The Merchan of Venice



The pound of flesh, which I demand of him, Is dearly bought; ’tis mine and I will have it. If you deny me, fie upon your law! There is no force in the decrees of New York City. I stand for judgment: answer; shall I have it?

That sums it nicely.

Yeah, I know, He pronounces it Mer-Shan. Thing is, in Spanish CH is pronounced as it is in “chimichanga.”

Judge Juan Marchan, born in a corrupt Colombia, who presides over the Donald Trump “hush money” trial, is arguably the most biased, abusive and conflicted judge in the country today. He was handpicked for this event for his hatred and bias against Trump. He is a Biden donor. His daughter has helped raise $100 million for democrats off of Trump and his persecution.

“Remember what this Democrat judge did, this Manhattan Democrat Judge Juan Merchan, who donated to President Biden in 2020, who donated to another anti-Trump cause, whose daughter, Loren Merchan, is a leading Democrat consultant and campaign fundraiser who’s working for Biden and Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff and many other Democrats,” Attorney Mike Davis of the Article 3 Project said.

“This Loren Merchan, the judge’s daughter, has raised nearly $100 million for this criminal trial. She’s profiting from this thing. And CNN doesn’t want its viewers to hear this,” he added.

This is a stupid case. It upends all the canons of law. It violated Trump’s Constitutional rights under the 6th and 8th Amendments. The conviction is based on the testimony of a hooker who denied any affair with Trump and a convicted perjurer. According to Alan Dershowitz the prosecution lied to the jury:

Closing arguments in Trump’s trial based on the indictment of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records secured by Bragg in March 2023 took place Tuesday. Dershowitz said on Tuesday’s episode of “The Dershow” on Rumble that prosecutors misled the jury about Michael Cohen’s claims regarding Trump’s motives for making the $130,000 payout to porn star Stormy Daniels as part of a confidentiality agreement being corroborated.

“The other claim is that he was intending to defraud the voters of New York, who obviously thought Donald Trump would never do anything wrong sexually and they would have been shocked to learn that maybe he paid hush money to a porn star,” Dershowitz said. “They would have yawned, ‘This is New York, ho hum, so he paid money to a playmate. So he paid money to a prostitute, big deal.’ He was sparing his wife some embarrassment, but you know everybody knows who Donald Trump is and nobody’s voting for him on the grounds that he’s celibate.”

“But the government’s case just crumbles of its own weight and the prosecution is misleading the jury when they say that everything Cohen says is corroborated,” Dershowitz continued. “Yeah, everything Cohen says is corroborated except the two major points, except what turns it into a crime. What’s not corroborated is his testimony that he told Trump he was gonna list these things as legal expenses instead of as compensation and Trump knew all about it. Those are the two things that are not corroborated, so the prosecution is misleading the jury when it makes that closing argument.”

The prosecution kept falsely and deceptively stating that Trump had violated election laws without a scintilla of proof. In his instructions to the jury. Merchan basically said that that if they could find Trump guilty of any one of the counts, he would consider it to be unanimous, Merchan weeded out Trump supporters from the jury. He routinely blocked the testimony of key witnesses. Merchan allowed just about everything the prosecution wanted while at the same time denying the defense.

Merchan’s ruling thus gives the prosecution a wide berth in its introduction of potential impeachment evidence — used to discredit the witness and to persuade the jury that the witness is not being truthful — thereby discouraging Trump from taking the stand in his own defense.

But the opportunity to testify is a necessary corollary to the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee against compelled testimony. As the U.S. Supreme Court put it in the case of Harris v. New York: “Every criminal defendant is privileged to testify in his own defense, or to refuse to do so.” Merchan has given permission for the prosecution to cross-examine Trump regarding civil cases that are far removed from the hush-money case, as well as from the contempt finding from the recent civil case tried in New York. There is no valid basis to permit evidence of these other civil cases, as the nature of the conduct or the circumstances in which it occurred do not bear much on the issue of Trump’s credibility. Moreover, Merchan’s decision sends a chilling message to Trump on his right to testify in his own defense.

The prosecution waited until the defense rested to spring the felony charge on Trump, denying him any possible defense.

In essence, Merchan all but commanded the jury to convict Donald Trump.

There is little doubt that the two lawyers on the jury hated Trump and it was to them that the rest of the of jury deferred.

The verdict has been widely panned. Jonathan Turley:

I obviously disagree with this verdict as do many others. I believe that the case will be reversed eventually either in the state or federal systems. However, this was the worst expectation for a trial in Manhattan. I am saddened by the result more for the New York legal system than the former president. I had hoped that the jurors might redeem the integrity of a system that has been used for political purposes.

