Biden brings Venezuelan gang violence into the US


Remember when Trump said countries were emptying their prisons and sending them to us? Remember the reaction?

Trump claimed that South American countries are emptying their prisons and “mental institutions” and sending those people to the U.S., but immigration experts tell us there is no evidence of that happening.

Uh huh. The same people tell us the border is secure.

Meet Tren de Aragua

Tren de Aragua, the Venezuelan criminal gang spreading terror from Chile to Colombia

The organization, which is involved in crimes such as human trafficking, sexual exploitation and drug trafficking, is extending its tentacles in eight countries in the region

…“They realized that the way to survive was to look for ways to make money in other countries, because Venezuela was broke. One of the Tren de Aragua’s skills is being able to quickly identify what we could call criminal business opportunities. When countries began to put restrictions on Venezuelan migration, it was clear that the population was not going to stop leaving. What did they do? Guide migrants through irregular routes like the coyotes in Mexico. By controlling the trochas [informal roads], they also controlled the illicit merchandise,” explains Rísquez, who prefers not to give details of her current whereabouts.

They are here.

They’re in Florida

A brutal Venezuelan street gang that controls sex trafficking in South America by branding women and young girls with tattoos behind their ears is exporting its violence to the US, according to reports.

Tren de Aragua, which is named for the Venezuelan state of Aragua, is now operating in South Florida following the arrest this week of a suspect wanted in a brutal murder in Miami, according to reports.

Yurwin Salazar Maita was charged with the November murder of a retired Venezuelan cop outside a hotel near the Miami airport. Miami-Dade authorities say Salazar is linked to the brutal gang.

They’re in Chicago.

They’re rolling over New York City

Revealed: Brutally violent Venezuelan ‘Tren de Aragua’ gang is using migrant wave to launch NYC phone robbery spree

It’s a crime wave that has raised fears across the city: robbers on mopeds snatching people’s phones from their hands and speeding off.

In one especially brazen attack, moped-riding bandits dragged a 62-year-old woman down a Brooklyn street in December.

After the phones are stolen, the victims’ bank accounts are drained of cash, with fraudulent transactions in both the US and South America, and the phones themselves are sent to Colombia to be wiped, reprogrammed and sold.

Now The Post can disclose that the pattern of robberies is being linked by law enforcement to a brutal Venezuelan gang that is sending its members to New York as part of the migrant wave — and using its sprawling criminal empire to launder the proceeds of the crimes.

Remember the cops being beaten and a tourist being shot in Times Square? Tren de Aragua

At least two of the migrants charged in the shocking caught-on-video mob attack on two NYPD cops in Times Square are members of the notorious Venezuelan street gang “Tren de Aragua,” federal immigration officials told The Post on Thursday.

Wilson Juarez, 21, and Kelvin Servita-Arocha, 19, who are charged in the Jan. 27 attack on New York’s Finest, are being held without bail by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials as reputed members of the bloodthirsty gang that has made a footprint in the Big Apple.

“Both unlawfully present Venezuelan citizens have been charged in conjunction with the violent gang assault carried out on two NYPD officers are currently detailed without bond,” ICE spokeswoman Marie Ferguson said in an email to The Post.

“Both noncitizens have been identified as members of the Tren de Aragua transnational criminal organization,” Ferguson said.

The gang is recruiting in New York City.

NEW YORK CITY – The NYPD expressed new concerns about wider criminal networks recruiting NYC migrants after violent incidents attributed to migrant shelter residents gained national attention in recent weeks.

According to authorities, kingpins from the brutal Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua are orchestrating brazen moped robberies throughout the city.

And it might join forces with MS 13, another group Biden has enhanced.

The New York National Guard has been instructed to look for the gang tatoo

New York State National Guard troops are being told to check all migrants arriving in the Big Apple for distinctive tattoos linking them to the vicious Venezuelan “Tren de Aragua” street gang, The Post has learned.

The decree comes as the NYPD this week issued a “Situational Awareness Alert” warning that the brutal gang is increasingly making its presence known in the five boroughs — with members claiming asylum at the US border and flocking to New York to join other gangbangers.

“It’s to a point that they had to post policies on use of force like if we were in a combat zone,” one National Guard source said Wednesday.

It’s the fastest growing criminal organization in the world

And it’s growing quickly

The migrant moped gangs terrorizing the Big Apple are part of an illicit network of hoods peddling stolen goods from the five boroughs in Florida — and shipping the proceeds to South America, law enforcement sources told The Post.

“It’s much bigger than me,” accused migrant ringleader Franco Alexander Peraza Navas allegedly told the NYPD after getting nabbed for a string of local heists.

“In a million years, I never thought you’d catch me,” Navas, 30, allegedly told detectives. “I’ve been going to Miami every three weeks. And it’s much bigger than me.”

The Venezuelan migrant is allegedly part of a crew that has been linked to robberies throughout New York City, Yonkers, New Jersey and Florida — and tied to an illegal gun used in a Fort Lauderdale heist on Dec. 9, the sources said.

The same gun was used in a $279,000 robbery at Solid Gold Jewelry in Manhattan on Nov. 22.

How did this happen?

Joe Biden

Jaw-dropping ICE data: Only 834 Venezuelan nationals were deported in fiscal year 2023. Context: There were approx 335,000 Venezuelan nationals encountered in fiscal year 2023. Just over 201,000 of them were apprehended by Border Patrol after crossing illegally. The rest were encountered at ports of entry, which would include CBP One app paroles into the U.S. Venezuela is another uncooperative country – Biden admin made some progress getting them to agree to some removal flights late last year, but those flights stopped in recent weeks.

