t? Then BAN it. Ban all abortions after the first trimester but for emergencies. You know… like the rest of the civilized, non-barbaric, non-death cult world. Yeah, this is the left’s 2nd Amendment, which absolutely doesn’t stop them from trying to restrict the 2nd Amendment to death. Every abortion results in a death; not true with every gun purchased.

Liberal Bumper Sickers reading KEEP ABORTION LEGAL with window stickers SAVE THE POLARBEARS

Funny the windmills killing the whales we saved years ago.