This verdict is going to be overturned and the Merchan of Venice knows it. The whole point of the trial was to keep Donald Trump from campaigning for President. That will further be seen in sentencing as the Merchan of Venice is likely to restrict Trump’s travels for the fall, which is set to happen two days before the RNC convention. Kevin O’Leary made a great point on Fox today. As a former President, Trump has Secret Service protection forever. Biden might try to strip him of that, and the motive would be pretty damned obvious. Or the whole Secret Service could stay in prison with Trump. More likely, Merchan will sentence Trump to home arrest complete with ankle bracelet.  That too will make patently obvious the intent. Mike Davis on X:

Preserve your records, @ManhattanDA. You’re ringleaders in a federal criminal conspiracy to violate President Trump’s constitutional rights. Those are serious federal civil-rights felonies. Accountability is coming, starting on January 20, 2025. “Nobody is above the law.”

Juan Merchan, the Colombian immigrant judge, got his pound of flesh. The trial was rigged. Fat Alvin Bragg campaigned to get Trump. The prosecution of Trump was pushed by Joe Biden. The judge was biased. The charges were ridiculous and unprecedented. The damage Merchan has done to the justice system is incalculable and will reverberate across the nation for years to come.


We are in a dictatorship right now.

Trump is right. It they did this to a former President just to keep him from campaigning, imagine what they can and will do to you. Yet here’s a hint of what can be seen on X right now


These monsters are going to hate the next four years- especially the Merchan of Venice. Americans aren’t stupid. They have awakened a sleeping giant.


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Awww! Poor medical malpractice John.
What’s an address that I can send you a box of tissues, as well as a Bible in order that you can dry your eyes, and to learn about adultery, bearing false witness, and putting other gods before you.

Actually, every AMERICAN is bawling his eyes out for the disgrace the fascist leftist lawfare has brought upon the nation and the threat to the Constitution it poses. I see that leaves you out, Lew IQ.

This context of surprise attack LAWFARE is egregious in the extreme because throughout the trial the court refused to permit testimony from expert defense witnesses, including testimony from the Federal Election Commission, that federal campaign violations never took place.

The court previously said the defendant is not being charged with federal campaign violations because this is a state case; ergo no FEC testimony is valid. Then in the closing arguments, the state says the underlying case which frames the state prosecution are FEC violations of law.

Jonathan Turley writes an op-ed in The Hill sharing the extreme nature of the judicial breach that has taken place. This is unmitigated Lawfare in the extreme and the American people can see it clearly.

(Via The Hill) – […] going into the deliberations, the court allowed the jury to be told repeatedly that there were federal campaign violations committed by Trump. That is not true. Putting aside that the federal government found no basis to impose a civil fine, let alone bring a criminal charge, the court barred a legal expert who could have shown that no such violation occurred. The jury does not know that. Instead, the judge allowed them to be repeatedly told a false fact that could make it difficult for anyone to acquit.

However, the instructions then went in for the kill and turned the jury deliberations into a canned hunt.

Consider just a few highlights from the curious aspects of these deliberations.

First, the judge has ruled that the jury does not have to agree on what actually occurred in the case. Merchan ruled that the government had vaguely referenced three possible crimes that constitute the “unlawful means” used to influence the election: a federal election violation, the falsification of business records, and a tax violation. The jurors were told that they could split on what occurred, with four jurors accepting each of the three possible crimes in a 4-4-4 split. The court would still consider that a unanimous verdict so long as they agree that it was in furtherance of some crime. (READ MORE)

The judge refused to give the jury a written copy of the 55-pages of juror instructions because the corrupt judge wants the jury to keep coming back to him for guidance. The judge wants to coach the jury to their guilty conclusion. [SEE INSTRUCTIONS HERE]

Additionally, the judge is doing everything possible to make jury deliberations extend as long as possible in order to create the impression of guilt which assists the lawfare narrative. Everything happening in this courtroom is corrupt and a bastardized abuse of the courts, ie Lawfare.

Jonathan Turley Deconstructs the Specifics of the Lawfare Witch Hunt in New York City – The Last Refuge (

How can a judge introduce new criminal charges (federal election law) after a trial has been completed? The prosecution did not present any evidence of election law violations and the defense were not allowed to present as their witness an expert on election law.
After the verdict was read this is what Trump’s defense lawyer stated in court:

Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche: “We move for a judgment of acquittal. There is no way this jury could have reached a verdict without relying on Michael Cohen – he lied, in this case. He cannot be used to convict President Trump
Justice Merchan: I’m sure you misspoke”

Judge Juan Marchan, born in a corrupt Colombia, who presides over the Donald Trump “hush money” trial, is arguably the most biased, abusive and conflicted judge in the country today.