He even protected them

Biden also redesignated Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans who arrived before July 31, 2023 – shielding around 470,000 of them from deportation.

And now we cannot deport them. Venezuela won’t take them back. That’s pretty slick. Send them here and then shut the door.

A wave of violent crimes being carried out across America has been linked to Venezuelan migrants and the U.S. government cannot deport any of them, as the South American country will not take any of its citizens back.

An illegal immigrant originally from Venezuela has been charged in connection with the violent murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley on the University of Georgia campus on Thursday. Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, the suspect, was released into the U.S. via parole, three ICE & DHS sources told Fox News.

In New York City, the NYPD is trying to crack down on a violent Venezuelan gang known as Tren de Aragua that it says is responsible for terrorizing residents with dozens of robberies in the Big Apple, where the group has now been blamed for scooter and moped robberies as well as retail theft.

Most probably even have work permits.

And Venezuela?

Venezuela has its lowest homicide rate in 22 years because their gangs are coming here.

This is a cancer that’s going to take an enormous toll. And it didn’t have to happen except for that goddam idiot in the White House. You can bet they’ll vote democrat. New York does not require voter ID.

Blue cities with Soros-infected DA’s and their idiotic no bail policies are in for quite a ride.

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Any type of crime, murder, rape, burglary etc is to be blamed on biden. biden could close the border right now but he won’t. Illegal alien immigration is the number one issue in America today and it shows now sign of retreat. biden owns the border/immigration crisis. It will be the determining issue for the November election.

Stick a fork in biden, he is toast. And do not look for newsom to come to the rescue;

Second Recall Attempt Launched Against California Governor Gavin Newsom (VIDEO)

President Trump: They’re not sending their finest. Even beyond their prisoners, even beyond their mental institution patients, even beyond all of that, they’re not sending their finest. So Venezuela announced today they’re not going to take them back under any circumstances because they don’t respect our country, they don’t respect our president. That will not happen under me. We’re going to get the criminals out first, and they’re going to be out of here fast, and they’re going right back to their countries, or there’s going to be great retribution.

comment image
NYPD surveillance video released last week shows the suspects charged with assaulting two police officers in Times Square in January.

Maybe some of the NY finest could oh lets say fear for their lives, they would be within their rights to use lethal force. Problem solved…

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Hey were are going to fix DHS any day now
comment image

Maybe its time to empty all , our Prisons and send them to South America and all those Drug Kingpins they we have empty cells for all those Looters Robbers and Rapists as well as those five scumballs who beat the cop and they should be in until the day they die let the Open Borers No Human is Illegal bunch pay for their upkeep

You would be hard pressed to find another country as STUPID as this one is when a Democrat has power. No one else would take any of our people without thorough vetting.

And now we cannot deport them. Venezuela won’t take them back. That’s pretty slick. Send them here and then shut the door.

So? Send them back to Mexico. Mexico let them in explicitly to come to America. Let Mexico deal with them. Of course, you can’t do this until there some interest in securing the border and there is NONE of that in this anti-American regime. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden follows AOC’s orders and not until he and is filthy regime is gone can the civilians in the US feel some security.

The murder of Laken Riley, a student at the University of Georgia, by a Venezuelan illegal immigrant should NOT be a reason to adjust our nation’s immigration policy……so says lefty Democrat Rep. Katie Porter.

The irony is rich….

Porter co-sponsored a bill named after George Floyd that sought to completely revamp policing in the United States just because of the death of one person…….completely lied about as if it was murder when it was drug OD.

Is it a coincidence that California has the MOST open border of any border state? Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden doesn’t care about this because Hunter can afford high quality drugs from trusted sources.

There’s a strip test for fentanyl that a street drug user can see if there’s fentanyl in his drug or not.
For some reason that test is illegal in most states.
But some states are legalizing it.
And it’s cheap ~$1 per test.

Round this vermin up and send it back to wherever it came from. Apologies to vermin for the comparison.

comment image

He could care less

You have any delusions that he will? When he goes to the border he either has it sanitized first or goes to where the traffic is lightest. He doesn’t even want to KNOW the problems he has caused, much less solve them. Kinda like how Hitler would not tour bombed out cities; he can’t face the disasters he brings.

02/28/24- Rep. Lauren Boebert’s son arrested; faces 22 charges for alleged thefts

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s 18-year-old son was arrested in Garfield County, Colorado, on Feb. 22 on recommendations of 22 charges, including alleged theft, according to police.

According to the Rifle Police Department, Tyler Boebert was arrested at around 2:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday. The arrest comes after a string of vehicle and property thefts in the area.

Tyler also recently had another run-in with the law after he was given a “careless driving” with injury ticket after he flipped an SUV in a creek bed, leaving a 19-year-old injured, according to Westword.

Currently, Lauren Boebert has a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband after accusing him of threatening to harm her and entering the family’s home without permission, the latest in a series of flare-ups between her and Jayson Boebert. The judge’s order also included protections for the couple’s three younger sons…

Get back to us when Tyler takes millions of dollars from America’s enemies and locks down for weeks in a tony hotel with crack cocaine and hookers.

Fox News’ Jonathan Turley Says Dems Would Defend Hunter Biden Even If He Pulled Out the ‘Severed Head of Viktor Shokin

The difference in Tyler’s case is that there’s actually evidence.

If you think there is no evidence of Hunter Biden’s treason, you are the dumbest person to ever exist.

If he had changed his name to “Biden”, no arrest, no charges and all investigations would be dragged out until the statute of limitations expires. Yeah… true story.