A Thought Experiment – J6 vs. Pro-Hamas Protests


The above is a screen cap from a video showing from @jessicaschwalb7 on X showing pro-Hamas protesters breaking into Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall. Here is the entire video

That scene took me back to another infamous video with a scene that looked eerily familiar.

That is a screen cap from this video

The latter is the video of the Jan 6 Ashley Babbitt shooting.

A thought came into my head – here’s the thought experiment.  What you see in the first video is a violent crime.

What if there was a cop in Hamilton Hall? What if that cop put a round into the first one through that door that night?

Who could know what the intentions of the criminal intruders were? It was a violent entry. Who could know what weapons the criminal intruders had? Who could know the identity of the criminal perp -as outsiders were among the students?

What do you imagine that response would be had the criminal intruder in the second video been treated as was Ashley Babbitt?

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If that guy had been one of the leaders of the group, he was a 40-year old millionaire whose parents are big-time donors to joe and dems.
He is also married to a top model who makes big bucks, too.
And they live in a $4.3 million dollar mansion in NYCity.
There’d be hell to pay.

There is no equivalence. Violent leftists are doing the left’s work. They are not punished. How many of those who broke into Hamilton Hall are still in jail? How many of the violent protestors at UCLA are still in jail? Is that little candy-ass that tried to bum-rush the cop in Chicago still in jail for assaulting an officer? In fact, how many imaginary stories of cops have the left falsely claimed were killed in these riots?

Yeah… ZERO.

Columbia cancels commencement. A small minority forces the cancellation of commencement and graduation ceremonies. Does that sound like “democracy”? Isn’t that an example of a “threat to democracy”, especially when it isn’t punished?

That is the left and the Democrat party. Riots, threats, intimidation, violence, hate, anti-Semitism and failure.