Hunter tells a whopper



Hunter Biden was deposed yesterday before the Oversight and House Judiciary committees behind closed doors.. He made several nuanced statements:

In an opening statement distributed to the media, Hunter accused House Republicans of spreading “baseless and MAGA-motivated conspiracies” about his father’s role in an array of foreign business relationships and insisted he “never” involved President Biden “in my business” — despite what Republican investigators say is substantial evidence to the contrary.

Hunter’s denials have continuously evolved over time as the GOP exposes evidence contrary to them. Within an hour House democrats were outside lying about the testimony.

The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee claimed Wednesday he was “not aware” of any meetings President Biden had with his son Hunter’s foreign business associates — despite overwhelming evidence, including sworn testimony, to the contrary.

But facts are pesky things.

All day Hunter and his lawyers were trying to drive a square peg into a round hole but there was one really outstanding piece of testimony. Hunter sent a Whatsapp message to Communist Party official Henry Zhao demanding that Zhao send him $5 million.


When questioned about this, Biden defended himself this way:

‘Hunter admitted that he was high or drunk when he sent the “sitting here with my father” WhatsApp message, sent it to the wrong recipient, and is now embarrassed by the message,’ a readout of his testimony recorded.


Oddly, the “wrong recipient” sent him the $5 million within 10 days.

But within 10 days of his threatening message, $5.1 million flowed from the Chinese firm CEFC to Biden-linked accounts, according to information in a 2020 report by Republican-led Senate committees.

So this of course fires up a few questions for the public hearing.

  • Why would the “wrong recipient” send you $5 million?
  • Who was the right recipient?
  • You received $5 million. Why are you embarrassed?
  • Doesn’t this sound like extortion?
  • For what were you given $5 million? What was your business? What did you do to earn this money?
  • What was your father going to do if you weren’t paid?
  • What were the Chinese expecting in return?
  • That message doesn’t read as though it come from a drunk or a crack infused individual. Care to comment?
  • Why would your father permit you to accompany him on Air Force 2 to China and meet with dubious Chinese businessmen knowing you are a drunk and crack addict?

This event is like a mirror of Joe Biden’s extortion of Ukraine. The acorn really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The public hearings are going to be great fun.

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First it HAS to be determined if Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden was actually there sitting beside him or not. The way the DoJ is blocking finding that out makes it a bit suspicious.


With the classified documents Biden stole?

Ok. So Hunter was at Joe’s home. Where was Joe? I keep seeing this. But haven’t seen any confirmation that Joe was not in his own home

WATCH: “Hunter Biden is a Liar!” – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Into Hunter Biden’s Attempts to Cry About His Addiction and Lie About His Family Business Dealings in Closed-Door House Deposition

02/28/24 – Hunter Biden asks GOP: What about Jared Kushner?

As Republicans grilled Hunter Biden on Wednesday about his business deals overseas, the president’s son turned the question back on his interrogators.

He asked GOP lawmakers about foreign investments secured by Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former President Trump, shortly after he left the White House, according to Democrats participating in the closed-door deposition.

“He drew the distinction between what he has done in a business world with independent businessmen, versus foreign governments, which he did not do any business with — unlike Jared Kushner,” Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) said during a break in the testimony.

Among other roles, Kushner oversaw Middle East policy in the Trump White House, and he raised plenty of eyebrows when he secured a $2 billion investment from Saudi Arabia six months after leaving public service. 

The scrutiny mounted further when The New York Times reported that the advisory panel for the Saudi sovereign wealth fund had recommended against investing in Kushner’s newly launched private equity firm, citing “the inexperience of the … management.” The advice was overruled by a larger board led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a close ally of the Trump administration.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said the questioning throughout the morning has been largely cordial, but Hunter Biden became “assertive” when invoking the Kushner episode.  

“He may be a little bit frustrated by some of the double standards relating to Jared Kushner and money that’s just been openly pocketed by Donald Trump in office,” Raskin said. “And Jared Kushner of course brought back $2 billion from Saudi Arabia. And all of that has been a part of the conversation, and he was assertive about that.”…

This is one reason why they have insisted on questioning Hunter Biden behind closed doors, and went nuts when he showed up at the contempt hearing and stated he would happily answer all questions in public.

Two Billion dollars from Mohammed bin Salman, which he received personal compensation for managing for over a year while making no management decisions or investments… Nothing suspicious about that.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

They’re on the offense about supposed Biden family bribes while HUGE compensation to the Trump family is documented FACT.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Not only that, but Trump family members were OFFICIALLY REPRESENTING THE US GOVERNMENT with the foreign parties involved.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden carried Hunter on Air Force 2 so he could make business deals which Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden got kickbacks from. The Trump’s committed no such corrupt acts.

Yes peace treaties were being negotiated, if something illegal was happening why no charges?
 Kushner created his investment firm the day after Trump left the White House in January 2021 and the Saudi government gave it the $2 billion six months later.
Not while Trump was in office unlike Druggy boy with his shell companies.

