No warrant, no FISA renewal. Not just no. F**K NO



“I don’t trust you.”

So said Rep Mike Garcia to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Garcia accused Wray of standing relatively silent and passive about “the biggest national security threat” to the U.S. – referring to the southern border — and refused to give “little credence” in the director’s ability to do his job or lead the “brave agents” below him.

“I don’t trust you to protect us,” Garcia said. “I think because of your inability to lead and also shape the policies and the DOJ and at the White House, we are now in a more precarious position than we were, I would submit, than we were on September 10th of 2001.”

Wray was testifying about threats to the country in a hearing about FBI budget requests which coincidentally took place during the discussions about renewing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

I don’t trust him either. The FBI has been fabulous for certain “crimes”

Watching Chris Wray beg for FISA makes me wonder if he’d have more credibility had FBI not spent its resources arresting grandmothers who sang at abortion clinics, took selfies at Capitol on Jan 6, or parents who spoke at school board meetings? FBI ruined its own reputation.

Wray is anything but transparent. He refuses to take a stance for much other than more money. Whenever an FBI abuse occurs he assures us that steps have been taken to address them but never is specific. When an FBI lawyer forged a document to falsely implicate guilt for a victim the lawyer got a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, a 75-year-old Trump accountant is sent to Rikers for 5 years for a minor count of perjury. I’d have asked Wray if the FBI was interested in those in Dearborn who chanted “Death to America.”

Now we are supposed to trust him again with the renewal of FISA. Speaker Mike Johnson was reluctant to vote for renewal of section 702 without a requirement for a warrant when spying on Americans but had a come to Jesus meeting in which he had an epiphany.

When I was a member of Judiciary I saw the abuses of the FBI, the terrible abuses over and over and over… and then when I became Speaker I went to the SCIF and got the confidential briefing on sort of the other perspective on that to understand the necessity of section 702 of FISA and how important it is for national security. And it gave me a different perspective.

Right. Jeff Carlson had an interesting spin on that.

Intelligence Community: “Here’s your file…Now about that reauthorization…”

Other Republicans are also in favor

Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room” that it would be “extremely dangerous” if the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) reauthorization is not passed.

We never have any examples presented to us. Instead, blind acceptance is demanded.

Then there are those who insist on the need for a warrant when spying on Americans in violation of their 4th Amendment rights. Count me as one of them. The FBI has egregiously abused the process

SAN FRANCISCO, May 19 (Reuters) – A U.S. court found that the FBI improperly searched for information in a U.S. database of foreign intelligence 278,000 times over several years, including on Americans suspected of crimes, according to a ruling released on Friday.

The decision by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

The searches occurred in the course of U.S. crime investigations including the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and protests after the 2020 killing of George Floyd, the court said.

The Last Refuge makes a great case for denying renewal of Section 702.

5) Approximately 30% of those 3.4 million search queries were outside the rules and regulations that govern warrantless searches, what the politically correct government calls “non-compliant searches.”

6) That means more than 1 million searches of private documents and communication of Americans were illegal and outside the EXISTING rules and/or laws.

You really think a process where 10,000 violations were recorded in 2016, and has now exploded to 1,000,000 can be reformed?

7) Horowitz also admitted that somewhere north of 10,000 federal employees have access to conduct these searches of the NSA database; a database which contains the electronic data of every single American, cont….

8) …including emails, text messages, social media posts, instant messages, direct messages, phone calls, geolocation identifiers, purchases by electronic funds, banking records and any keystroke any American person puts into any electronic device for any reason.

9) In 2018 CTH revealed that FBI and DOJ/FBI contractors had done more than 1,000 illegal searches using the NSA database, targeting Republican primary candidates from Nov 2015 through May 2016. These stunning admissions were from the NSA’s own reporting to the FISA court.

10) Although the number of the illegal search queries were redacted, we know the number is four digits from the size of the redacted text. More than 1,000 and less than 9,999.

11) FAST FORWARD TO 2023 – April 27, 2023, IG Horowitz outlined that more than 1.1 million illegal FISA-702 searches of this database were conducted in 2021 during the first year of the Joe Biden administration.

@SpeakerJohnson !!! Hello ????

…@SpeakerJohnson 17) If the OIG is now admitting FISA laws have been so comprehensively corrupted such that 3.4 million searches by more than 10,000 federal employees and govt contractors now have access, there is no way that any reasonably intelligent person should support such reauthorization. 

Be sure to read the whole thing. It is abuse on a galactic scale.

So, without a requirement for a warrant to spy on Americans, no.

Not just no.

F**K NO.

