The Trump persecution is the standard for how dems will use lawfare as a means to eliminate political opposition


Imagine your complete personal financial destruction. All it takes is a deranged District Attorney and a deranged judge who hold a different political view, i.e. the democrat view.

We have that deranged DA in Letitia James, the DA of NY. She campaigned on getting Donald Trump, who she called “an illegitimate President”, and is making good on that.

She brought charges on a victimless civil violation solely aimed at Donald Trump. No one in history was ever found liable under the statute in question when no money was lost. No one complained. No one aside from Trump was charged- not the bankers, lawyers or realtors who were necessarily involved in the process. No one. Just Trump.

Then we have a deranged judge- Arthur Engoron, who openly hates Trump. He piled on a historically onerous fine and now they total nearly half a billion dollars with interest accruing at about $110,000 per day. Here’s the kicker- the person found liable by the deranged judge has to post bond before even beginning an appeal. For you that means that for some sniveling offense a DA can ask for an astronomical fine on you and a deranged judge can multiply that if you simply hates you. And the deranged DA can seize your assets.

And being in a hostile state doesn’t help:

A New York Appeals Court judge denied Trump’s request late last month to delay payment of the $464 million owed as a result of the lawsuit brought by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, but said he would temporarily allow the 2024 front-runner and his sons to continue running their business during the appeals process.

A New York Appeals Court judge previously ruled that the former president must post a bond for the full amount of the judgment and that an independent director of compliance will be appointed.

Constitution be damned.

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

This is obviously selective prosecution. Jonathan Turley

In New York, the legislature changed the statute of limitations to allow Trump to be sued while New York Attorney General Letitia James effectively ran on a pledge of selectively prosecuting him. She never specified any particular crime, just promising to bag Trump.

Ultimately, James used a law in an unprecedented way to secure an absurd penalty of roughly half a billion dollars, even though no one lost a dime because of the Trump loans.

Should this succeed, it will become that standard by which democrats eliminate first political rivals, and eventually supporters of opponents.  Deranged left wing DA’s in a deranged venue will find some stupid infraction, have the law changed to make it work, and then find a person liable for fines which the deranged judge will then amplify to the point where the accused would have to sell one’s home and assets to post a bond in challenge. So you lose your home even if you ultimately prevail.

Then it will come for you.

Welcome to democrats’ Amerika.

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A total hit job by a democrat mafia. There is no victim in this sham of a case. This is a misapplication of law.
There will be a day of judgement for these two unhinged individuals. May their pain be severe.

Trump can’t get anyone to loan him the money nor any bond companies to bond him out because, first, they don’t have that kind of cash laying around and, second, THEY don’t want to become the target of the same fascist lawfare that Trump and anyone that has supported or worked for him has.

Democrats hate the Constitution, hate the freedoms and rights of this country, so they gleefully cheer this fascism on. It’s there thing. But, people who love this country and worship the Constitution are totally repulsed by it. This is the opposite of a free country, which the Democrats seek to “fundamentally transform” it into.

Here’s the problem with your premise. They are “deranged” only by our standards and definitions. If the Left wins the 2024 “election” (which I consider highly likely) then THEY get to write the definitions of what is fair and what is not.

The old saying.. The Winners write the History books.” applies. If they succeed which is likely barring some miracle they are the ones who will write the history books that you children and grandchildren will use in school.

The Democ-Rat should replace the Donkey as the Democrats Symbol

The Imperial Judge who went and totally violated the 8th Amendment should be removed and retired from the Bench Period

Dodging the question:

That Imperial Judges ruling against Trump violate the 8th Amendment , Pinhead

If degenerate fascist Engoron and fat ass pig Latitia think they have such a slam-dunk case, why did they impose such a punitive fine to try and prevent Trump from appealing? Obviously, they KNOW this embarrassment of a judgement will be quickly and easily overturned.

The democrat party is criminal in nature, and this entire attack on President Trump is orchestrated, organized and has the intention of undermining our Constitutional electoral system. There should be large numbers of these anti-American leftists in GITMO, awaiting final justice.

When Trump’s ‘properties’ are taken will they be filled with ‘illegals’? Eventually judges will have to start dismissing obvious ‘lawfare’ cases — ‘No Standing’ perhaps?

BREAKING: New York AG moves to seize Trump’s Westchester golf course

This is insane. Where is the victim in this made up crime?

Trump will win his appeal. What she is doing is not only unconstitutional, it’s a crime. That judge is also a criminal.

Of course they are. They know no other way.

Trump could win, but the property taken would be trashed by the communist pigs.
If this stands the State of NY can take anyones property at will. Just like they did in Venezuela from a Top economy to dumpster divers in less than 10 years cause they wanted “free” shit from the government and dominion voting systems.

Exactly, this is some scary shit when there is not a judicial body to intervene and put a stop to this type of judicial abuse. If the communists can do this to Trump, it will not stop there. The left exposing themselves gleefully cheering this on is crossing a Rubicon with irrevocable consequences.

They don’t learn, do they? Sure, their fascist base will salivate, clap their hands and stamp their feet with joy but it will strengthen Trump’s support even more.