What the hell does it take to indict a democrat?


The score is now 2 to 1. The two-tiered justice system strikes again. It showed its ugly face back in July of 2016 when James Comey charged down the field and first and goal on the 1.

And punted. I wrote about that.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook despite her using BleachBit to destroy computer files and a hammer to destroy I-phones. She kept classified documents in her toilet where they were accessed at least 5 times by foreign actors. She was guilty of mishandling of classified information and obstruction of an investigation.

And nothing.

Over a period of forty years as a Senator and VP Joe Biden steals classified documents from a SCIF, leaves them over seven places for foreign actors to access and shares them with a ghostwriter. He had zero authority to do any of it.

He was not exonerated but rather let off because he’s incompetent to stand trial. democrats furiously argue that he is not mentally impaired. OK, then indict him.

Matt Gaetz got Hur to admit Biden has lied repeatedly

MATT GAETZ: Joe Biden said, “I guarantee I did not share classified information.” That’s not true, is it?

HUR: “That is inconsistent with the findings.”

MATT GAETZ: Joe Biden said, “All the classified documents were in lockable filing cabinets.” That’s not true, is it?

HUR: “That was inconsistent with the findings of our investigation.” MATT GAETZ: “Among the places Mr. Biden’s lawyers found classified documents in the garage was a damaged open box.”

Biden could not remember what a fax machine was. Nor could he remember what year Beau Biden died or when he left office as VP.

President Biden: And, so what was happening, though – what month did Beau die? Oh, God, May 30th –

Ms. Cotton: 2015.

Unidentified Male Speaker: 2015.

President Biden: Was it 2015 he had died?

Unidentified Male Speaker: It was May of 2015.

President Biden: It was 2015.

Mr. Bauer: Or I’m not sure the month, sir, but I think that was the year.

Mr. Krickbaum: That’s right, Mr. President. It –

President Biden: And what’s happened in the meantime is that as – and Trump gets elected in November of 2017?

Unidentified Male Speaker: 2016.

Unidentified Male Speaker: ’16.

President Biden: ’16, 2016, All right. So – why do I have 2017 here?

Mr. Siskel: That’s when you left office, January of 2017.

There was much talk about “willful intent.” Back in 2017 Biden told his ghost writer that he “found a bunch of stuff” (classified materials) in his basement. He did not return the documents after having “discovering” them.  Seems to me that is clearly “willful intent” to retain them. Hur did find evidence of willful intent.

special counsel report released Thursday found evidence that President Joe Biden willfully retained and shared highly classified information when he was a private citizen, including about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, but concluded that criminal charges were not warranted.

Again, because Biden was deemed incompetent to stand trial.

democrat spent a lot of time hyperventilating trying to put distance between what Trump and Biden did.

There is no difference. Well, there is. As President, Trump had domain over all classified information. democrats spent the day today as they have in the past, arguing Trump obstructed justice.

Trump has never been charged with obstruction. He is charged with mishandling documents. Just like Biden did.

All of this caused Gaetz to vent:

What does it take for Republicans to be treated equally under the law?  I’m no lawyer but it seems to me that Trump could seek to have Jack Smith’s case dismissed based on the 14th Amendment.

What does it take?

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Democrats seem to think were all living in the Middle Ages and th.ir the Privalaged ones who can commit any crime and not be Punished this needs to end

What does it take for Republicans to be treated equally under the law?

It takes a DoJ that is not working exclusively for the DNC.

Actual evidence.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden STOLE classified documents. He knowingly retained those classified documents. He moved them around 7 locations KNOWING they were stolen classified documents. He left them unsecured in the same building where there were Chinese nationals and he KNEW he was leaving classified documents he stole there accessible to them. He shared classified information with a writer knowing he STOLE the documents that contained the classified information he knowingly illegally retained.

The evidence is clear, documented and irrefutable. You have NONE of that on Trump.

Most importantly, Biden — as a senator and VP — never had any authority to remove and keep any of these documents. None. Neither did Senator Pantsuit, a woman so manifestly disqualified for any position of responsibility that it boggles the mind how close that appalling crook was to the White House.

Neither did Sandy Burglar, who stuffed classified documents into his socks and underpants as he stole them from the National Archives. None of these three people have or ever will face consequences for things that keep the likes of Assange and Snowden permanently on the run and would earn them a long stay in a stainless steel cell 23 hours a day, if not the noose.

President Trump, on the other hand, did have that authority. These idiots and liars at the three-letter agencies carry on as if they run the country — where the hell did they get the idea that they can legally hide anything from the president or that there is anything he is not cleared to know?

The state and the party are merging, Chicom style, and that merger is nearly complete.

Do you actually read any of these articles, or do you just mouth off like a dumbass? Do you get your ass kicked regularly in real life for spouting off like an idiot, or does hiding in your mom’s basement keep you safe from the consequences of your stupidity?

He most likely still gets wedgies.

Leftists try to stay as far away from truth and reality as possible. Seeing it can cause mental anguish and confusion.

What evidence is required? They have the documents the found them in possession of Biden, many taken before he became a senile old man that makes vroom car noises during a deposition about classified documents. some 40 years old taken while he was a junior senator.

Well, it looks like Snorty Sonny Boy Hunter doesn’t want to do a public hearing after all. I guess he stepped on his d!ck so much in the deposition that Pop won’t let him do the public hearing he swore he wanted.

Subpoena the MFer and put his ass in jail if he doesn’t show. Arrest him in public and put him in leg irons. That’s the standard procedure, isn’t it?