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Two excellent interviews that break down the FISA fiasco. Why on earth does the FBI need an ability to surveil Americans without a warrant? It is a violation of our 4th amendment rights.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

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Now this;

Trump-Hating Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe FINALLY Comes Clean After Years of Lying – Says Carter Page FISA Application to Spy on Trump Was “Wrong” and a “Mistake” (VIDEO)

Because of the growing likelihood of a mass casualty terrorist attack.

When it happens again, you’ll blame the government for failing to keep close enough watch.

Why on earth does the FBI need an ability to surveil Americans without a warrant? 

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NEVER FORGET: Chris Wray’s FBI Illegally Used FISA to Spy on Americans 278,000 Times without Warrant – Including Trump, J6 Families and Trump Donors

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Initiates Unprecedented Move to Stall FISA Bill — Demands New Vote After House Uniparty Approves Bill Granting ‘Deep State’ the Power to Spy on Americans Without Warrant

Because of the growing likelihood of a mass casualty terrorist attack.

And why is it growing? Because Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden removed every border security policy Trump had in place and allows in any illegal immigrant that shows up is why. Millions of unvetted illegal immigrants, many of whom are criminals since some countries are taking this opportunities to empty their prisons and send their criminals here. In addition, known terrorists are allowed in and, even if caught, are released. With stupidity like that, NOTHING will prevent another attack. Why are Democrats registering these illegal immigrants to vote?

The FBI has operated, like the entire Biden Administration with which they saddled America with, as an absolutely, thorougly, LAWLESS organization. The NY Mafia was never so corrupt, because the NY Mafia was never given the guns, badges, and the TRUST of the American people.

So, yeah, I’ll support a new FISA authorization, immediately AFTER the FBI is deestablished, and the FBI, DOJ, and their “contractor” perps (think of them as “Democrat activists”) are ARRESTED, prosecuted, CONVICTED, and IMPRISONED for 15 years to life, for BREAKING the FISA laws literally, a million times. Add to that stack, the D.C. Federal judges who have rubber stamped FISA applications submitted against American innocents, using forged and/or fradulent credentials, and NEVER held even ONE perp in contempt.

Yes, FISA is essential for national security, I am certain. Whatever the threat, however, none are so dire to America as the lawless Praetorian Guard, after which the FBI apparently fashions itself. Don’t give this kind of authority to the guys who have acted worse than the mob. Don’t give this authority to these FBI/DHS/DOJ criminals, nor their corrupt Commie masters. Also, “NO”, is my vote to the N. Idaho Congressman Fulcher who voted yes on the FISA law, who threw his constituents to the D.C. wolves.

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TYRANNY: House PASSES Bill to Renew FISA Warrantless Spy Program by 273-147 Vote – Here’s the 126 Republicans Who Voted YES to Snoop on Americans Without Meaningful Limits

Not good.

Charlie Kirk: Speaker Mike Johnson just inexcusably voted against the American people and his voters by casting the tie-breaking vote 212-212 to defeat a FISA 702 amendment requiring a warrant to spy on Americans.

What group will take this unconstitutional law to the Supreme court for review? Congress gets its carve out like just as with Obamacare Bastids dirty bastids.

Dung smells the same no matter how much sugar is stirred into it.

Trump tried to blind the guards in America’s watchtowers.

Fortunately he failed.


Explain how it’s a lie, if you can.

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They could always listen in on foreigners as they have no rights, now again Americans are stripped of their 4th amendment right, but not Bob Menendez and his like.

Because you don’t even know who the “guards” are. You just parrot what you are told.

You don’t even know what FISA Section 702 does and doesn’t allow. You’re just following Trump’s lead. The man is an idiot.

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Actually, I do, Mr. Bloodthirsty Bastard. You really need to stop assuming you know anything about someone you have never met. It exposes your stupidity.

What part of watching for foreign terrorist threats do you object to?

What part of watching for foreign terrorist threats do you object to?

“Watching” means spying, moron.
What part of spying on American citizens in violation of FISA do you support?

Is spying on American citizens part of FISA Section 702?

Only Section 702 was up for reauthorization, you know.

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Is spying on American citizens part of FISA Section 702?

Two questions for you, Comrade Greggie;

what were the changes to Sec. 702 that were voted on?

and back to your original stupid comment:

who do you think are the guards of the America’s watchtowers?

Show us how really uninformed you are.

I give up. You tell us.

what were the changes to Sec. 702 that were voted on?

Our national intelligence agencies are the guards in our watchtower.

They told Putin a terrorist attack in Moscow was coming. He should have listened.

They’re presently warning that Iran is preparing to retaliate against Israel for an attack that killed their military leaders in a foreign embassy. It’s good to have a heads up.

