Merrick Garland, Biden’s Luca Brasi


luca Brasi was both protector and enforcer to Don Vito Corleone in the movie The Godfather. Today, Merrick Garland reprises that role for Joe Biden while Garland claims to be the god of all things legal and immune to the law itself.

The House of Representatives had demanded the complete recordings of SCO Robert Hur’s interview with Biden regarding Biden reckless handling of highly classified materials over the years. Hur recommended that while Biden was guilty that he face no criminal charges because he was a decrepit and forgetful old man.  Biden, who had previously insisted that he had nothing to hide, decided he did have something to hide and asserted executive privilege to prevent the House from obtaining the records. In the meantime, Biden has stripped Trump of all privilege.

The House subpoenaed Garland for those records and Merrick Garland blew them off. In return, the House Judiciary Committee passed a resolution holding Garland in contempt of Congress. It is mostly symbolic as Garland holds himself above the law.

Charlie Kirk on X:

AG Merrick Garland says that the reason the DOJ shouldn’t obey a subpoena from elected lawmakers is because the DOJ is “a fundamental institution of our democracy.”

Garland also claims to be applying the law in a non-partisan manner. RNC Research:

“People depend on us to ensure that our investigations and our prosecutions are conducted according to the facts and the law, and without political influence!”

“Without political influence.” Uh huh.

Garland and his henchmen are anything but non-partisan. Let’s have a look at some of those “apolitical” actions. Julie Kelly:

A short list of Garland’s “apolitical” accomplishments in office:

• Investigated, raided, arrested, and charged 1,430 Americans for protesting Joe Biden’s election on January 6. New arrests announced almost daily

• Weaponized post-Enron document shredding law to turn hundreds of J6ers into convicted felons and send them to prison for years (SCOTUS review pending)

• Dusted off rarely used “seditious conspiracy” statute—historically reserved for foreign terrorist plotting to kill Americans—to charge mostly nonviolent members or Proud Boys and Oath Keepers for J6

• Sought (and received) pretrial detention for many nonviolent protesters (meaning DOJ asked a judge to keep defendant in jail awaiting trial)

• Seeks excessive prison sentences—including years for minor assaults on police and even nonviolent obstruction and conspiracy convictions—as well as “terror enhancements” at sentencing

• Busted by DC appellate court recently for seeking an unlawful “split” sentence for misdemeanor conviction and for seeking an unlawful sentencing enhancement for 1512c2 convictions.

• Refuses to bring similar federal charges against leftwing protesters including pro-Hamas demonstrators for engaging in exact same (and worse) conduct as J6ers. Not a single 1512c2 indictment against any pro-Hamas protester for obstructing official proceedings or conspiring to do so

  • Arrested and charged pro-life activists including women in their 70s and sought years in prison for their convictions in DC court

• Collaborated with NARA officials to concoct a documents case against Trump as early as spring of 2021 • Indicted Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro on contempt of Congress

• Sought (and received) warrant for Rep Scott Perry’s phone • Authorized the armed FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago

• Brought 3 criminals indictments against Trump in the span of 3 months in 2023

• Conspired with Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg on GA and NY cases

Then in April of 2022 Garland was given orders by Joe Biden to prosecute Trump.

President Joe Biden reportedly pressured Attorney General Merrick Garland in 2022 to prosecute former President Donald Trump.

A New York Times report from April 2022 highlighted Biden’s frustration with Garland’s approach and his belief that Trump posed a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted.

“The attorney general’s deliberative approach has come to frustrate Democratic allies of the White House and, at times, President Biden himself,” the Times wrote.

Through that weasel David Weiss Garland is holding FBI whistleblower Alexander Smirnoff in solitary and depriving him of his glaucoma medication all to prevent disclosing wrongdoing prior to the election.

Looks like David Weiss is torturing Alexander Smirnov in jail where he languishes in solitary without a trial until after the election. Smirnov has glaucoma and his lawyers have requested he be allowed to have surgery. Instead, the jail confiscated his pain-relieving eye drops.

Garland would have you believe that he is shielding an investigation into something criminal on the part of Biden. The muppet via Curtis Houck:

I think the second piece of this too to note is that the attorney general made it clear that law enforcement files like these need to be protected.

I do not believe for a second that Garland’s DOJ is engaged in any investigation of Biden. This is simply a means of smothering devastating information and keeping it from the public. Julie Kelly is right:

The Garland/Monaco/Graves DOJ is a grave threat to “democracy” not a keeper of it. The most abusive, retaliatory DOJ in history.

Every time you hear a Biden or some democrat claim they’re saving democracy you know for a fact that they are the biggest threat to democracy this country has ever seen as we careen toward a one-party state forever.

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This man has a deeply bruised and sore ass about the fact that he was denied a seat on the Supreme Court — thank God for that. He intends to throw a tantrum about it and wreck as much as he can for the rest of his days as a result.

Excellent idea.

MAGA Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Fires a Warning Shot – Warns Merrick Garland that His ARREST May Be Coming – Via Ultra MAGA Party

Merrick Garland is leading a criminal coverup.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Garland is a fascist, just like Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. Funny how the FBI can track down everyone that protested at the Capital on January 6th (except, of course, for Ray Epps) but they can’t find anyone that firebombs a pregnancy crisis center. If only the January 6th protesters had know that if they protested at NIGHT, all the investigative powers and prowess of the FBI is rendered inactive.

Garland is just another Liberal Democrat/Globalists Witch Hunter looking to get big support from Soros and his ilk