democrats: Laken Riley’s death is “not a thing”


democrats have a tendency to telegraph their weaknesses. They tend to collectively whine on X (Twitter) and reveal those weaknesses. They whined about how what Trump did is different from Biden with regard to handling classified information (it’s not), how Biden is mentally intact (he’s not) and recently how Trump is responsible for the border crisis (he’s not).  In a horrible example of disrespect and callousness, democrats are telling us that Laken Riley’s murder is unimportant.

Joy Reid said her death was really “negligible.” She also said that talking about Riley’s death was “demagoguing.”

The black-baby-abortion loving “Reverend” Raphael Warnock says speaking of her death is a “cheap political talking point.” Some of us remember the politicization and demagoguing of George Floyd’s death but unlike George Floyd, Laken Riley was not a criminal. Where are the riots for Laken Riley? Where are the burning cities? No cops are dying. No businesses are suffering.  (more about Warnock here.)

But Americans are dying.

On X , Orrin has documented the deaths of over 700 Americans killed by illegal aliens.

Laken Riley’s death will not be swept under the rug of democrat distraction. She can and will be symbolic of everything that’s wrong with Joe Biden and his party, who care far more for illegal aliens than they do Americans. I have a recommendation for a campaign poster:

Young women, mothers, fathers, and children are dying at the hands of illegals.   Laken Riley, like Mollie Tibbets, Lizbeth Medina, Kate Steinle, Kayla Hamilton and Washington State Trooper Christopher Gadd would be alive had their illegal alien killers been kept out. That is what the statistics say. Their deaths are not “negligible.”

Yes, there is a migrant crime wave. Gangs from Chile are terrorizing Baltimore. Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua is sinking its teeth into America. Women and are being sexually assaulted. Children are being sexually abused. All by illegal aliens and many are repeat offenders.

Any vote for Joe Biden is an endorsement of Laken Riley’s murder.

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The lengths to which leftists will go to defend illegal immigrants and illegal immigration is exemplified in the Steinle case. This case had it all… a murder with a gun of an innocent woman. The only problem was, the murderer was an illegal immigrant in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. They made every possible excuse, and a few impossible ones, to protect the criminal illegal immigrant, who had been deported 5 times (so that’s 4 felonies for each illegal return), had a long list of past crimes and stole the gun. But none of that, nor Kate Steinle’s life, made one bit of goddamn difference to Democrats. They tried to give him just “abuse of a firearm” and still protect him from ICE.

I don’t know… if I was ignorant enough to support Democrats, how they openly prefer illegal immigrants to me and my taxes would insult and embarrass me. But, I guess a Democrat with any self-awareness, integrity and dignity would be quite the anomaly.

Why is the protection of American citizens the lowest priority?

Dems successfully defended Kate’s murderer.
He was not even found guilty of a crime at all.
According to the jury, no crime was committed in Kate’s death.

The Shit-hole creators need them as future voters, numbers to retain seats in congress ie census data.

Twice deported Illegal Alien charged with 20 counts of child sex abuse at Maryland church school.

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320,000 illegals flown into the US with no vetting. We have no idea who these dirtbags are.

Tree Horse Rope make noose Bunny runs out of hole circles tree five to six times and runs back into hole

Sancturary Cities should be held totally and financially liable for all crimes committed by Illegal Aliens/Future Democrat Voters and Supporters allow their Families to bring Lawsuits against the City over this all

You got that right.

These scumbags on TV tell us every day to our faces that they hate us and want us all dead. Why are we tolerating their continued presence in these positions?

And lunatic biden keeps the border open. He keeps transporting illegal on unregistered flights into cities across America. Why does he do this? How about it, greg?

Is this lunatic joes plan?

So, it WAS Trump’s fault for issuing orders that secured the border, FORCING Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden to reverse them. Otherwise, the border would have remained secure.

Sure, I get it now.

Haitian Arrested for Allegedly Raping Disabled Girl, 15, Is Reportedly Part of Biden’s Special Haitian Parole Program

This would not have happened under President Trump.

Why won’t biden close the border? How much more crime are Americans expected to take because joey was it close the border?

