Oh boy what a last couple of days for Biden



It’s been an entertaining couple of days. Joe Biden has gone on a tour featuring his favorite fairy tales mixed in with some outright lies. Here are the highlights.

He was ambushed by the teleprompter again

The White House scrubbed it from the official transcript

He wants to punch Trump

He claimed he cut the national debt

Biden makes the sign of the cross for abortion on demand

He repeated the same nonsensical remark he made recently

He once again claimed to have traveled for years by train over the Francis Scott Key bridge

“The most significant investment is the climatever…”

These were from the day before but this one’s a beauty: “How many times does [Trump] have to prove we can’t be trusted!?”

How do you argue with that?

He repeated the 18 wheeler lie

Right after that he accused Trump of being a liar

CNN finally took note of one of one. Count ’em. One.

Let us not forget that cannibals ate Uncle Bosey

These aren’t gaffes. Gaffes are singular events- mispronunciations and a garbled or confused word or two. This IS Joe Biden the chronic liar. The guy who was raised in the Puerto Rican, Greek, Irish, Catholic, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Palestinian, Persian, and Black communities of Delaware.

Lying is in Biden’s DNA and the proof goes back almost 40 years.


There will be no debate with Trump. Lying is one thing, but Biden cannot process words any longer. Without a teleprompter he’s helpless and sometimes he’s helpless with one. Between his cognitive decline and obvious dementia he is simply incapable of the office.



Were he reelected this becomes a real possibility and you know damn well the media would simply play along and try to convince the country it wasn’t so.



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What an unbelievable set of humiliating gaffes. This dolt is not in charge. He cannot put two coherent sentences together, cannot walk off a stage and has trouble with the baby steps onto and off of AF1.

Four more years, really? Does anyone believe he has already had four years?

Now, cut Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden some slack. He’s obviously still distraught over the memory of Unca Boozie’s river raft ride down the colon of a cannibal.

One must be completely senseless and comatose to even consider supporting this brain-dead vegetable.

See Biden with that Blank Eyed look he has been comatose for long long time

These gaffes need to be played 24/7 to cement the reality that Shitshispants is demented. Then highlight the diary passage of him showering with his young teenage daughter along with the myriad of his child groping incidents caught on video. People will be embarrassed to vote for him. They may not vote for PT out of hate, but they may switch to Kennedy or not vote which would have the same effect.

Everyone knows he’s a wasted space. Many of his lemming followers are simply indicated with anti-Trump propaganda and fear the “dictatorship” but they all see him as the piece of shit he is. Notice Greg and Michael don’t show up here to refute the gaffes or defend Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. They simply support what is worse for the nation.

Seems his voters need the cognitive test

Gotta love it: