33,000 Migrants Flocking to US Border, But They’re Not Coming from Mexico


by Andrew Thornebrooke

The Biden administration’s argument that border security ought to be weakened in order to accommodate helpless refugees was blown wide open this month.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection flagged more than 173,000 encounters with migrants at the nation’s southern border in April, up from just over 17,000 last year and 109,000 in 2019.
More than 33,000 of those migrants came from outside El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.
According to an in-depth report by Axios, approximately 30 percent of all family members who crossed the border in April came from less-typical countries of origin, such as India and Romania, and the influx could mark the beginning of “a more permanent shift in U.S. border migration.”
The report also noted that immigrants and criminals alike see opportunity in the ongoing border crisis.
In large part, this is because of the Biden administration’s catch-and-release policy, which mandates that migrants must be released into the United States while awaiting a hearing about their migration status.
The average amount of time it takes such a case to be closed is two-and-a-half years, and the process is getting even slower, according to TRAC Immigration at Syracuse University.
According to Axios, many immigrants from far-flung places such as Romania and India fly into Mexico or Central America to attempt to cross into America at the southern border specifically because the immigration system there is overrun, and thus they are virtually guaranteed entry into the country while they await the hearing of their case.

More than 2,000 Romanians, many of the Roma ethnic minority group, have attempted to cross the border this year, according to Reuters. Hundreds were spotted over the course of three weeks attempting to cross into Texas in apparent extended family groups of 10-15 people.

It is clear as day that Biden’s policy platform is wreaking havoc at the border and making victims and fools out of Americans and immigrants alike.
While migrants flock to a porous and unprotected border, the president is absent, his administration feckless and his policies useless.
Biden has refused to even visit the border during his tenure, but the absence of his leadership has had real consequences nevertheless.
The amount of fentanyl seized at the border skyrocketed 800 percent, child molesters and terrorists have been caught trying to sneak into the country with other migrants, Biden’s border facilities were described by members of Congress as a form of child abuse and a congressional delegation was outright denied entry into one of the administration’s holding facilities.
This is a crisis. It is a legal, economic and moral catastrophe. And Biden is doing exactly nothing to stop it.

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6% of all illegals coming in are testing positive for Covid 19, that’s twice the USA average at covid’s height.
So, there’s that.
Then there are the various nationalities.
The Romas from Romania are commonly put down in whatever country they settle in.
Some call them gypsies.
I have to wonder how at home they will feel in the USA where being homeless and setting up camp in parks, on beaches (Venice Beach), around city halls (Austin, Texas) by rivers, and along roadways is very common.

This idiot Biden is such a total catastrophic disaster. The border went from being under control and, with the wall construction, on the verge of finally being secured to a absolute disaster, all thanks to the idiot Biden.

The one and only thing the left has learned from experience is that they can totally fail and call it success. This lying moron Mayorkas can lie that the border is closed and secure and the Demediacrat propaganda machine will not tear him to shreds for such a blatant lie.

All part of the North American(Soviet)Union as it was why they created the European(Soviet)Union as planned by the Useless Nations and the CFR and the rest of the Globalists scoundrels