22 Members of Real American Organization MS-13 Arrested for Hacking Seven Victims to Death With Just As American as You Or Me Machetes


So American. I can’t believe the racism here in arresting them for just living life to the full in America, which is the world’s Las Vegas — whatever happens in America, stays in America.

Some people literally had their hearts hacked out with machetes.

The indictment describes one grisly murder in which a rival gang member was kidnapped and taken to Angeles National Forest. He was allegedly attacked and killed by six MS-13 members wielding machetes.

The victim was dismembered, and his body parts were thrown into a canyon after one of the defendants allegedly cut the heart out of the victim’s body, prosecutors said.

Most of the killers are — get this — illegal immigrants. Also known as The Most American of All Americans.

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I guess they don’t care about that “spark of Divinity” in others as much as Nancy Pelosi confers it on them.
So, I guess, Pres Trump was right about that, too.

@Nan G: Yeah, but it is still racist to point out how stupid Democrats get when all they care about is opposing anything and everything Trump does, even if they agreed with it two years ago.

Bush, “ACTS OF LOVE!”!@#!?!

These and others just like the are released on a regular basis.

Keep voting liberal if you are an American You would go to jail for this stuff.

These are some of the people Democrats are protecting from ICE. “If only one life can be saved…”