The Attorney General of the US promises to destroy the integrity of the vote in November



I told you this was coming. You know how people keep telling you that it’s ridiculous to assert illegal aliens will be voting this year?

It’s not and Merrick Garland is going to make it happen.

Eight million illegal aliens are poised to vote come November and Garland will be making sure they do. He promised to fight voter integrity laws all across the country.

Speaking at a Selma church service to mark the anniversary of the attack by Alabama law officers on civil rights demonstrators, Garland recounted the history of voting rights since the end of slavery – a history which, he told the crowd, has “never been steady” for Black Americans and “other voters of color.”

He lamented that in recent years, certain measures such as voter ID laws and redistricting maps have made it harder “for millions of eligible voters to vote and to elect the representatives of their choice.”

“Those measures include practices and procedures that make voting more difficult; redistricting maps that disadvantage minorities; and changes in voting administration that diminish the authority of locally elected or nonpartisan election administrators,” Garland told worshippers at Selma’s Tabernacle Baptist Church, the site of one of the first mass meetings of the voting rights movement. “Such measures threaten the foundation of our system of government.”

Garland said the DOJ was “fighting back.” He pointed to having doubled the number of lawyers in the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division, and his legal challenges to state and jurisdictions to implement when he deemed “discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot, including those related to mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes, and voter ID requirements.

80% of Americans favor voter ID. The Carter-Baker commission of 2005 supported photo ID for voters and said voter ID was not an undue burden.

In 2005, the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform led by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker concluded that our “electoral system cannot inspire public confidence if no safeguards exist to deter and detect fraud or to confirm the identity of voters.” As a result, the Carter-Baker Commission recommended that states adopt a photo identification system with three key features: 1) require voters to present a valid government-issued photo identification card; 2) provide identification cards free of charge to voters who do not otherwise have them; 3) allow voters who fail to provide the required identification to cast a provisional ballot, which will be counted if they later certify their identity.

The Commission felt photo voter ID was of great import.

“The right to vote is a vital component of U.S. citizenship, and all states should use their best efforts to obtain proof of citizenship before registering voters,” the commission’s report stated. “In close or disputed elections, and there are many, a small amount of fraud could make the margin of difference.”

Far from seeing a photo ID requirement as a negative, the commission said it could become a path to even greater access to the ballot.

“To prevent the ID from being a barrier to voting, we recommend that states use the registration and ID process to enfranchise more voters than ever,” the executive summary of the commission’s report states. “States should play an affirmative role in reaching out to non-drivers by providing more offices, including mobile ones, to register voters and provide photo IDs free of charge. There is likely to be less discrimination against minorities if there is a single, uniform ID, than if poll workers can apply multiple standards.”

The Commission also recommended paper ballots

  • A national system to connect state and local voter registration lists
  • Voter identification based on a universally available REAL ID card
  • Policies to improve voter access for all communities, as well as innovations like vote centers and voter information lookup sites
  • Stronger efforts to combat fraud, especially in absentee voting
  • Auditable paper backups for all voting technology

What this means if that Garland is going to disallow any charges of voter fraud unless a Republican wins. It’s going to free up voter fraud on a galactic scale.

Many municipalities already permit illegal aliens to vote in local elections and many also allow illegals to obtain driver’s licenses. A driver’s license is the path to motor voter registration. There is no other country on Earth that allows illegals to vote but this is the reason Biden is flooding the country with illegals and dems are pushing for amnesty, green cards and voting rights.

To create a one party fascist state in control forever. After all, illegals already have decided to vote in favor of Biden.

Every fraudulent vote tears away the rights of Americans. Every potential illegal alien vote neutralizes the vote of an American citizen. If Trump loses in November, Americans are screwed. If the GOP loses the House in November, democracy is dead in this country.

Garland’s intentions should enrage every American.

Things for which one must have an ID


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And it’s not just the 8 million Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has recently saddled the taxpayer with; there are probably now more than 40 million illegal immigrants and Democrats want them ALL to vote… for THEM.

Mitch “moved heaven and earth” to get Garland confirmed! One of many reasons he should be forced out NOW! Not allowed to do a GWB in Nov – “things have changed” I’m go;;ing back on my word!
Sack Mitch today! If for no other reason than Garland!

However, Mitch has to receive credit from Garland not being on the SCOTS. Not a fan but have to give credit where it is due. Could not be any happier to see an individual hit the bricks as I am to see McConnell go. Now, the fight for his replacement begins and we must make our choice heard loud and clear. I don’t have a choice in mind, however, I do know some names that I would adamantly oppose; Thune, the jerk from Texas, name slips my mind, are two names which I would really oppose.

Yeah, McConnell should have quit after he kept Herr Obergruppenfuhrer Garland off the Supreme Court.

The American People don’t matter much anymore to the UN/Globalists is Soros, Gates and Schwab, and the DNC/CFR/UN Traitors that matter to the Globalists

Every criminal illegal alien invader deported is one less mail in vote for biden.

There’s no pork or perks in the law. It’s just aimed at criminal illegal immigrants and Democrats will protect them over US citizens. Democrats often propose bills with populist-sounding names that include numerous poison pills that they know Republicans would NEVER support just to get them on record opposing something popular, but there is no such shenanigans in this bill. It’s simply that Democrats care more about illegal immigrants, even the vile criminal illegal immigrants, than US taxpaying citizens.

Lets deport Durbin the Dweeb

We start reporting Democrat/Globalists with Violent Illegal Aliens to the deepest part of the Amazon with just the clothes on their backs

The Clerks are doing a fine job, no signature verification.

Democrat DA Denied Ability to Vote After Someone Had Cast Ballot in Her Name

She was one of those leftist DA’s and she was defeated (by one vote?) by a MORE leftist DA. That’s Harris Co. (Houston). They can’t get enough punishment.