The Cost of Joe Biden


This Memorial Day Weekend, it seems like every news outlet from YouTube to the New York Times is talking about President Trump’s rally in the Bronx. No Republican has won there in over 100 years. It’s deep deep blue territory. Still, he’s not looking to be President of the red hat people. He was President of the United States before, and despite being undermined by his opponents to the maximum levels, he still worked to Make America Great Again for all Americans. By every statistic, he did more than President Biden.

Oh, there’s no shortage of people who will debate that, but as MSNBC and CNN reporters found out at the rally, the polls and stats don’t compare with what people tell them. The issues that bother Americans are the issues that are felt directly by Americans. Can a person afford a new car, or house, or washing machine? Can a person afford food, or are they waiting in line at church parking lots for free food donations? Can they afford higher education for their kids, and should they? What will happen to us, to our families?

There’s the rub. It’s been President Biden’s job to make life better. He promised he could do it, and he promised he would do it. As Vice President, he and President Obama came to office based on three things: 1) they were going to end the war in Iraq on Day 1. 2) For a stick, they were going to make life better for their supporters by shooting down opponents by playing the race card and intersectionality games. Finally, 3)most of all, they had a carrot. They promised HOPE and CHANGE. President Biden tossed HOPE and CHANGE to the wayside in 2020. Instead, he campaigned from his basement, and he promised to be the great Uniter.

President Biden does not like the American people-PERIOD. He likes the people who donate to his campaigns. He likes the people who keep him in power (usually so they can remain in power). Likewise, he puts up with his supporters. Everyone else is dead to him. He can’t stand the mass media and fears them-it’s not uncommon to see his hands shake when he faces them. On the other hand, the Great Uniter never misses an opportunity to do 2 things: complain about how Mega-Maga Republicans are a threat to the United States of America, and he likes to mention all the different ways his son died. And sleep. He likes to vacation and sleep.

Meanwhile, the American people struggle. Every year that Biden has been President has cost the avg American family $12000 more than it did during the Trump years. The cost of living is that high, and the quality of jobs is that low. $48,000 is nothing to the people in DC and NYC, nothing to the nation’s elites and its leaders, but the rest of us can’t afford it. His first year, people emptied their savings to keep up. The second year, they maxxed out credit cards to keep up. The third year Americans began tapping into retirement savings just to get by. This fourth year we’ve been seeing more and more theft and violence in poorer areas as people.

Then come the excuses. He blames today’s problems-four years after taking office-on the pandemic. History doesn’t lie. The vaccine came out long before he took office. Cases continued-and even continue today, but the number of covid deaths was also grossly exaggerated. Face masks never worked. The vaccine didn’t stop the spread. It barely even helped to protect those who got it. Supply Chain issues, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and of course those evil threats to democracy (half the American people) the Mega-Maga-Nazis…all excuses. Meanwhile, waiting in line for free food packages at the church parking lot, an average American might wonder? How problems seem to have stalled the entire Federal govt, but they can all still go on vacation once a month-or every other weekend in President Biden’s case?

Across the board, people on both sides of the aisle are losing faith in our Federal institutions. Whether one believes 2016 or 2020 was a stolen election, either way the people who believe one or the other have lost faith in the electoral process. Half the country believes that President Trump is guilty of working with the Russians to get elected, or believes his two impeachments or the hundred or so legal charges. The other half believes that Hunter is getting special treatment, Biden should be impeached, that the DOJ acted like the mob during Crossfire Hurricane, and that Bill, Hillary, Obama, Biden, Pence, and Trump all had classified materials at home, and only Trump deserved to be charged? Either way, faith in the judicial system has collapsed. Faith in the military has collapsed after being routed from Afghanistan and pushing DEI and drag queens for recruitment. Faith in any sort of spending is long gone as President Biden and Dems put $10 million million dollars into the country, and while people still get taxed (even more), we have a million people sleeping in tents on sidewalks, and tens of millions living below the poverty line. Congress is pathetic, with a member making fun of another’s eyelashes only to get a racist rap and worse rhetoric from multiple members on the other side. There was even a member of Congress who pulled a fire alarm to delay a vote, then successfully argued that he was too stupid to know the difference between a fire alarm and a door button. Every institution has lost the faith of both sides of the American people.

On this day in 1961, President Kennedy started the Mercury astronaut program and began mankind’s trip to The Moon. President Biden is at home eating ice cream and (since polls show he’s losing support from African American voters) he’s changing Memorial Day weekend to a time of remembrance of George Floyd, the career criminal and woman beater who died in police custody after taking fentanyl. America’s veterans take a back seat to him this Memorial Day weekend.

Hope, and change, and unity are gone. The only hope people can have is that if Biden is re-elected, and we all have to pay another $48,000 over the next 4yrs, maybe he’ll forgive our mortgage payments in lieu of paying us back $100grand as The Cost of Joe Biden.