How do you think they find this stuff out?

who do you think are the guards of the America’s watchtowers?

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Mike Johnson Kills Measure To Ban The Feds’ Warrantless Spying (

Jason Bennett


2.9 Million queries into U.S. Citizens not engaged in any activity with foreign nations in 2021 alone, the FBI labels those non-complaint queries as “unintentional”. They averaged 150,000 queries of U.S. Persons a year up until 2021. But don’t worry they put remedial measures in place to insure that wouldn’t accidentally happen again.

Why doesn’t illegally spying on opposition political campaigns bother you?

Even one of gregs hero’s, Dennis Kucinich is against FISA.

It doesn’t appear to matter what it “doesn’t allow” because it has been abused extensively. Why aren’t you concerned with the abuses? OH! That’s right… the abuses are always used by Democrats against Republicans. Never mind.

Why was FISA abused to illegally spy on Trump? Why do Democrats do this kind of thing? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote? Why are Democrats so thoroughly corrupt and why do you support that corruption?

Would Garcia be able to explain, or care to, Building #7 at the WTC?

The gold heist/insurance scam?

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“72 hours until all hell breaks loose.” (Pass the popcorn.)

Trump Throws Support Behind Johnson as Greene Threatens Motion to Vacate

Buy your own, I dont redistribute my popcorn commie.
Johnsons term ends either way in January of 2025. The GOP need bulls not steers.

Idiots At Work. 04/12/24 – Instead of passing Ukraine aid, the House is voting on bills to shield home appliances from government regulations

If the Senate bill were brought to the House floor it would pass on the first vote. Trump would explode, and MTG would charge Johnson like an enraged poodle. So, dysfunction becomes gridlock.

Putin is smiling.

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  1. You have never seen an enraged poodle
  2. Ya I want my AC and gas appliances something comforting about my gas boiler in the winter. Regulating the fan in my fridge they just got to stay up late at night smoking crack with Hunter.
  3. The DNC has paid 1.7 million in Biden legal fees
  4. Biden doesnt need a bill to secure the border.
  5. comment image

She had to let it out in the ass, though.

Two questions for you, Comrade Greggie;

what were the changes to Sec. 702 that were voted on?

and back to your original stupid comment:

who do you think are the guards of the America’s watchtowers?

Show us how really uninformed you are. Or are you running away again, cowardly widdle wabbit?

It isnt DHS
An Afghan illegal immigrant identified as Mohammad Kharwin, aged 48, has been living freely in the United States for nearly a year despite being on the terror watchlist.
U.S. officials confirmed that Kharwin was apprehended and subsequently released by border patrol agents in 2023 and is currently out on bond, awaiting an immigration hearing in Texas scheduled next year, with no restrictions on his movement within the country

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kitt, DHS is an absolute disgrace. The FBI and IC, including the DOJ think they are the Praetorian Guard and no law can control them.

But of course, Comrade Greggie supports political persecutions. All Marxists do.

He should curb his conspiracy theory that there is 1 competent honest member of the Biden regime, he is gonna end up in a straight jacket.

I give up. You tell us.

what were the changes to Sec. 702 that were voted on?


Our national intelligence agencies are the guards in our watchtower.
They told Putin a terrorist attack in Moscow was coming. He should have listened.

They’re presently warning that Iran is preparing to retaliate against Israel for an attack that killed their military leaders in a foreign embassy. It’s good to have a heads up.

How do you think they find this stuff out?

who do you think are the guards of the America’s watchtowers?

what were the changes to Sec. 702 that were voted on?

I give up. You tell us.

Are you admitting that you don’t know and, as is common with you, you are simply letting your mouth overload your ass?

Our national intelligence agencies are the guards in our watchtower.

If you think that, you are dumber than a rock. The IC stopped being intelligent long, long ago. Janet Reno made sure of that. You see, dimwitted Comrade Greggie, your side of the aisle only has use for the IC when it can use it to politically persecute your opponents.

Perhaps you should just give up trying to act informed. You’re lousy at it.

Maybe if Democrats would tend to securing our border and building the economy, Republicans wouldn’t have to waste time trying to head off the Democrats’ socialist fascist totalitarian police state agenda.

As it stands currently should the Monday vote go forward, it is only for 2 years. In President Trumps second term it can be fixed or done away with completely.
And, imagine the blame that would be cast onto all the GOP and Trump if the terrorist attacks start to happen later this year as is feared and expect because of the open borders.