The Democrats need the Votes

“…I kept the faith, and I kept voting.
Not for the iron fist, but for the helping hand.
For theirs is a land with a wall around it,
and mine is a faith in my fellow man…”

~ Billy Bragg, “Between the Wars” ~

Lots of illegal immigrants crossed the border and entered the United States during the Trump Administration. Not as many as now, granted, but the border wasn’t “closed” or “locked down” or “secured” by any stretch of the imagination, no matter how many times you assert it was.

May be true but was Denver and Chicago defunding services of taxpayers to care for them?
Mass Deportations Would Lower Housing Prices
Deporting illegal immigrants in this country is a good neighbor policy.

How many would have entered if Democrats had not fought all the border security efforts? The fact is that the border was finally being secured, illegal immigration was being curbed and this phony bullshit of every illegal immigrant is an asylum seeker was being addressed, very successfully. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden just reversed it all, creating the current disastrous crisis.

BREAKING: Senate KILLS Articles of Impeachment Against Open Borders Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Breaking 227 Years of Congressional History

Is lying to Congress a high crime or misdemeanor?

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F Kennedy

democrats are vile scum. There is no law they won’t break, no agreement they won’t violate, no tradition they won’t ignore, no lie they won’t tell, to.protect their own. They will lie, cheat, steal, and murder
, then imprison you if you challenge their tactics.

Senate dismisses two articles of impeachment, no procedure, no trial. They ignored directions from the House. New precedent.
Dont want to hear any narrative about border from Democrats or their usefull idiots.

House republicans should have passed the bipartisan compromise bill on border security, but they kissed Trump’s posterior instead.

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You are a broken record.

Is lying to Congress a high crime or misdemeanor?

227years of US Senate tradition blown up by schumer.

“In every previous congressional impeachment of the past 227 years, Congress has been faithful to the process set out by the framers,” the letter emphasized. “Never before has the Senate abandoned this duty, even when certain members believed the basis for impeachment was tenuous at best.”

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Ted Cruz: Democrats Are “Willing to Throw the Constitution in the Trash” to Defend Mayorkas

Democrats simply accept incompetence, corruption, failure, lies, breaking laws and treason. It doesn’t matter, as long as a Democrat does it.

mayorkas is the topic pinheaded

You asked if lying to Congress is a high crime or misdemeanor. Trump and his lawyers lied to Congress.

From the closing arguments of Michael van der Veen, Trump’s impeachment lawyer, before Congress on February 13, 2021:

“All of us, starting with my client, are deeply disturbed by the graphic videos of the Capitol attack that have been shown in recent days. The entire team condemned and have repeatedly condemned the violence and law breaking that occurred on January 6 in the strongest possible terms. We have advocated that everybody be found and punished to the maximum extent of the law.”

Truly a steaming, stinking pile of horse manure, complete with buzzing flies.

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No, that’s true. We have all advocated for anyone that actually violated the law be punished. However, we don’t advocate for anyone that is not a Democrat in support of fascism be thrown in prison, as you and your ilk do. We would also like to see those BLM/ANTIFA terrorists prosecuted, but they go Scot-free. How about some equal justice? Ever heard of it?

Again, the issue of today is not Trump, it is mayorkas and the antics done by democrats in the Senate. Your obsession with all things Trump diminishes any comment you make. Pathetic does not come even close to describing you.

Trump is an existential threat to the Constitution and rule of law. The “obsession” will continue until he isn’t.

Your opinion only.

And biden isn’t, right.

Try as you leftists have, you’ve never found a single law Trump has broken. Nothing. Yet you pretend to believe he is an existential threat. The only thing he threatens is the Democrat’s corruption and usurpation of the Constitution. Why are Democrats (NOT Trump) registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Nice you link to a LAWFARE site damn you are dense.
comment image

What would that disastrous bill done to help mayorkas?

Allow him to process 5000 terrorists a day into the interior.
From Americas liberal Redneck

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Why? To make 5,000 illegal immigrants a day THE LAW? Bullshit. Democrats should have passed HR1. Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Those granted entry would no longer be illegal. Those who don’t qualify would be denied entry.

Democrats AREN’T registering illegal immigrants to vote.