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Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s goal was to improve over the COVID-shut down economy. He wasn’t using the pre-COVID Trump economy as a baseline. All he had to do was remove all the restrictions and allow the economy to ramp back up to the growth trajectory Trump had it on. But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He had to bow down to the squatting squad. He had to destroy our energy production and independence. He had to repay his donors with trillions of wasteful spending that produces NOTHING for the nation or people. In short, he had to run the economy like a Democrat, which is always ruinous.

There’s no shortage of Biden Admin fubars-Happy George Floyd Remembrance Day btw/looks so much like the old Memorial Day did.

What gets me are 2 thing:

The number of people who can’t afford food is mind blowing-HERE! In the United States of America!? Sorry, but that just doesn’t pass muster imo. You cannot have a country that has nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, thousands of spy satellites, and literally toss billions of dollars away to every country that asks, and then expect the same people who you’re taking money from to choose between meds and food, clothes and food, housing and food.

NOTHING-absolutely NOTHING could be more applicable to the GENERAL WELFARE clause

Americans are going broke-we have multiple generations struggling, and Biden-who never saw a fight he didn’t wanna run from-is throwing hundreds of billions all around to pay tribute to Iran, while arming Israel, Ukraine, and NATO.

Like most Americans, I am now convinced that the people in power do not represent the United States. They represent their roles in govt, and in particular in the Federal govt. There’s no way on Earth that the ambassador to Bulgaria or anyone on his staff ever wonders: “How can I use tonight’s formal dinner to get some help to Gary, Indianna?”

The half century devotion to the global game of the Cold War is long over. Now the game every nation plays is Germany (for example) first, and globalist interests last.

Radical Barack Obama Comes Out of the Shadows and Announces Joe Biden’s Palestinian-Israel Policy – Democrats Are No Longer Hiding Who Is Really Calling the Shots

This lunatic is going to start WWIII.

biden lied four times on this bogus plan. Israel never acknowledged any compliance with what biden lied about.

Did he tell them “Don’t” or “Do”?

He declared the hamas war over saying hamas would guarantee never to attack Israel again. He did it right before Shabbat knowing those who honor Shabbat would be unable to respond and that would give biden 24hrs of no opposition. Netanyahu however broke Shabbat and tweeted biden had lied and there was no agreed deal.
biden is trash.

The scum doesn’t come any scummier than Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

To support biden in any manner one must be cult like in obedience to the neo Marxist cause.

WW3 WATCH: Kremlin Warns U.S. of ‘Fatal Consequences’ as Biden Greenlights Missile Strikes on Russian Mainland

Here is the deal, the ukraine soldiers do not know haw to operate the weapons that would successfully breach Russia’s defenses to inflict damage. That would require the use of “advisors”, American soldiers. How could that not be considered an act of war by the US?

Putin invaded Ukraine. That was an act of war. He’s the one who would destroy a sovereign nation and put Russia on the border of NATO countries. He’s the one who’s threatening nuclear disaster if he doesn’t get his way.

Last edited 17 days ago by Greg

Says the zelensky fan boy with pink pompoms….

Last edited 17 days ago by TrumpWon

And the corrupt, incompetent, treasonous pedophile, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, opened the door for Putin to invade and enabled it. He withheld heavy weapons to prolong it. Now he is tickling Putin’s World War III bone to try and create another diversion from his massive failures and corruption.

If Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden doesn’t do what Zelinsky says, the evidence gets leaked.

Biden’s description of cease-fire offer ‘not accurate,’ Israeli official tells NBC News


Bombshell Report Reveals Team Trump Is Rewarding Key Trial Witnesses

Donald Trump’s campaign and the Trump Organization paid off nine witnesses called to testify in criminal cases against Trump, an explosive new report from ProPublica reveals. Witnesses who testified in defense of Trump for his numerous criminal cases received massive raises, new jobs, cushy severance packages, and more, all conveniently coinciding with being called to testify or after providing testimony favorable to Trump—and the excuses from Team Trump couldn’t be weaker…

Fake news, try harder.

Ex-Trump lawyer: Claim Biden was behind hush money case ‘ridiculous’

Former President Trump’s ex-attorney Joe Tacopina in a Sunday interview strongly pushed back against claims that Trump’s New York hush money case was a result of the “weaponization” of the justice system.

“This is a state case. This is different than the Jack Smith cases, OK? This is not a federal prosecution. Joe Biden or anyone from his Justice Department have absolutely zero to do with the Manhattan district attorney’s office. They have no jurisdiction over him. They have no contacts with him. They have no control over him,” Tacopina said in an interview on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation”…

Last edited 17 days ago by Greg

Ex Trump lawyer. If he was a good lawyer he would not be a former Trump lawyer.

He leaves a trail of discarded lawyers behind him—sometimes under indictment.

Indictments brought by fascist lawfare leftists don’t impress anyone. Taking one charge and calling it 34 simply clarifies the in play.

How about explaining away that ALL of the corrupt parties participating in the lawfare have had regular contact with the White House, then?

Note the absence of any response.

Hence the relentless effort by smith to gag President Trump from commenting about the lethal force raid in MAL. But, Judge Cannon puts jack smith on trial later this month and will expose the criminal conspiracy the WH has been part of in each of the four case’s brought against President Trump.