Miraculously, by the random luck of the draw, he keeps getting cases that involve Trump. What are the odds?

Hillary used campaign funds to pay attorneys to CREATE a lie to affect an election, the FEC gives her a fine. Trump used HIS money to try and SUPPRESS a lie and he gets convicted. Nah, there’s not a “two-tiered justice system” Oh, nooooooooooo.


Judge Merchan should be busted Down to Grounds Keeper on his Hands and knees pulling Weeds

In other news the NYAG is s ticking her fat nose into Texas after their Governor Pardoned a Man for the Armed Self Defense killing of a BLM violent Criminal

The jury is every bit as corrupt as the judge and prosecutor. They knew exactly what they were doing no matter what the jury instructions were. They deserve no credit and deserve whatever comes their way. Let the leftist pea brains gloat all they want. “He who laughs last, laughs most.”

What sort of idiot repeatedly attacks a judge while awaiting sentencing?

Maybe an honest person that speaks the truth. Why don’t you explain where he is wrong? Of COURSE you expect everyone to live in fear of doing anything that will get the police state to turn on them; that’s the way totalitarian police states operate and they depend heavily on it.

Seriously, what sort of idiot repeatedly attacks a judge while awaiting sentencing?

Judge Merchan could give him probation or a conditional discharge—or up to 4 years for each offense. But there’s Trump, launching attack after attack against the judge and his daughter. Not to mention condemning the criminal justice system, when he’s presumably going to file an appeal.

05/313/24 – Trump tries to move past his guilty verdict by attacking the criminal justice system

…Outside, on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, supporters gathered across the street flew a giant red “TRUMP OR DEATH” sign that flapped in front of a high-end boutique. …

Last edited 14 days ago by Greg

Do you honestly expect anyone to believe that no matter what Trump does, he could possibly receive any mercy from this scumbag liar, Merchan? Trump couldn’t even get his Constitutional rights respected, much less any level of human consideration. Whatever the sentence will be, it will be determined by DNC politics.

Don’t assume anyone but Michael is as stupid as you think they are here.

But, to give them the benefit of the doubt, imagine how their lives would be endangered if any had voted to acquit. We’ve seen how the left reacts whenever things do go their way. One reason why I didn’t expect an acquittal was that I am sure each and every juror considered losing their jobs, being investigated, being threatened, being assaulted, having all friends and relatives turn against them. It’s the leftist way of behaving. That’s why this trial, while it was improper to have it at all, should NEVER have been in Manhattan. But, the bias and threats were all factored in by the left.

JD Vance bludgeons Wolf Blitzer, busting the CNN narrative.

Last edited 14 days ago by TrumpWon

Megyn Kelly — Which Democrats will go to prison first.

Time to go Old Testament

Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict

May 31 – Supporters of former President Donald Trump, enraged by his conviction on 34 felony counts by a New York jury, flooded pro-Trump websites with calls for riots, revolution and violent retribution.

After Trump became the first U.S. president to be convicted of a crime, his supporters responded with dozens of violent online posts, according to a Reuters review of comments on three Trump-aligned websites: the former president’s own Truth Social platform, Patriots.Win and the Gateway Pundit.

Some called for attacks on jurors, the execution of the judge, Justice Juan Merchan, or outright civil war and armed insurrection.

“Someone in NY with nothing to lose needs to take care of Merchan,” wrote one commentator on Patriots.Win. “Hopefully he gets met with illegals with a machete,” the post said in reference to illegal immigrants.

On Gateway Pundit, one poster suggested shooting liberals after the verdict. “Time to start capping some leftys,” said the post. “This cannot be fixed by voting.”

Threats of violence and intimidating rhetoric soared after Trump lost the 2020 election and falsely claimed the vote was stolen. As he campaigns for a second White House term, Trump has baselessly cast the judges and prosecutors in his trials as corrupt tools of the Biden administration, intent on sabotaging his White House bid. His loyalists have responded with a campaign of threats and intimidation targeting judges and court officials.

“This was a disgrace, this was a rigged trial by a conflicted judge who was corrupt,” Trump told reporters afterwards, echoing comments he often made during the trial.

A 12-member jury found Trump guilty on Thursday of falsifying documents to cover up a payment to silence a porn star’s account of a sexual encounter ahead of the 2016 election. Sentencing is set for July 11, days before the Republican Party is scheduled to formally nominate Trump for president ahead of the Nov. 5 election. Trump has denied wrongdoing and is expected to appeal.

