A partial list of those who colluded with China to suppress the origins of COVID 19




  1. The Biden family
  2. Anthony Fauci
  3. Scott Pelley
  4. The Washington Post
  5. The NY Times
  6. CNN
  7. MSNBC
  8. The Daily Beast
  9. The Independent
  10. Joe Scarborough
  11. Mika Brzezinski
  12. Fareed Zakaria
  13. Kasie Hunt

And the media’s village idiot

12. Nicole Wallace

Watch it all beginning at about 1 min in hereĀ 



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It’s exactly like election fraud; if they deny it was leaked from China, they don’t have to do anything about it, and the left (which includes faux-Republicans) doesn’t want to face the embarrassment of trying to scold their masters.

This is the truth you’ll never see on the 6:00 News or read in the NYT,s