A Worthwhile Reminder When Anyone Talks About Trust in U.S. Government


by Sundance

This well assembled video is recirculating as a reminder of what took place during the media hype of the COVID-19 alarmism. It’s easy to forget just how crazy and insane the lying and manipulation actually was; this video captures only a small element of the demanded narrative.

When anyone asks a question about why so many Americans no longer trust institutions or U.S. government leadership, the issues within this video serve as a mic drop. Watch and be reminded:

These same media voices demanded everyone accept the fraud of the Trump-Russia narrative; then these same voices demanded we ignore the truth of the Hunter Biden laptop; then these same voices demanded again that we adhere to their untested vaccine position; and now they demand we pay attention to their narrative around the fraudulent Lawfare cases against President Trump.

The crazy never ends…

The professional political leftists are starting to rebrand themselves as having fallen victim to the “bureaucracy of COVID”, and according to those high-minded people who think very highly of themselves, we are supposed to embrace this new enlightenment from the same people who were demanding our acquiescence to their dictates and sneering at those who did not comply.

I/We are expected to appreciate the same people who demanded our acquiescence to every policy that was created by their ridiculous fear, simply because they now admit ‘oops, my bad‘?   Sorry, not happening.

For two years they shoved their intolerant fingers in our faces, destroyed lives and livelihoods, made ridiculous demands in order to sustain their own fear, threatened our children, destroyed the economy, used COVID as an excuse to destroy families and steal an election, attempted to force us to kneel at the altar of their mask wearing and never-ending vaccine crap, took our jobs if we refused their mandates… and we’re just supposed to what, forgive them?

I want, heck, need, to see these people destroyed with the heat of a thousand supernovas.

The vulgar lies and verbal filth have been extreme for almost eight years as these ideological parasites utilize their microphones and typeset in a brutal attempt to tear down our nation.

We have all been witness.

Anyone trying to convince us this assembly of our union is not tenuous might want to revisit their proximity to reason, because they’re not just out of the city – they’re also out of the same state the ballpark is located in.

David Mamet had a famous saying; I repeat it often because it helps people break the cycle of abuse.   Essentially: …‘in order for democrats, liberals, progressives et al to continue their illogical belief systems they have to pretend not to know a lot of things’

By pretending ‘not to know’, the professional left carries no guilt, no actual connection to conscience.  Denial of truth allows easier trespass, and that is exactly what the professional left do in a repeating cycle.

This hate-filled Democrat, leftist and social ideology relies on our willingness to reconcile their presentations and grant benefit within their seeds of doubt.

We need to destroy those who carried out this abuse.

Our parents were forced to die alone in isolation while we were forbidden from holding their hand or being with them.

Thousands never had the opportunity to say goodbye.

We know exactly what the covenant of marriage is all about; and it has nothing to do with being forced to stand outside hospitals, screaming in unbearable choking anguish, while our wives and husbands took their last breaths…. ALONE!

You want forgiveness for that?

I do not possess that capacity.

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It makes much more sense if you think they are trying to kill us.

It’s going to take a very long time before people might trust the government again.
(Or the medical community.)
Totalitarian governments don’t need the trust of their subjects, tho.
And that seems to be the end-game plan.
Everyone should read the American Thinker article, https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2024/05/the_real_reason_pro_hamas_protesters_wear_masks.html
Leftists are always drawn to a totalitarian entity within which they can lose themselves and this mask wearing is symbolic of losing oneself.
“Gays for Palestine” side with the Sharia whip wielders who beat the feminist Muslims that refuse to cover up.
They might be in for a huge surprise, if they live long enough and their “dream” becomes a reality.

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Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

All or Washington D.C.(District of Crooks) and the whole UN(Useless Nations)should be totally quarantined their fat to much of Bio Hazard