So, smoke and mirrors? Let in millions and millions of illegal immigrants, rapists, drug dealers, human traffickers, murderers, child predators, diseases, drugs and guns and turn them loose because there are so many swarming across they can’t process or detain them? That’s what that idiot bill would provide.

Democrats ARE registering illegal immigrants to vote. Why?

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden could secure the border by doing the opposite of everything he IS doing. That’s how corrupt and incompetent they are.

Exactly the would no longer be illegal, jumping ahead of those waiting. So they go to NY to protest for luxury hotel rooms?

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Those granted entry would no longer be illegal. Those who don’t qualify would be denied entry.

Provide the language from the bill that states that.
We’ll be waiting.

Never mind that those who don’t qualify now are supposed to be denied entry. Biden is trying to finalize the Marxist, Obama, president his promise to fundamentally transform America (into a Saul Alinsky/Cloward and Piven dream).

You’re thinking that’s summed up somewhere in 20 words or less? DIVISION C—BORDER ACT begins on page 90. Have at it.

Let me know what you take issue with. I WON’T be waiting.

By the way—what are the specifics regarding Trump’s plan to deport them all? I’ve never seen the details of his plan spelled out anywhere. Who would fill the millions of jobs that would suddenly be vacant? Who would replace the estimated $11.6 billion in tax dollars they pay annually?

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Give them nothing zero services except a ticket home. No free school, no food vouchers, no shelter.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

Are baby rapers murders thieves drug dealers terrorists brothers and sisters? No
My son, do not walk in the way with them. Keep your feet from their path, Proverbs 4:14. Verse Concepts. Do not enter the path of the wicked. And do not proceed in the way of evil men. 

Trump told you that’s what they are. Poisoners of the blood, he said. And those who oppose him politically are vermin.

That’s some evil man talk.

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No one does evil like Antony Blinken.

How many illegals have you let move in with you, Comrade?

Removing rapid dna tests to make it easier to traffic children through the border. I read tragic stories daily of horrific crimes done by illegals. Trump doesnt tell me anything. Only you follow every breath he takes. Vermin dont deserve that kind of talk.

Sorry, but we can’t hear the voices in your head. We only hear what Trump actually says. By the way, did you see his reception in Harlem the other day? Doesn’t look like he’s regarded as a “racist”.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Mark 12:17

How many illegals have you taken in to support, groomer?

So maybe Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden should be enforcing laws that protect even the least of US citizens instead of making their lives miserable.

THAT will work. Without subsidies, illegal immigrants cannot live here. Even if the subsidies are cut off everywhere but sanctuary cities, they would eventually be overwhelmed and would have to take similar action themselves (and learn a valuable lesson they are currently too stupid to understand).

If we only had a Congress that would take action. I have to think that somewhere it might prohibit the dispersion of intended tax payers funds only to citizens of America. Surely in the text of laws for the apportionment of tax payers dollars there is clear verbiage to that effect.

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I’ve said for some time, make proof of citizenship mandatory for receiving subsidies. Illegal immigrants will self-deport by the millions.

You’re thinking that’s summed up somewhere in 20 words or less?

Where did I say it was, f*ckhead? Nowhere.

Why? Because you don’t understand

Those granted entry would no longer be illegal. Those who don’t qualify would be denied entry.

Provide the language from the bill that states that.

Run, widdle wabbit, run.

Tell us, Comrade Greggie, how many illegals have you taken in to provide for their every need? Or do you just think that the taxpayers should support your Cloward and Piven destructive Marxism?

You should consider dropping the Elmer Fudd.

You should consider that being a traitorous bastard is not the way to go thru life.

You claim to be a veteran. For who? The NVC? How long have you been taking it in the ass for the left?

But I guess I should feel sorry for you as you are one of the dumbest sobs ever to soil the pages of this blog.

How pant sold at old navy are made
comment image

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They are only getting better as the election nears.

I think I see the problem. You don’t understand what “laws” are. See, we have the Constitution and we have laws and the laws are what make our society work. We also have people that ENFORCE the laws when there are those who don’t comply with them voluntarily.

