The DOJ turns on the FBI informant who can bring down Biden and Obama



The depth of the corruption in this administration is utterly mind boggling. The fate of the country is on the line.

David Weiss, the US Attorney from Delaware, who torpedoed the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 to help elect Biden, and who crafted a Hunter Biden get-out-of-everything plea deal (before a judge blew it up) asked Merrick Garland to appoint him as Special Counsel – not to give him more authority (which he already had) but to allow him to destroy Alexander Smirnov, a long time FBI confidential informant who can potentially bring down the entire Obama/Biden operation.

It’s no coincidence.

The deep state is so desperate to crush him that they arrested Smirnov for allegedly making false statements not once, but twice for exactly the same alleged crime.

Lawyers for Alexander Smirnov, the former FBI informant charged with feeding the bureau false corruption allegations against Joe Biden, say he’s been re-arrested just days after a magistrate judge in Las Vegas ordered him released from pretrial custody.

“On the morning of February 22, 2024, Mr. Smirnov was arrested for a second time — on the same charges and based on the same indictment,” his attorney David Chesnoff wrote in a six-page filing.


Byron York:

Weiss actually had the audacity to cite John Brennan’s garbage ICA assessment.

Why? Most likely because Smirnov wasn’t lying. Mind you, this is an informant who was vouched for in a bipartisan manner and has been a  long time FBI source. Smirnov was also endorsed by Christopher Wray.

The story of how Weiss is framing Smirnov is laid out in detail by Stephen McIntyre here. Mcintrye has done an incredible job of ferreting out the truth.  Warning- it’s complicated. In a nutshell, McIntyre questions the dates Weiss uses in order to implicate Smirnov and Weiss appears to be wrong. It’s an amazing piece.

Dan Bongino explains more at about 52:00 on

LIVE: The Dan Bongino Radio Show – 02/23/24 (

Hans Mahncke:

This is an absolute tour de force from Steve.


As I said above, this is all being done to cripple the impeachment inquiry into Biden. You may have observed that dems are calling for the Oversight committee to drop it. Absolutely not. The skullduggery afoot here is almost unbelievable.

Jeff Carlson has already suggested that this is being done not only to protect Biden, but to protect Obama.

As I said back in July (a very detailed post), the whole coverup was about protecting Obama rather than Biden.

Expect Weiss to try to drag this case out once again past the November election to keep everything from blowing up to hell. Alexander Smirnov is in jail solely to keep him from exposing Biden and Obama and they know it. Welcome to the Soviet Union.

BTW, the removal of Catherine Herridge is related to this.  She got too close to the third rail. The deep state wanted her confidential sources as well.

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Weiss isn’t “confusing” dates, he is intentionally transposing them to support his need to shut Smirnov up. Unlike the Russian collusion coup attempt, the evidence proving Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s corruption isn’t a bunch of hearsay funneled through one person (Steele). The proof against Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has numerous witnesses, whistleblowers and a massive paper trail. Like Mueller’s indictment of Russians he’ll never see again (though one called his bluff and exposed his scam), this is Weiss trying to redirect all attention away from the facts and evidence and onto ONE GUY who will never be given his opportunity to defend himself.

This is a must read thread. It literally blows the lid off of Smirnov and why they are trying to jail him and shut him the hell up.

They don’t tell you that the text in question, and the indictment are the ones that reference the same audio where Joe Biden is telling the Ukrainian official to shut down Privat Bank because he doesn’t want Trump to have to investigate the situation if Ukraine asks Trump for more money.

It’s so funny that the media thinks people are just braindead. It’s never ever been about Russia.

It’s always been about Ukraine and what Biden the Ukraine Czar under Obama was doing over there with Victoria Nuland and Clinton and Soros.

They didn’t try to impeach Trump over Russia collusion. They tried to impeach Trump when he started sniffing into Ukraine.

Thy made it all about Russia so no one would pay attention to Ukraine.

The moment Trump started circling in on what Obama, Clinton, Biden and Soros were doing in Ukraine with Privat Bank and energy company and everything else they started impeachment proceedings. Out of white knuckle panic.

Biden said on audio – I don’t want Ukraine asking for money from Trump. Why?

So Trump doesn’t look into Ukraine.



Their arguments don’t have to make sense. They just have to appeal to leftist prejudices and biases.

This is East German Stasi shit. This obama/biden regime is completely anti-American. They have shredded the Constitution in order to persecute their political enemies.

Another case in point:

BREAKING: DOJ to arrest The Blaze’s independent journalist Steve Baker for covering J6…

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