Trump continued his attacks online after the verdict…

…On Truth Social, he called Merchan “HIGHLY CONFLICTED” and criticized his jury instructions as unfair. One commentator responded by posting a picture of a hangman’s platform and a noose with the caption: “TREASONOUS MOBSTER OF THE JUSTICES SYSTEM!!”

Jacob Ware, a co-author of the book “God, Guns, and Sedition: Far-Right Terrorism in America”, said the violent language used by Trump’s followers was testament to the former president’s “ironclad ability to mobilize more extreme supporters to action, both at the ballot box and through violence.”

“Until and unless he accepts the process, the extremist reaction to his legal troubles will be militant,” said Ware, a research fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

A spokesperson for Truth Social said, “It’s hard to believe that Reuters, once a respected news service, has fallen so low as to publish such a manipulative, false, defamatory and transparently stupid article as this one purely out of political spite.”

All three sites have policies against violent language, and some of the posts were later removed. Representatives of Patriots.Win and Gateway Pundit did not immediately return requests for comment. A Trump spokesperson also did not respond to an email seeking comment.


After Thursday’s verdict, many of his supporters also said that his conviction was proof that the American political system was broken and that only violent action could save the country.

“1,000,000 men (armed) need to go to Washington and hang everyone. That’s the only solution,” said one poster on Another added: “Trump should already know he has an army willing to fight and die for him if he says the words…I’ll take up arms if he asks.”…

…Other posts specifically urged targeting Democrats, in some cases suggesting they be shot. “AMERICA FULLY DESTROYED BY DEMOCRATS. LOCK AND LOAD,” wrote a commentator on Gateway Pundit.

While the posts identified by Reuters all called for violence or insurrection, most fell short of the legal standard for a prosecutable threat, which typically requires evidence that the comment reflects a clear intent to act or instill fear, rather than simply suggesting a frightening outcome.

Still, one researcher who studies extremist militias said the guilty verdict could inspire violence by reinforcing a conviction among some of Trump’s supporters that he’s a victim of a conspiracy orchestrated by his enemies.

“I do think a lot of these folks have been looking for an excuse to maybe mobilize for a while,” said Amy Cooter of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies’ Center on Terrorism, Extremism and Counterterrorism. “I hope I’m wrong. I’ve said for a long time, though, that I would not be shocked to see violence result from a guilty verdict, either directed toward the jurors” or others connected to the case.

05/31/24 – Trump supporters try to doxx jurors and post violent threats after his conviction – On social media and web forums, users called for jurors, judges and prosecutors to be killed after the former president was found guilty on 34 felony counts.

WASHINGTON — The 34 felony guilty verdicts returned Thursday against former President Donald Trump spurred a wave of violent rhetoric aimed at the prosecutors who secured his conviction, the judge who oversaw the case and the ordinary jurors who unanimously agreed there was no reasonable doubt that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee falsified business records related to hush money payments to a porn star to benefit his 2016 campaign.

Advance Democracy, a non-profit that conducts public interest research, said there has been a high volume of social media posts containing violent rhetoric targeting New York Judge Juan Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, including a post with Bragg’s purported home address. The group also found posts of the purported addresses of jurors on a fringe internet message board known for pro-Trump content and harassing and violent posts, although it is unclear if any actual jurors had been correctly identified.

The posts, which have been reviewed by NBC News, appear on many of the same websites used by Trump supporters to organize for violence ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol. These forums were hotbeds of threats inspired by Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, which he lost, and that the voting system was “rigged” against him. They now feature new threats echoing Trump’s rhetoric and false claims about the hush money trial, including that the judicial system is now “rigged” against him.

“Dox the Jurors. Dox them now,” one user wrote after Trump’s conviction on a website formerly known as “The Donald,” which was popular among participants in the Capitol attack. (That post appears to have been quickly removed by moderators.)

Know what you’re supporting. Own it or drop it, but don’t pretend ignorance.

Last edited 14 days ago by Greg

Cry me a river. They deserve it and more

Anyone that believes anything NBC/MSNBC reports has already given up on possessing any intelligence.

But, when leftists constantly doxx conservatives, why would it upset you is some leftists got doxxed? Had a single juror voted to acquit Trump and hung the jury, they would have been doxxed, hunted down, threatened, assaulted and ruined by the left.

Count your Lucky Stars Meathead that your living In a nation that allows you to show us your total Ignorance

May 31 – Supporters of former President Donald Trump, enraged by his conviction on 34 felony counts by a New York jury, flooded pro-Trump websites with calls for riots, revolution and violent retribution.