We have people who have entered this country illegally and are staying here illegally. We also have a specific policing force that deals with this subject and removes illegal immigrants. It’s not exactly rocket science.

But the first step is to understand what a “law” is. Maybe you should delve into that and then get back to us.

On a related topic, why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Where is this allegedly happening?

Conservative Ant explained that he was “willing to bet” that Democrats were giving illegal immigrants money to “vote blue.”

Wow! Activist and comedian Conservative Ant is “willing to bet”? Authoritative!

You should be ashamed of citing that source.

Also: the MSN article didn’t say that illegal immigrants were being registered en masse, either. Were you just assuming that I wouldn’t read the articles, or something?

Last edited 1 month ago by Michael

No, I didn’t assume you would read them. I certainly didn’t assume you would understand them. Turns out, I was correct not to make those assumptions as you simply looked for something to assuage your mind of dealing with the facts. Registering illegal immigrants to vote while trying to stamp out any and all means of preventing them from voting.

But the links don’t say that illegal immigrants are being registered to vote. The closest anything comes to that is Conservative Ant (!!), who’s “willing to bet” that illegal immigrants are being registered to vote.

Motor Voter Act, dumass.

Is that what those links say?

They don’t have to.

They don’t have to.

If the articles don’t make point you want to make, why on Earth did you provide links to them as if they do?

Because they do make the pertinent point. Democrats are registering illegal immigrants to vote. Why? Why do you not care about the security and sanctity of our elections? Look at the kind of incompetent trash we get when election fraud determines the outcome. Look at the turmoil and danger in the world today, thanks to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s failure and corruption.

Maybe I just care about this country and the people too much.

Why am I not surprised you don’t make the connection, groomer?

I’ve wondered whether you’re a person who has to deal with chronic pain. That’s one thing that could make you into the thoroughly raging cunt you are.

Dealing with mentally deficient people, like you, groomer, does give me a headache.

If you don’t want your uninformed stupidity pointed out, quit showing it.

“cunt?” My how you love that word. You are a great example of the quality of California teachers.

Ranked #38 in NAEP Math Scores
Highest illiteracy rate in the Nation
No wonder the state is swirling.

I’m wondering maybe you choked on cock and deprived your brain of O2 for longer than 6 minutes.

You might want to look again. There are hundreds of thousands of registered voters that do not match SS roles, illegal immigrants are being given drivers licenses, which allows them to register to vote (and no one is preventing that) and, of course, they are outright being registered to vote.

Simultaneously, Democrats push for universal voting by mail, which eliminates voter verification and Democrats oppose positive voter ID.

Deny it all you want, the evidence is overwhelming. Democrats are always cheating in any way they can possibly devise.

It’s normal for a Democrat.

911 systems down various locations nation wide, refueling planes left UK and eastern US. lots of encrypted military channels traffic. Nothing else known at this time.
Only bit that has hit media

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Sen. Hawley Forces DHS’ Mayorkas to Admit Laken Riley’s Killer was Lawlessly Released by Govt.

How is it that Mayorkas is now worth $10 million after 3.5 years as DHS Director? The cartels pay well.

The reality, is we can no longer peacefully co-exist with the vile scum we call Democrats!

They, and their corrupt judicial appointees, have made a “fair” trial a mirage, a chimera. Merchan in NY is participating in a Bragg scam, to convict Trump on federal charges, Bragg has no authority to prosecute. Charges the federal government determined were unworthy of prosecution, years ago.
Since Bragg made these felonies he has no jurisdiction to prosecute.

Mayorkas was a highly successful attorney and investor.

That means what? He is an inside trader?
Meanwhile at 1/2 of a small gym.
Out you go river to the sea protestor

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Mayorkas perjured himself repeatedly in both House and Senate hearings.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

No big deal. ALL Democrats commit perjury. They get a pass.

Only Trump people can commit that crime and get their houses raided for CNN.

Now he is a highly successful human trafficker. No doubt the cartels kick back millions to him. Why are Democrat registering illegal immigrants to vote?

And he is single handedly responsible for thousands of deaths in America.

Mayoress should have been tried in the Senate. Senate democrats did a disservice to America and democracy.

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