Here is another thought on this. The President by virtue of the Constitution, is the executive and all power of any executive branch agency or employee flows from the executive. President Trump could issue an executive order that no federal agencies of the executive branch utilize the FISA(Federal Investigators Stalking Americans) court in any way shape or manner. All federal law enforcement agencies are executive branch agencies. The President has no direct authority over the judicial branch including the FISA(Federal Investigators Stalking Americans) court. However, the President does have plenary power over all executive branch agencies. This is a potential workaround.

And before he fixes it, I would be quite happy if President Trump would use this to his benefit to get all the evidence needed for those who have committed treason. What is good for the goose is always better for the gander.

Congress Is Lying to You About FISA
Mike Johnson Is Fighting to Protect the Government Spy Program Used on Trump – YouTube

A few years ago, we learned conclusively that, in fact, the FBI and the federal intel agencies—the dozen or more federal intel agencies we have, for some reason—had been working secretly against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump had whispered about this, then shouted about it, was roundly denounced as a conspiracy nut, a lunatic. But in the end, he was vindicated. It was true.

These agencies spied on Trump, and they leaked some of what they learned to the media, which used it against Trump. Then these agencies concocted false stories about Trump. They tried to crush Trump completely in 2016 and then for the entire course of his presidency. Then they did the same thing in 2020 during the presidential election.

And they’re doing it still. They’re trying to put him in prison for the rest of his life. So if we take three steps back, what you have here is what we’re seeing now.

For the third time in three consecutive cycles, secretive federal agencies are trying to rig our presidential election. This is what the Democrats refer to as democracy, and they’re trying to defend it. But of course, it’s the opposite of democracy. It’s, in fact, the end of democracy in any semblance of a constitutional republic we ever had.

If you have a secret police force threatening people, spying on them, and working secretly the levers of political power, then you don’t have a democracy. You have no control over really anything as a voter.

So if there’s one thing the Republican Party, the opposition party, should be doing in response to this, right now, it’s fighting back against this descent into totalitarianism. They should be working to return freedom and democracy to the country. They should defend the Constitution. They should rein in these agencies, Washington secret police.

But you will not be surprised to learn they’ve been busy doing just the opposite. So if you’re wondering why no one is going to prison for any of this, now that we know what actually happened, well, the reason is in part a law called FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, has been around a long time.

Sen. Teddy Kennedy first proposed it, by the way, back in the mid-1970s. And that law allows the federal government to spy without a warrant on foreigners outside the borders of the country. The idea is bad people are doing bad things against us. We need to know what they are, and we can’t bother to go to a court to get a warrant every time we want to know, but it will never be used against American citizens. Well, of course, now we know it has been at scale.

That law, FISA, has made it possible. So that law is now up for reauthorization in the House of Representatives. And amazingly, the new speaker of the House, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, has spent the last couple of weeks doing all he can to get that law reauthorized.

In other words, to allow the federal agencies to continue to spy upon and punish people who disagree with them. In other words, Mike Johnson’s own party. Republicans, Trump voters. Mike Johnson has been working to do that, and that effort failed [Wednesday] because members of Congress heard from their constituents or came to their senses, saw the truth in a dream.

Whatever happened, they stopped Mike Johnson from doing that for the moment. So that’s a good thing. And you ought to be celebrating. And even if you didn’t know it was happening—and a lot of people didn’t because it got very little media coverage. But of course, this is a temporary victory. Like all bad things, like that Chlamydia you got in a hot tub in Cabo in college, it will come back.

This attempt to spy on you, an American citizen, without a warrant because you’ve been politically disobedient. Why will it come back? Because it’s what they really care about. And so, before it does come back, it’s worth just a very quick autopsy.

What just happened? What do we just see so we can learn a couple of important lessons?

The first lesson we’re going to learn is that a lot of powerful people in the Congress are liars. They lie without shame, in fact, with pride. And they do so at the behest of or because of blackmail instituted by the intel agencies. And at the head of that list would be the chairman of the House intel committee, Mike Turner of Ohio.

We’re going to play a clip from Mike Turner of Ohio saying exactly the opposite of what is true here. Is Mike Turner reassuring you that face, it would never, under the face of law, the U.S. government would never be allowed to spy on you without a war, because that’s unconstitutional. It never happened. It never will happen. And if you think otherwise, you’re probably one of those UFO-believing nutjobs who want to stop doing ayahuasca.

Here’s House intel committee, pawn of the intel agencies, Mike Turner of Ohio:

They are—we are not surveilling foreigners in the United States. We’re not surveilling Americans, United States. Those individuals who say that is a warrantless search of Americans’ data are just not telling the truth. These are foreigners abroad. They’re a select group of individuals who are a national security threat. If you’re an American and you’re corresponding with ISIS, yes. If we’re, if we’re spying on ISIS, your communications are going to be captured. And you would want us to do that. All Americans would want us to try to to make certain that we keep ourselves safe from these terrorist, outside terrorist groups, organizations. We are not spying on Americans. This is not a warrantless surveillance program. This is foreigners who are abroad only.