Wow… The New Republic. What’s the matter, hasn’t Raging Madcow done a fake story on it yet? Don’t you ever consider that when ALL you have to base your beliefs on are blatant lies, maybe you need a new cult?

How did this ignorant blond bimbo even get elected?

Well, she has a very valid point. He’s a liar.

As Dr. Fauci pointed out, she HASN’T GOT any such emails. She’s lying. She is what Trump and MAGA have turned the GOP into—a party pandering to angry idiots. Hopefully Trump takes them all down with him.

Last edited 17 days ago by Greg

NEW: House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith to Criminally Refer Hunter Biden For Lying to Congress


… and even though he committed perjury, the DoJ will continue to protect him from accountability. They are too tied up with fascist lawfare.

He’s going on trial.

Eight years after the fact and almost a year after the DoJ tried to collude with his attorney to give him amnesty for ANY AND ALL crimes he has committed. Is that pretty normal?

But this trial isn’t for his perjury or even his money laundering.

Michael must not be familiar with a “rigged” trial…

Oh, right—you’re the guy who has repeatedly said that Trump has already won the election, and any other outcome will be proof that the election was rigged. You don’t wait for things to actually happen before whining about how unfair it all is.

Hey…. remember when you said we were all predicting Trump would be acquitted? I guess you forgot to provide those quotes. Where would they be?

I don’t bookmark and categorize everything you guys write, but I do remember the things being written.

For example, I don’t have the time or inclination to track and cross-reference all the times that TrumpWon said that Trump has already won the 2024 election, but I know that he has done so several times, because I’ve read his comments to that effect.

If you are going to reference them, maybe you should. But, just one. Show us just one post of someone declaring Trump would undoubtedly be acquitted. Otherwise… you are just a liar.

You may also need to show a post by Trumpwon that says the 2024 election has already occurred and Trump has been declared the winner. That one should be easier to find. Maybe ask Curt to help you.

He can’t because I didn’t. Mikey is a liar.

Yeah, I can’t COUNT the times Michael posted that all of us Trump supporters were smarter than the smartest corrupt, treasonous, incompetent pedophile Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden supporter. Many times. Many, MANY times. I just don’t have any record of it. But he did.

“but I know that he has done so several times, because I’ve read his comments to that effect.”

Michael is envious of “Trump supporters were smarter than the smartest corrupt, treasonous, incompetent pedophile Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden supporter. Many times. Many, MANY times”

I’m sure there are intelligent Trump supporters. You guys just don’t number among them.

And yet, somehow, we make you look like a fool every day. What does that say about YOUR intellect?

I never said I was some kind of genius.

I never said I was some kind of genius.

And neither has anyone else.

the 2024 election has already occurred and Trump has been declared the winner

He didn’t say that the election had already occurred; he just said that Trump had already won it—before the election takes place. It was another of his “Stick a fork in Biden; he’s done” pronouncements.

If the election hasn’t already happened, how could anyone already be declared the winner? You sound like Democrats and their copy machines. “It’s in the bag. Or box, under a table.”

Honorable of you to admit he never said what you said he said, though. Credit where credit is due.

Last edited 16 days ago by Just Plain Bill

If the election hasn’t already happened, how could anyone already be declared the winner?

That is, in fact, why I have ridiculed him whenever he has done that.

Last edited 16 days ago by Michael

But you said he hasn’t said that. Are you going to sort out your statements any time soon?

Prosecutors Destroy Hunter Biden in Opening Statement, Tell Court He Bought a Gun While ‘Smoking Crack Every 15 Minutes’

Jonathan Turley Blasts DOJ for Using “Deepfake” Possibility as Reason for Not Releasing Dementia Joe’s Interview Audio

So, why couldn’t someone “deepfake” the recording and claim it was leaked? The Democrats’ excuses get weaker and weaker because their followers get stupider and stupider and believe anything. No worries that the Ministry of Propaganda will call them on it.

Chief Justice for 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Tells Clerk to Trash All Further Complaints Against Judge Cannon and Make it Public

Comrade Greggie, no surprise that you are supporting Dr. Fear. All through the pandemic, you parroted ever word he said. You were all for punishing those of us who refused to take the jab. Pure Communist dictate from both you and the rotten “scientist” who told the nation that AIDS was air born.

How many thousands died because of people like you and Fauci?

Fauci thinks they destroyed them all. We’ll see. What is clear is the Democrats have chosen excuses for oppressing citizens over finding the truth about COVID. The virus came from the Wuhan Lab and Democrats have no interest in preventing a repeat of that disaster because they can always exploit a tragedy or disaster.

Over the past two weeks, Russia has likely suffered its highest rate of casualties since the first week of the invasion of Ukraine.

Would have been no war in Ukraine without Democrat election fraud. Same goes for Gaza.

Don’t Be Fooled, Biden’s New Executive Order Does Not ‘Secure the Border’ – Here’s What It Really Does

Completely ineffective. More gaslighting.

Who is surprised? When was the last time the Democrats did anything but create new problems or make existing problems worse? Instead of securing the border, everything Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden does increases human trafficking.