Wow!!! You’re really working your ass off today to try to portray Trump supporters as violent as the left really is. Shall we review the summer of love? What police stations have been burned? How many thousands of police officers have been injured by riotous Republicans? Give us the equivalent of David Dorn, Comrade Greggie.

But what your crooked party, that can’t win an election anymore without fraud and cheating, has done is awakened the sleeping giant.

Last edited 14 days ago by retire05

When mainstream America finally wakes up and hears what Trump and his extremist enablers are actually saying, it will scare the hell out of them.

Remember when Schumer told the left’s insane masses to attack Supreme Court justices? THEN would have been the time to denounce any rhetoric that might imply violence on any level. But violence is business as usual for the left and, soon, it will become common on all sides. Behold what you have wrought.

No. Remind me. Provide a link. Because you’re full of shit.

Either numerous people use the name “Greg” here and aren’t familiar with how I work or you can’t remember the last time you got spanked challenging anyone here that has made a claim to verify it. I ALWAYS back up my statements.

Democrats, who routinely accuse others of inciting violence, do it out of instinct
Liberals inciting violence
Democrats calling for violence
What REALLY trying to incite violence looks like

True to form, Democrats threaten violence and trampling the Constitution if Trump makes a Supreme Court nomination

Oh, and let us remember those who answered the call…

If a leftist lunatic, inspired by Schumer, threatens to assassinate a conservative Supreme Court Justice, his case gets slow-walked by Obergruppenfuhrer Garland.

Biden DOJ Slow-Walks ‘Slam Dunk’ Case Against Man Who Allegedly Tried To Kill Justice Kavanaugh, Baffling Experts


Last edited 14 days ago by Just Plain Bill

And which of those is the quote where Schumer “told the left’s insane masses to attack Supreme Court justices?”

It’s not there.

Remember when Schumer told the left’s insane masses to attack Supreme Court justices?

Last edited 14 days ago by Greg

There’s no ambiguity about the threats Trump’s psycho minions routinely post.

Trump blasts his trial judges. Then his fans call for violence.

Last edited 14 days ago by Greg

Michelle Obama’s mother dies at 86.


The former record holder for squatting in the WH will never return.

Comrade Greggie, you can post 1,000 left wing articles but the fact remains, it was Chuck (the Schumuck) Shumer that threatened judges, USSC judges, and warned them that they would reap “the world wind. You will not know what hit you.”

That, Comrade Idiot, is a threat to harm physically.

And what happened? Hundreds of people (lefties) protested in front of the homes of those justice (violating a federal law) and Nancy Pelosi continued to let that happen. Where was the D.C. police? Then there was an attempt on justices life.

So take your bullshit somewhere people don’t have your numbers.

Got a link? A verbatim quote? Or do you only think he did because of some crackpot right-wing social media post?

See what happens when you only feed your mind leftist propaganda? You deny yourself ALL the facts. I posted the link to Schumer’s violent rhetoric but you prefer to be stupid like all the rest of the left.

Merchan is a hack. A DNC operative. He proved it. This trial has presented SO many reasons for reversal on appeal, I don’t know where Trump’s attorneys would even begin. It was a joke, a travesty, an embarrassment to the nation, an insult to every American. Democrats are content to destroy the country just to set themselves up as the only party in a single party fascist totalitarian police state.

Why not? It’s what the left does. Why didn’t you object to such behavior then?

Trump will break everything, if given a chance. You don’t seem to grasp what that means.

Last edited 14 days ago by Greg

The chaos, violence, crime and terrorism all comes from the left. Always.

Nope. It’s what Trump will bring. You can see it coming.

GOP Senators Revolt: Ten Lawmakers to Boycott Passing Bills with Democrats, Citing White House’s ‘Un-American’ Actions and Rule of Law ‘Mockery’

Ultimate gridlock. biden must be stopped by any means necessary.

Finally. Someone besides a woman with some damn balls.

The Chaos under Biden you Pinhead

Regime mouthpiece Oliver Darcy is freaking out over calls to compile Democrat prison lists.

If democrats can imprison the innocent through lawfare, then it is time for republicans to show up at the dance.

Last edited 14 days ago by TrumpWon

Meet Florida’s new Drag Queen, Anita Pardon…

I see the left sill deals in nothing but lies and fantasy. I don’t think you know the difference.

Has Trump made you a better person, or has his influence cost you friends and family?

Trump hasn’t made me a better person, nor has he made me any worse. Those who cannot stand someone having a different point of view than them and turned their backs on me and my family I am better off without. But, the vast majority of people I know agree with me because I usually choose patriotic people that love this country for friends. I also instill American virtues in my family. So, there is no problem with that. At least I don’t have to explain why I support a pedophile.