How these protests should have been handled


Like probably most of America, I’ve had enough of student protests. Moreover, I’m tired of how schools are handling it.

Protesting idiots call for Intifada without having the first idea of what that actually means. They sport Hamas head ware like it’s grammar school Halloween day.  They call for beheading of school administrators. From @thestustustudio on X:

At the George Washington University Gaza Solidarity Encampment today, the protesters held a “People’s Tribunal” where they put President Ellen Granberg, Provost Christopher Bracey, the Board of Trustees, @GWPolice , and many others on trial. Is it normal for students to want to hang their provost and chop the heads off of the Board of Trustees?

“Guillotine, Guillotine, Guillotine, Guillotine”

“Bracey, Bracey, we see you. You assault students too. Off to the motherfucking gallows with you.” “As you already know where I am sending her [to the guillotine], her and her fuckass bob.”

They play “Let’s be Muslim for a day.”  They assault law enforcement. They’re bringing real weapons to protests and chanting “Death to America'”.

A high-ranking official with the New York Police Department said protesters had weapons including knives and hammers as well as pamphlets with “Death to America!” written on them.

AT UNC protesters took down the American flag and raised the Palestinian flag. They tried this in NY as well, but cops were having none of it. Cops at George Washington University also stopped this atrocity.

Protestors in the George Washington University encampment tried to raise the Palestinian flag today, but university police cut it down:

It was at GWU protesters draped a statue of George Washington with Hamas headdress.  Jewish students have been trapped in buildings and unlawfully restrained.  Janitors have been held hostage.

After defying requests to cease and desist, protesting students have the audacity to demand that schools feed them while they occupy buildings. I watched one video in which these whiny worms said they were entitled to police protection.

Organizers spent years training in Cuba for these protests. Most of the protesters reportedly support Hamas and violence. It’s despicable.

BTW, now they demand amnesty.

How have most schools handled this?

Miserably. The inmates are running the asylum.

This is how Columbia is handling the campus protests that turned the university into absolute mayhem.


It’s one thing to protest peacefully but the right of free expression ends at violence, restraining people from free movement, and vandalism.

While thousands have been arrested (most on simple trespassing charges) nearly all have seen their charges dropped. ASU is taking care of business in a better fashion. Reality can come at you hard. It was all fun and games until then.

An Arizona State University student breaks down in tears in front of the court house following her arrest after learning she won’t be allowed to graduate.

Breanna Brocker, a senior who took part in the pro-Palestine demonstrations on campus, told ABC 15 that she won’t be able to graduate as her suspension will cause her to miss her final exam.

‘I’m a little disappointed,’ she said. ‘I’m being restricted from a lot of things right now that I, that I didn’t expect to be for first standing up for something that I believe in.’

The Arizona Board of Regents stated that ASU would collaborate with students facing suspension to ensure completion of final exams or assignments, even while the court case proceeds. However, it’s unlikely their suspension will be lifted before the day commencement takes place.

‘I have, I have family coming in who I have to let them know to, you know, not come to my graduation ceremonies.’

Sorry, but FAFO.

Columbia University has handled the violence and lawlessness as badly as could be imagined. Then it did the last and most stupid thing possible. It canceled graduation ceremonies.

Here’s what should have been done everywhere IMO. The second the protests turned violent police should have been brought in and arrested any and all involved. None of the charges should have been dropped. Their crimes should have remained on their records. Non-students (organizers, Antifa and the like) should have faced the harshest penalties. Foreign students involved in any violence should be expelled and deported immediately. Students holding Palestinians flags is deplorable but tearing down the US flag and flying the Palestinian flag should be expelled. Students found vandalizing statues should be expelled. The DOJ should be all over the civil rights violations of Jewish students.

Canceling graduation ceremonies was truly an imbecilic decision. Students who were denied high school graduations four years ago when left wing paranoia ruled closures are now deprived again. Those not part of the hooliganism and their parents have also been punished and that is wrong. Schools should hold graduation ceremonies allowing only those who did not participate in the violence and lawlessness to graduate. The rest should be suspended and given incompletes and it all should stay on their records.

This was an adult action, and these scofflaws need a lesson in accountability.  Welcome to real life.  Anything less teaches them the entirely wrong lesson. There is a cost for being an idiot. You’re pro-Hamas? Get out.

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FIRST, all those arrested should have been made to clean up the mess they left behind before they were released from custody. All classes should be audited to assure that only those students who took their final exams and passed got a complete grade. Sadly, there’s nothing to be done for the students who worked hard and were adult and mature enough not get involved in this silly bullshit but to allow them to take their final when convenient for them.

Any professor handing out passing grades to protesters should be fired. Any college allowing this should lose all federal funding.

These are the votes Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the incompetent, corrupt, treasonous pedophile, lusts for. They are vomit. Refuse. The lowest of the lowest.

Let those 44 UCLA protesters occupy a Prison for 50 Years

I agree, foreign student and foreign agitators should be declared Terrorists, and deported, after serving 10 years in a prison, let them carry that around with the worlds police, Iran would love them so no issues there. Naturalized Americans should have their citizenship, they broke their oath, revoked, declared terrorists, and deported, after 10 years in prison. American students, tossed out and charged with at lest a felony and some time in a prison, there has to be something somewhere that would cover it. That will pretty much get them the much deserved attention they desired.

Professors and the like that supported this nonsense, should have their tenure revoked, and be fired. Heck half of them shouldn’t be teaching anyway, they generally teach garbage courses.

I know a man whose brother drove a friend to California so that the friend could kill somebody. He wasn’t on the scene when the murder was committed. He was still convicted and has spent almost 40 years in prison. And these people get a talking too? I realize that it’s apples and oranges but still the accountability that used to exist is no more.