7 of 12 Trump Jurors Have Been Picked. Here’s What We Know About Them…


by Jack Montgomery

Seven jurors have been selected to serve on Donald Trump’s election interference trial in New York so far, amid a grueling jury selection process. Here’s what we know about them.

  1. The first juror, who will act as foreman, is an immigrant from Ireland. He is a married, childless salesman described as having “some” college education. He said he receives his news from the New York Times, Daily Mail, far-left MSNBC, and centrist Fox News;
  2. The second juror is a native New Yorker. She is an unmarried, childless oncology nurse who lives with a fiancé. She said she receives her news from the New York Times and CNN;
  3. The third juror is originally from Oregon. He is an unmarried, childless corporate lawyer. He receives his news from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Google;
  4. The fourth juror is from Puerto Rico. He is married, has adult children and two grandchildren, and runs an IT business. He describes Trump as someone who “makes things interesting”;
  5. The fifth juror is an unmarried, childless black woman who teaches English in a public charter school, with a master’s degree. She has said that as a person “of color” she has friends with strong views on Trump. She is the only juror selected so far who claims to be unaware of the other criminal cases against him;
  6. The sixth juror is unmarried and childless and lives with a trio of roommates. She is described as a recent college graduate who works as a software engineer at a large broadcaster. She receives her news from the New York Times, Google, Facebook, and TikTok;
  7. The seventh juror is originally from North Carolina and lives in Upper East Side Manhattan. A lawyer, she is married with two children. She receives her news from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and Washington Post and claims she doesn’t “have opinions about [Trump] personally.


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I can remember one of the jurors in the Zimmerman case saying that while she thought he was guilty, the evidence just didn’t prove it, so she voted for acquittal. I wonder if 12 similarly honest people can be found in the jury pool in NYC. How many, indoctrinated by leftist propaganda, view a conviction as their duty to the leftist agenda? It will be interesting to see what pressure comes to bear on any jurist that does not overtly appear to be anti-Trump, as Schumer turned leftist terrorists against Supreme Court Justices.

We’ll see.

A selection from the Rouges Gallery of the most questionable bunch of the bottom of the Dumpster