There is a long history of firms populated by former officials from Democratic administrations signing lucrative contracts with Gulf nations, and there are few laws or ethics guidelines prohibiting it.
Source NYT

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is corrupt, stole classified documents and made them available to the CCP, extorted Ukraine to protect Hunter’s job (and his share of that no-show salary), cut our energy production to benefit his and his family’s overseas investments, won’t put sanctions on Hunter’s business associates in Russia… the list and the evidence just keeps piling up.

Money that’s just been openly pocketed by Donald Trump in office, openly pocketed by Don? How so? The taxes were investigated what are you babbling about?

Oh, heeeeeeeeere we go… “Waaa, waaa, waaa… but what about….?”

Yeah. WHAT ABOUT IT? That’s going to make a really good question to pose in campaign ads.

They’re going to nail Trump’s butt to the barn door—while simultaneously pointing out how he’s gamed the legal system to avoid trial before the election.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

What business is Hunter in? What was his expertise? What was his training? NOTHING. He’s just a con man, profiting of the mistake of his father being VP. The Trump’s are IN BUSINESS. They KNOW BUSINESS. The fact that before and after Trump’s term, they DID BUSINESS is in no way corrupt or suspicious. Note there are no shell companies to launder any money, like the Biden’s have. Note the absence of suspicious banking activity reports.

Oh, and Kushner closed 4 historic peace deals. How many peace deals did Hunter close?

Last edited 1 month ago by Just Plain Bill

Hunter Biden isn’t running for president. He peddled imaginary influence. There’s no evidence that any political favor was gained by any of his employers or investors.

Mohammed bin Salman, on the other hand, pretty much got away with a high profile murder.

Hunter Biden isn’t running for president.

Well, golly gee whiz goddamn, neither is Kushner or any of Trump’s children.

No favors? How about no sanctions on the oligarchs that did business with Hunter? How about getting Shokin fired? How about selling our SPR to China? How about feeding China classified documents via his Penn Central office? He is a totally corrupt, lying, treasonous, pedophile piece of shit.

Mohammed bin Salman, on the other hand, pretty much got away with a high profile murder.

Remember Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden going over there and practically crawling under his robe and sucking his COCK to get him to lower the price of oil? Remember?

I recall hearing you fantasize about such things.

Did Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden or did he not go to Saudi Arabia and GROVEL to the Prince to try and get them to increase production to lower the price of oil HE drove up? Did he or did he not embarrass the entire nation after calling the Saudis a pariah?

Oh, and who is it that “murdered” Navanly? Why isn’t Putin already dead, like you were predicting?

Hunter Biden is no different than a mob punk . He is an extortionist .

You should look up the definition of extortion. Extortion involves threats, not promises of favor.

Explain that to Shokin.

“I will make certain, that between the man sitting next to me……
that you will regret not following my direction”

Sounds like a threat to me. And oh, the man sitting next to him is Joe Biden.

 After years of denials, Hunter Biden FINALLY acknowledged Joe was ‘the big guy’ in $5M China deal

At long last, first son Hunter Biden affirmed during his Wednesday impeachment inquiry deposition that his father, Joe, was “the big guy” referenced in an email about a business deal with a Chinese state-linked energy firm that yielded millions for Biden family members and other associates, more than three years after The Post broke the story — but rejected the notion that the president was ever penciled in for a 10% stake.

The deposition represents the first time the 54-year-old Hunter has admitted that his former business partner James Gilliar was referring to Joe Biden when he raised the prospect on May 13, 2017, of the first son holding a 10% stake in the lucrative joint venture involving CEFC China Energy “for the big guy.”

I think the funniest thing about the entire Hunter/joe biden crime family is Hunter now claiming his father’s continued presidency depends on Hunter staying sober.
Hunter is NOT sober very often.
We all saw him snorting coke on a White House balcony as Jill rocked back and forth and joe laughed.
He’s high as a kite most of the time.

Was hunter and pedo joe registered as agents of foreign countries , while doing business for foreign countries ? If they are claiming to be “private” citizens , they have to register .

Was you enrolled in an elementary school that taught basic English grammar?

Aside from your diversion, no, Hunter was not registered under FARA. Another crime that Democrats only prosecute when it serves a political end.

Since your stupid enough to believe all that load of leftists Malarkey from that leftists rag TIME your stupid enough to believe everything

Ironic that no one ever complained about what happened to payments they made to Jarad K.

But payments to Hunter are a different thing.

Dr. Patrick Ho’s CEFC paid Hunter Biden a million dollars to act as his attorney back in 2017. But Ho just sent a legal letter to Hunter threatening to sue him if he doesn’t give the money back, because Ho says he didn’t get any legal work for the money.

Brilliant! What’s Hunter going to argue, “The money wasn’t FOR legal services, stupid!”?