Every word of that a lie. And we don’t need to guess. And I hate to use that pronoun, but I specifically don’t need to guess, because that actually happened to me.

The [National Security Agency] broke into my text messages, read them, passed them to news organizations in order to discredit me, and then admitted that they did that. They spied on me and they did it under FISA because I was daring to text with a foreigner outside our borders.

So Mike Turner knows that, he’s the chairman of the intel committee. He knows he’s lying, but he’s doing it anyway because it’s that important to preserve that core power.

If you have the power to spy on someone and then to leak the information that you gather or manipulated and then leak it in order to control that person, that’s a major power. In fact, that’s a bigger power than any voter in this country has. And so he’s acting on their behalf when he lies to you. And so it shouldn’t surprise you that they want to keep that power.

They want to keep it so badly that over the last week, U.S. government officials did something that may not have precedent in Washington. They lobbied members of Congress directly. They, in the words they used in Washington, they whipped the bill.

Officials from the Department of Justice called, among others, [Rep.] Chip Roy of Texas to demand that he vote for FISA reauthorization.

Imagine that—DOJ, Department of Justice, the federal law enforcement agency, called Chip Roy and said, “You got to do this.” Think about that.

Is there any group in this country more powerful than the Department of Justice? They can put you in jail, and they’ve shown a willingness to do that. They could put kiddy porn on your computer. They’ve probably done that too. And everybody who serves in Congress knows that, and everybody’s afraid of them—along with the CIA and NSA and a bunch of other, three other agencies.

Members of Congress are afraid of them because they know the consequences of disobedience. And so for them to call directly a member of Congress would be like the FBI coming to your House on Election Day and demanding that you vote for their designated candidate. And then having access to the record of who you actually voted for, as they do in the Congress.

Can you imagine? You’d be highly motivated to vote for their candidate, wouldn’t you? Yes, you would. So they’re willing to do anything to get this enshrined in law, because it gives them legal cover to subvert democracy, which is their program, of course.

The Daily Signal publishes a variety of perspectives. Nothing written here is to be construed as representing the views of The Heritage Foundation. Read the full transcript at

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Watered Down Vetting Process For Chinese Illegal Immigrants, Email Shows

Arguably, the CCP is our most formidable and threatening enemy.

The Biden administration drastically simplified the vetting process for Chinese illegal immigrants in April 2023, according to an internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) email obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The April 2023 email, which was sent by a CBP supervisor to a “master list” of about 500 Border Patrol agents, instructs CBP officials to radically reduce the number of interview questions for Chinese migrants apprehended after illegally crossing into the country from roughly 40 to just five. The “headquarters guidance” came as border agents were overwhelmed with near-record numbers of illegal crossings

This scaling back of the interview process fast-tracked the releasing of Chinese illegal immigrants into the U.S. while making it more difficult for CBP agents to identify national security threats, J.J. Carrell, a retired CBP deputy patrol agent in charge, told the DCNF after reviewing the email.

“This policy change has accelerated the time it takes to process Chinese illegal immigrants — this doesn’t make America safer,” Carrell said. “The final result is that dangerous Chinese illegal immigrants will still be released into the U.S.”

“This is just the government covering their ass, so they can say they vetted,” said Carrell. “I believe the government recognizes the threat of Chinese soldiers and spies that are pouring into America, and they want to try and identify these individuals. However, the same government does not want to stop the flow of illegal aliens or Chinese nationals — just the ‘bad ones,’ which is impossible.”

Meanwhile, our sociopathic overloads have kept in place surveillance tools making it easier to violate Americans 4th Amendment protections.

You cannot make this stuff up…

I mean, what possible harm could come of 50,000 military-aged Chinese males (that the CCP allowed to migrate, for some inexplicable reason) cause in our country?

I think we need FISA. We need to be surveilling terrorists. But what we have to have if we have tools like FISA are people in charge and utilizing it that won’t abuse it. That means purging leftists from the ranks. Sorry, but that’s the solution. There is nothing in our government that cannot be abused by people with bad intentions. For the most part, throughout our history, we have kept that kind of person out of government, but Democrats have allowed their party to become populated with them. There ARE penalties for abuses of power, but when the DoJ operates to protect the left’s agenda and help eliminate the political opposition, we are out of control.

We need Trump and people with his values and determination. They need to sweep the government of those who have a vision for this nation that is adverse to the Constitution. Otherwise, we might as will give up to all enemies, domestic and foreign.