Scandal in Georgia: RNC Committeeman’s Family Ties Undermine Trump


“A disaster for Donald Trump is brewing in Georgia, and a lot of people want to make excuses instead of calling this out for what it is. It’s so bad it could cost Trump the state of Georgia if bad actors in GOP leadership positions in Georgia aren’t removed and forced to resign.”
– Laura Loomer

Thanks to Laura we have found that a major political scandal may be unfolding in Georgia that could shake up the political landscape in the state.

All of this revolves around Jason Thompson, the RNC Committeeman for Georgia. Questions about his loyalty and effectiveness in delivering Georgia for Trump have surfaced, fueled by his family’s financial ties to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, one of Donald Trump’s critics. This weekend, Thompson is running for re-election as the RNC Committeeman, and the controversy couldn’t be more poorly timed.

Jason Thompson has held the position since 2018, and during this time, his wife Julianne and daughter Victoria have been paid over $300,000 by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office since 2020. That’s right, they’ve been paid by Raffensperger’s office, the same Trump hating politician who was behind the phone call between himself and Trump and illegally recorded by Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs. It has been reported that Victoria Thompson, who works for Raffensperger as an Executive Assistant and Scheduler, helped set it up. This very phone call is being used by Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis in her case against Trump and company. The situation is complicated by the fact that a Thompson family member was involved, casting a shadow over Jason Thompson’s role as the RNC Committeeman.

In essence, while Jason Thompson is out there trying to rally support for Trump, his daughter is seemingly working against Trump by helping to orchestrate actions that are now being used in legal cases against him.

Many in Georgia’s political circles suspect Victoria Thompson worked with Raffensperger to “set up” President Trump via the infamous phone call. Raffensperger once quoted one of President Trump’s tweets about their phone call, falsely responding to Trump’s justified criticisms of Raffensperger for not securing the vote in Fulton County by falsely posting, “Respectfully, President Trump: What you’re saying is not true. The truth will come out.”

Fani Willis’ Fulton County Grand Jury Report on her Trump indictments states that Victoria Thompson played a key role in scheduling Raffensperger’s phone calls.

Wouldn’t you know it the situation escalated further when, at a Muscogee GOP meeting, Thompson was confronted by a veteran who asked about his wife’s financial ties. What unfolded was downright embarrassing, for Thompson that is:

Multiple witnesses state Thompson became belligerent, started yelling, and interrupted the question.

Thompson told the man to, “shut up, sit down you’re a plant.” When the man refused to sit down and said needed to answer the question to which Thompson “yelled”, “Fine you can stand up!”

Then witnesses state Thompson said, “I see you have PTSD, that explains it!” (The man who is indeed a veteran, was wearing a shirt which read Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats PTSD.)

The party and the broader political world need accountability and transparency now more than ever. The state of conflict is growing with each day that passes, and the state convention is drawing nearer. For Trump to have the full and unwavering support of Georgia RNC leaders, it seems that Thompson must resign soon, and the situation must be cleaned up. The state’s political fate seems to hang in the balance. He failed to secure Georgia for Trump in 2020 and shouldn’t be given another chance especially now that we know is family ties.

Charles Downs puts it succinctly:

Thompson can attend all the Mar-a-Lago events and election security conferences he wants to, but the facts will stay the same. Georgia will not have a secure election with Jason Thompson serving as the state’s RNC Committeeman.

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Not only failed to secure Georgia for Trump but failed to aggressively pursue the obvious and blatant election fraud that occurred. It’s notable that, just like the spying on Trump, when they illegally recorded his phone call, there was nothing illegal they could use, so they had to lie about what he said. Good luck with THAT, fat Fani.